YOOZ genuine transparent pod is officially released

Yooz vape launched a genuine transparent cartridge in January 2021.

The reason is that most transparent cartridges on market are Yooz compatible cartridges, which may affect the sales of Yooz to a certain extent, and this is also a key factor in the production of transparent cartridges by a few large-brand. And because of the market gap, many small workshops and black workshops began to mass-produce transparent cartridges, which not only poses safety risks but also intercepts users to a certain extent.

The YOOZ official stated that the release of the transparent cartridge design is to enable consumers to buy reliable and authentic transparent cartridges at YOOZ stores, and customers can buy and use the brand products with confidence.

YOOZ genuine transparent pod is officially released

YOOZ genuine transparent pod new product released sweet mint flavor only.

The launch of YOOZ genuine transparent cartridge is another major move after YOOZ first released last year’s 9.9 yuan low price device.

YOOZ starter kit top 4 flavors

What’s the best flavors of YOOZ starter kit?

Top 1

[Classic Tobacco] (yellow, 50mg nicotine salt), this tobacco tastes very mellow, without the sweetness of general western-style flue-cured tobacco, and is closer to the mellow aroma of Chinese-style flue-cured tobacco. The entrance is impressive and it is a good choice for smokers! 50mg nicotine does not scratch the throat, relatively speaking, it is very soft, the aftertaste is quite sufficient, and a few mouthfuls make the vaper a strong buzz.

YOOZ starter kit review

Top 2

[Strong Mint] (light blue, 50mg nicotine salt), this peppermint is really “ferocious”. When I breathe in a mouthful and exhale from the nasal cavity, I feel my nose is sour. The strong mint cooling sensation is worthy of “strong”, it makes people wake up instantly. With 50mg nicotine salt, it is full of aftertaste, and it feels like a violent menthol cigarette!

Top 3

[Black Ice] (black, 50mg nicotine salt), this one is the taste of tobacco with mint. Mint mainly acts as an adjuvant. It is not as strong as the previous one. The fragrance of tobacco is emphasized, but its taste is not the same as that of the first tobacco, but a bit sourer than the pipe shreds 965, which is very distinctive! 50mg nicotine is very useful for replacing cigarettes.

YOOZ starter kit review

Top 4

[Mung Bean] (green, 30mg nicotine salt), this mung bean flavor is very strong, especially like tasting mung bean popsicles. The fragrant mung bean taste is accompanied by moderate cooling. The fragrant and delicious flavor is in the lips and teeth. I was very impressed. 30mg nicotine salt is relatively soft, and it will be very comfortable to breathe a long time.

On the whole, the characteristics of these 4 flavors are very outstanding. Dry, rich, smooth & clean smoking experience, the author rarely tastes a series that is impressive. This set of 4 flavors can be remembered in one puff, which is quite good.

YOOZ starter kit review

How many puffs does Yooz e-cigarette have?

About 500 puffs per pod (equals 2-3 packs of cigarettes), 1 full battery lasts for 2-3 days.

Where to buy Yooz pods

YOOZ vs RELX, which is better?

We compare Yooz and RELX in several aspects including price, flavors, pods, vaping puffs, battery life, product quality, customer reviews, charging, availability, look, weight, portability, manufacturer, company background to find out which one is better. With real experience and hands-on and careful research, we drew a conclusion that Yooz is as good as RELX.

The models we are going to compare in the following article are the best selling ones of each brand, YOOZ STARTER KIT and RELX STARTER KIT, which includes pods

Price – YOOZ kit vs RELX kit

YOOZ: $29.99

yooz vape

RELX: $39.99

Observing this, RELX starter kit is more expensive than Yooz. The price of RELX is 1/4 higher than Yooz. Yooz and RELX are both from China, so the shipping fee is the same. However, please continue to read before drawing any conclusion. Because Yooz official retail price has not been published yet, the YOOZ product above is sold by a small shop in VAPE.HK.

Flavors –  YOOZ vs RELX

YOOZ: 13 flavors

yooz flavors

RELX: 13 flavors

relx flavors

The flavor quantity of the 2 brands is almost the same. YOOZ maintains a high repurchase rate compared to RELX for its flavor taste according to our internal data. Vaping experience is at the same level after our own tests on the 2 vapes.

