Sunday, July 21, 2024

YOOZ Set to Revolutionize Vaping with Launch of SMART VAPE Series at Dubai Expo


YOOZ Aims to Become the World’s First Smart Vape Company

In an ambitious move, YOOZ is set to unveil its innovative SMART VAPE series at the upcoming World Vape Show (WVS) in Dubai from June 12-14. This significant launch aligns with their new vision to become the world’s first smart vape company, marking a major milestone in the vaping industry.


With the unique geographic and strategic position of Dubai, the expo serves as the perfect platform for YOOZ to introduce their smart vaping technology to a global audience. The SMART VAPE series, equipped with the innovative SMART VAPE OS 1.0, aims to redefine the user experience with features that blend technology with user-centric design.

Key Features and Innovations of the SMART VAPE Series

YOOZ’s launch includes four cutting-edge products that showcase the company’s commitment to innovation:

  1. LINKX25000: A high-capacity disposable device with the largest screen in the market, offering both single and dual coil modes to enhance battery life and user satisfaction.
  2. V5 and V6 Pod Systems: These small capacity pod systems come with smart recognition features, adjusting settings based on the pod inserted, catering to both closed and open system preferences.
  3. LINKX2: This large capacity disposable product combines phone functionality and gaming entertainment, setting a new standard in the smart vape market.

The series not only focuses on advanced hardware but also prioritizes user interaction through its dedicated app, allowing seamless integration with smartphones. This includes managing settings and accessing unique features such as:

  • Phone Function: Answer calls via Bluetooth connection.
  • Gaming Entertainment: Enjoy games designed for easy one-handed play.
  • Personalized Screen Animations: Customize your vape’s display to suit your style.
  • Diverse Inhalation Sound Effects: Choose from multiple sound options to enhance the vaping experience.

YOOZ Smart Vape App

Strategic Expansion and Future Plans

As YOOZ continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in vaping technology, they are not only focusing on the current lineup but are also planning the launch of a second-generation SMART VAPE interaction system in the upcoming winter. This will further enhance the user experience and solidify YOOZ’s position as a leader in the smart vape industry.

Final Thoughts

YOOZ’s pioneering efforts to integrate smart technology into vaping products are set to create waves in the industry, offering users unprecedented convenience and customization options. What are your thoughts on these innovations? Could this be the future of vaping technology? Share your views in the comments, and don’t forget to follow us at for more exciting updates on vaping news and trends!

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