Pods – YOOZ vs RELX

Yooz: $ 19.99/1 pack (4 pods), 2mL/pod, 5%/3% nicotine – shipping fee not included

RELX: $16.99/1 pack (3 pods), 2mL/pod,5%/3% nicotine – shipping fee not included

Yooz pod

relx flavors

Therefore, Yooz pod is sold for 19.99/4=4.9975‬ dollar;(Price negotiable for Yooz wholesale)

RELX pod is sold for 16.99/4=4.24 dollars.

The price of the 2 pods is at the same level.

Both pods of the 2 brands are produced by the same factory. They both apply the same FEELM tech atomizing core and the appearance is also almost the same. Besides, the vaping experience is similar.


Puffs – YOOZ vs RELX

Yooz: 650 puffs

RELX: 650 puffs

Because the capacity of the pods is the same, so the puff numbers are the same.


Battery life – YOOZ vs RELX

Yooz: 350 mAh

RELX: 350mAh

Needless to talk about it any more.


As to weight, charging, appearance, manufacturer, those parameters of the two products are too similar, we choose to omit the left.


YOOZ vs RELX, these two products draw a tie. Both are good products at the same level.

It also proves that good product doesn’t mean good sales amount, YOOZ doesn’t have as much fund as RELX for marketing overseas market, so very few vaping folks know its name until now. Besides, YOOZ official only provides wholesale service until today for global market.

Where to Buy/ Vote time

Click here if you like YOOZ (for wholesale)

Click here if you like RELX;

RELX vs Juul, which is better?

Yooz vape or common cigarette, which is more harmful?

We all know that smoking is harmful to human health. After realizing this, some smokers use vapes instead. Because they think that vape may be less harmful than common cigarettes. Those who love to smoke start vaping instead. Among so many vapes, Yooz pod vape is one of the best vape brands.

Which is more harmful, Yooz vape or conventional cigarettes?

YOOZ e-cigarette ingredients: nicotine (caffeine-like), glycerol (produce throat hit), propylene glycol (produce smoke or vapor), edible flavor (improve taste), water vapor (exhaled gas), simple ingredients that do not contain tar, so there is no second-hand smoke.

Components of cigarettes: nicotine (can stimulate the human body and be addictive), acetone (which can cause nerve damage and birth defects), aluminum (which can cause contact dermatitis), ammonia / amonia (damaging the alveoli), benzene (toxic ), Arsenic (visceral poisoning and carcinogenicity), but also harmful substances such as butane, cadmium, cesium, carbon monoxide, gorgon, cyanide/hydrogen cyanide are harmful to human body.

And YOOZ electronic cigarettes are e-cigarettes of vaping type. Heating e-liquid at low temperature will not produce second-hand smoke, 0 tar, 0 carbon monoxide, and no carcinogens. Unlike other refillable e-cigarettes, there is no high-temperature curing tobacco leaves, no carcinogens, and it will not cause human body close to real smoke.

The YOOZ product team implemented a double leak-proof design by optimizing the structure to minimize the problem of leakage. Unless the product is shaken vigorously or subjected to a strong impact, it is difficult for the YOOZ electronic cigarette to leak ejuice.

And in order to optimize the consumer’s product experience, the YOOZ product team uses a special CNC process technology to precisely control the consistency of the product, to ensure the match between the pod and the device, and to avoid possible product defects.

Yooz e-cigarette and real cigarette which is harmful? According to research at home and abroad, although Yooz is less harmful than traditional cigarettes, it still causes a certain degree of harm to the body.

Yooz vape denied that Cai Yuedong quit Qiwu Technology Co., Ltd. shareholders: False report

At present, Cai Yuedong is still a major shareholder of Qiwu technology company, accounting for 71.20% of the shares, according to Tianyan data. Earlier, the media reported that Cai Yuedong had withdrawn from the shareholder of Beijing Qiwu Technology Co., Ltd., the main body of Yooz electronic cigarette.

Yooz denied that Cai Yuedong quit Qiwu Technology Co., Ltd. shareholders: wrong report

In response, Yooz insiders said that there was a mistake in the media related reports, and the company did not change its shareholders recently, “it may be a short-term bug in the third-party query software”.

YOOZ vape review – Satisfactory 4 cartridges gift-grade high-tech pod system

At the moment when I received the product for review, I really thought that the delivery was wrong. When I unpacked the delivery outer packing box, it was such a big product package. At first glance, it seemed right. This is a starter kit with a sense of technology. The overall design of YOOZ pod system is very scientific and technological. More exactly, this is a pod vape with a gift feature!

Such a big size packaging box can’t be stingy inside.

Yooz vape review

Two independent packaging boxes: Onebox contains the device, another comes with the accessories!

It’s easy to recognize it as a new mobile phone for those who haven’t been seen vapes.

Yooz vape review

Yooz vape review

The other box comes with four flavors of pods!!!

No bullshit on packaging anymore, let’s take a look at the content with some functions!

Yooz vape review

The device comes with the dreamland black ice similar to the Marlboro pearl, the mellow classic tobacco, the pleasant mung bean with the aftertaste of the green mood in summer, and the ice mint that is so cool and refreshing.

Yooz vape review

The general Android charging interface doesn’t add any trouble to charging!

Yooz vape review

When charging, the LED under the logo will be on

The silver and gray colors match my desktop very well!

Key points: no fingerprints left in the sandblasting of the device, no problem in two days use after the full power charge, no vapor will be produced during charging.

Yooz vape review

There are air inlets on both sides of the logo indicator light, which have low suction resistance in normal use. It is comfortable to vape fruits and peppermint flavor. It is suggested to try to use your finger to block one side of the air intake to increase suction resistance when vaping with tobacco flavor.

Generally speaking, I don’t have any obnoxious feeling. In fact, I received this product for review before this year. I just want to wait for more concerned friends. At least I’m sure that you will all go to work after the year, so I can share it. Maybe you can have a chance to win a welfare prize!

Use data and statistics summary!

Compared with the user experience of YOOZ electronic cigarettes, the charging speed is the same as the officially stated time. It can be fully charged and revived in about half an hour, and even the charging time during the use period will be faster! When the battery is full, it can last for 2-3 days, depending on the frequency of each person’s use. A cartridge can be used for 3-5 days. As to the 500 puffs official pod endurance, I don’t have specific statistics. I take my usage for comparison, it’s about 2-3 packs of cigarettes. This is close to the official data, You are welcome to provide multi-party comparative average data after use.

Yooz vape review

Dudes still struggling with new devices, this is a good choice!

During the period, I also saw that Wechat groups come with other friends using it, and their feedbacks are very good. At least the problem of pod leakage, is handled very well. As a pod vape promoted by the mainstream market, the pod leakage is also a point that needs to be improved and solved. At least in the current use process, this YOOZ pod system has done well.

Yooz vape review

Some dudes will ask how about the taste of the pod system. I can tell you exactly that YOOZ vape as a pod system, its atomization effect and taste are not inferior to any other brand at all, but more outstanding!

Finally, we will share a video of YOOZ vape!

Only music can not be let down – YOOZ party’s trend philosophy

When music no longer stops at audio-visual, but seeks the sensory feast of vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch in one; when music is no longer confined to the younger group, but becomes the popular consumer culture and trend; when music is no longer leisure entertainment, but has become the most fashionable social new scene at present. YOOZ party came into being at the historic moment.

YOOZ party, as a brand of YOOZ, is a music factory with both future technology and avant-garde culture. It devotes itself to deconstructing the product concept and fashion culture in depth, abandoning dull and uninteresting youth entertainment culture form now to IN, and presenting a unique music party.

September 22, YOOZ party, with the theme of Magic Sound Geek as its first theme, makes a strong landing in Arkham, a famous club in Shanghai, so that the elite people who have nowhere to release their emotions in the daytime in this modern city can return to the wild, burst out fanatical musical enthusiasm, and deeply convey the core magic of “Shanghai at night”.

Except Shanghai Station, YOOZ party also selected Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and other cities for touring performances, respectively, to inject the most representative music elements of each city, such as audio, rap, JAZZ, rock, hip hop, so that each YOOZ parties are different, with technology to connect fashionable personality of the immersive music scene.

YOOZ party invites four top TV stars, Pegboard Nerds, SHFT Brand DJ KING CHAIN, DJ TEN Li Yilin with multiple titles and famous DJ and producer Tom Wiliam from France, to perform together in an effort to “explode” at Shanghai beach.

Not only the party has a heavyweight deductive lineup on the scene, but also uses high-tech sense devices to display the scene, rendering the dance floor atmosphere with gorgeous neon lights and unique science fiction sense, showing a complete dazzling visual impact. In addition, a unique photographic area will be arranged, which includes minimalist science and technology, cyberpunk, steam wave and other sci-fi elements, with a strong sense of art.

Two different types of vape experience devices are provided, as well as 10 best-selling flavors of Konjac Porpo, lime grapefruit, fresh caragana, iced mango, sweet litchi, refreshing Hami melon, iced green tea, Jasmine tea, refreshing mint and enjoyable mungbean, for the players to appreciate in depth that evening. In the magic dance floor mixed with high concentration of water vapor molecules, so that each “night walker” seems to wander in the heterogeneous space. Very shocking visual impact, fluctuating electro-acoustic melody, fresh and interesting taste bud stimulation, all are testing every inch of your nerve.

Immediately, let go of all your hesitations and enjoy the ultimate release of sound waves in the clouds and mists with contemporary youth. At the end of this summer, music is locked in the coolest confined space, experience the most exciting collision, resonate with the dynamic notes, break through the eardrum and reach the thoracic cavity, from the blood to the nerve can feel the excitement of tremor.

While enjoying the music, there is a clear “No Minors” sign on the activity site, YOOZ party brand not only actively advocate brand culture and brand responsibility with common values, but also have a high degree of fit for the target market. With the help of music, they can quickly close the emotional distance between brand and consumer groups, enhance the deep participation of users, and transmit brand concept and core values in the most popular way at present-music.

Why do vape brands prefer the model of social media new retail?

After the online sales of domestic electronic cigarettes reached its peak at the beginning of 2019, the growth began to stop and keep stable, and there was no obvious rising trend. Therefore, solving the problem of building sales channels and promoting sales has become the major concern of brand owners.

There are three main reasons for the decline in online sales: first, after the “3.15” party criticized e-cigarettes, e-commerce channels reduce the advertising intensity of e-cigarettes; second, social platforms control all content of e-cigarettes and restrict online marketing channels; third, the mainstream media strengthens the pressure of public opinion that vapes are harmful, and the public’s understanding of e-cigarettes is misled;

The current promotion of electronic cigarette brand in China is a great problem. Limited online promotion channels and slow penetration of brands have led many enterprises to make preparations in advance and shift their focus to the offline channel development.

However, does this mean that the online channel is dead for vapes in China?

The answer is uncertain.

Although the tightening of Internet policy will have a certain impact on online sales and promotion of vape brands, the uncertainty of vape industry and the characteristics of products in line with fast consuming categories may make online marketing gradually turn to the social media new retail mode of O2O or OMO. In addition, some new e-cigarette brands have the capital and online influencer KOL support, and they are very skilled in online marketing adaptability and strategic planning, which will also become one of the reasons for accelerating the integration of online and offline platforms.

What is the social media new retail model of O2O and OMO?

o2o online offline social media marketing

O2O, or Online To Offline, refers to the combination of offline business opportunities and the Internet, making the Internet a front desk for offline transactions. The concept of O2O is very broad. As long as the industry chain can involve both online and offline, it can be called O2O.

In the early days, the main use of O2O was to take the use of the convenience of online promotion, so as to gather the relevant users, and then lead the online traffic to offline. The main areas were focused on online group buying and promotion represented by the early Meituan. Generally speaking, enterprises use the high dissemination of the Internet to publish product information to consumers on the Internet and guide consumers to the offline shop to be served. In this process, there are unidirectional and low adhesion characteristics.

At the later stage of the development of O2O, it has basically possessed the elements that we all know and understand at present. The main feature of this stage is to upgrade to a service-oriented e-commerce model: including commodities (services), orders, payment and other processes, to transfer the previous simple e-commerce module to a more high-frequency and daily life scenario.

Because the traditional service industry has been in a state of low efficiency and insufficient digestion of labor force, there has been a carnival booming growth of O2O model business under the promotion of the new model and the catalysis of capital. so door-to-door massage, door-to-door meal delivery, door-to-door fresh food, door-to-door makeup, Didi and other O2O models began to emerge in endlessly. Due to the maturity of mobile terminal, Wechat payment, data algorithm and other links, as well as the catalysis of capital, their user group grew explosively, the frequency of use and loyalty began to rise, and the integration of O2O and users’daily life began to become an inseparable part of life.

Let’s take a look at the retail model of OMO then, OMO business model is an industry platform business model, referred to “Online Merge Offline“.

Through the effective aggregation of online sharing commerce, mobile e-commerce and offline commerce, enterprises adapts to changes of experience economy development ables the users to simplify the way to obtain physical goods and services, and build an online, mobile and offline three-in-one full-time experience marketing system, so that enterprises and users conduct transactions and consumption through various kinds of carriers and terminals.

Enterprises with such a unified platform-based business model can rationally allocate enterprise resources, formulate corresponding business strategies, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation between brand communication and actual transactions, combining their own product and service characteristics.

Simply put, online is a product line supporting mechanism, offline is another product line supporting mechanism, online channels achieve team fission through the rapid spread of the Internet, offline physical stores do local in-depth marketing through offline product line. At the same time, local offline physical stores are used as business incubation bases to provide business guidance, training and replication to the surrounding entrepreneurs, so as to promote the continuous growth of online channels.

So why put the word “social” before “new retail”? The great reason is that the success of the two retail modes of O2O and OMO is closely related to the practice of social media platform. Perhaps such an explanation is confusing, but if we take the “Wechat business” that has been rising year by year as an example, maybe everyone will understand it immediately.

Wechat business has been developing for seven years since 2012. The greatest advantage of Wechat business is to precipitate users and realize the complete aggregation of team flow fission. Although Wechat’s original intention is to be used as a social tool, marketing is not its main focus, but it also means that Wechat is more accurate than traditional e-commerce to find user groups and interconnected large data, thus greatly improving the scope of business services and orders.

Early Wechat business merchants were simply selling goods in friends circle. They were almost zero guarantee in terms of product quality, category selection, logistics, rights protection and so on. It was full of a large number of counterfeit and defective products. Because of the fission effect of agency distribution mode and viral marketing with low threshold and zero cost, Wechat merchants are springing up in the circle of friends.

During this period, Wechat merchants almost made consumers hate Wechat merchants’ advertising activities, but it is also this fast-growing social medial retailing that enables enterprises that want to get more traffic and sales to introduce the mode of O2O and OMO into Wechat merchants, and to achieve the comprehensive interchange of brand channels, decentralized traffic aggregation and user precipitation.

On the one hand, due to the early environmental impact, Wechat business practitioners need more brands with high prestige to enter the market, while consumers need products with mouth-to-mouth credibility; on the other hand, brands need to spread quickly to achieve user fission, interact directly with consumers, so as to establish brand awareness in the market. Therefore, in the context of both buyers and sellers’demand, a “new social retail” in O2O or OMO model gets favored by consumers gradually.

At present, there is no OMO’s social retail model in the electronic cigarette industry. After all, you should not have heard of such services like “sharing electronic cigarettes” or “electronic smoke cloud data” appearing on the market. But when it comes to social media new retail outlets of the type of O2O, online channels of some enterprises have begun to shift in this direction according to the surveys.

First of all, YOOZ, an electronic cigarette brand created by Uncle Cai Yuedong, was taken as an example. After its previous achievements in Taobao, Jingdong and Xiaohongshu, YOOZ is planning to make efforts in the private domain to solve the pain points faced by traditional Wechat merchants with brand-new categories and innovative models, to use traffic fission to play new retail.

YOOZ’s team includes several top Wechat business executives to improve the disadvantages of the Wechat business agent team system. For example, there are only two levels of agency sales. Flattened agency team can help YOOZ really approach the market and help agents get more product revenue. In addition, unlike traditional retailers, the quality, logistics and rights protection of electronic cigarette products are handed over to YOOZ.

When consumers use YOOZ products, they find that the product price and performance are good. They can apply to become agents through the unified entrance of Wechat built by Yooz. Agents can share products and link to social media such as friends circle, China twitter, QQ space, and realize fissile prodcut distribution based on acquaintance recommendation.

Remember the “YOOZ e-cigarette online 24 hours to get 5 million sales” incident at the beginning of this year? This is Cai Yuedong, who is well versed in Internet marketing, who demonstrates the social media new retail is best with a strong team of Internet foundations.
Look at another brand case of realizing new retail fission. It is also a popular electronic cigarette brand, FLOW, which was launched almost at the same time as YOOZ.

FLOW’s recently adopted FLOW Partner Scheme, similar to YOOZ, is a new retail model that uses social media as a channel for sales agents to achieve user fission. However, it is worth noting that FLOW’s method of becoming a distributor is simpler than YOOZ’s. It only needs to register through an entry link set up by the official Wechat account to become the brand general partner after being audited.

After becoming a partner, you can enter the Partner’s Center through the official Wechat account to check your shop situation, and share links to other consumers to earn commissions. If you become a general partner, you can get a 10% Commission on any order, and if you become a partner’s friend and successfully promote it to his friend, you can also get an additional 2% second-level invitation award.

In addition, as the amount of accumulated orders continues to rise, your partner rank will also rise. When you exceed 5000 yuan, you will be promoted to an intermediate partner with a corresponding increase of 15% and 3% in commission. When you accumulate more than 10000 yuan, you will become a senior partner with the highest commission ratio of 20% and 5%.

vape girl

Does FLOW seem to have a similar partnership plan? In fact, Airscream Bubble, an emerging e-cigarette brand, launched its Distributor Program earlier this year, along the same path. The brand has raised a lot of topics at Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Exhibition with the “99 yuan pod vape starter kit”. Later, Bubble set up the “Bubble Ambassador” distribution officer program on Wechat, which became the first echelon for domestic e-cigarette brands to step into social media new retailing.

In the case of electronic cigarette companies, social media new retail seems to be a trend of many opportunities, although many market analysts say that the trend of bubbles has always existed because of the closeness of WeChat platform and the fact that third parties can not see the true marketing effect, and what commission system is and the two level reward. However, it is worth noting that electronic cigarette products, different from traditional consumer goods, are a “addictive” consumer market. And the marketing model of Wechat businesss + O2O has great potential to accelerate the “stickiness” and “penetration” of electronic cigarette brands to consumers remaining nontransparent.

vape girl

Generally speaking, the transition to social media new retail, a large-scale, high-precision sales channel, just meets the convenience of e-cigarette users’ demand for products. Through the direct purchase of Wechat micro APP, fixed-point transportation, at least one layer of wholesalers is removed, which not only greatly improves the convenience of consumers, reduces the problem of middlemen, but also reduces the cost of brand promotion and expands the margin space of profits. Therefore, online channel  transformation is the general trend of the future.

However, the transformation of online channels can bring considerable fission results, but at the same time, it also tests the ability of enterprises to expand offline, capital, resources, product quality and other issues. After all, once the online channel grows, it will inevitably become the opposite and competitor of the offline channel. If the market cannot be perfectly integrated and well controlled, it will easily lead to the revolt of the agents and the collapse of the hard-built offline sales channel.

YOOZ review – Better stability in use with FEELM inside

The actual vapor of the vape comes from the atomization core. The atomization core which shows credibility can be regarded as the confidence guarantee of the users on the current popular cartridge-replacing vape. After all, the actual performance of this kind of disposable cartridges depends on the original factory settings… In the dazzling selection of pod vapes, if the unified standard of atomizing core is realized, it is indeed convenient for consumers.

FEELM is a kind of high technology atomization core, which is also known as the “Intel” of vape cartridge industry. Since its launch, FEELM has attracted the attention of many cartridge manufacturers and users. The YOOZ pod vape shared today also uses FEELM as the atomization core of the cartridge.
YOOZ is similar to the common cartridge changing vapes in the market: body, USB charging line, instructions, set of cartridges (mung bean ice, mint each), 88.5X21X11.5MM size is also the mainstream portable settings. The shell is slightly sanded and fingerprints are not collected in use.

The linking position of the cartridge is still designed for magnetic connection, and the air hole uses the form of side opening. There is a saying on the network that the air condensate in the side hole will be less than that in the slot inlet. In fact, the existence of condensation in the use of the vape is obviously nowhere to be solved. Regular cleaning can reduce the problem. At present, there is only more or less condensation, not no zero condensation.

The above figure also gives a concise description of YOOZ’s lifetime and battery information. These conventional parameters are also common in cigarette equipment.

However, for the common way of color conversion with signal light, YOOZ’s feedback of power margin is through the flashing of signal light, as shown in the figure below.

After using FEELM’s several kinds of cartridges, the performance of cartridges in YOOZ is basically the same. The vaping resistance is more compact to the smoker, and the leak-proof air tightness is also quite good. Known as Intel in electronic cigarettes, this product also shows a delicate, dry and pure atomization taste.

Perhaps some friends wonder whether FEELM will be stronger than ordinary ceramic atomization cores. Maybe this is not an absolute answer, after all, the development of electronic cigarettes is amazing. From FEELM’s experience, we can feel its stable quality, delicate atomization taste, and those very annoying things, such as core pulling, vape juice conduction, e-liquids leakage, are gone forever.

Mung bean ice flavor of Yooz is still similar to other mung bean ice on the market. According to the information on the Internet, YOOZ currently sells two other tobacco-flavored cigarette cartridges. If more choices can be provided in the choice of the taste of the cartridges, maybe this YOOZ is also able to be the best seller. It does not have obvious advantages, and it doesn’t have obvious shortcomings. Better stability in use is YOOZ’s greatest credibility.

As for the price, Yooz is a little cheaper than RELX but provides similar performance to RELX, which can be a perfect RELX alternative.

Where to buy link 1

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YOOZ Brand New Vape Will Show on 2019 IECIE