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YOOZ vape review – Satisfactory 4 cartridges gift-grade high-tech pod system


At the moment when I received the product for review, I really thought that the delivery was wrong. When I unpacked the delivery outer packing box, it was such a big product package. At first glance, it seemed right. This is a starter kit with a sense of technology. The overall design of YOOZ pod system is very scientific and technological. More exactly, this is a pod vape with a gift feature!

Such a big size packaging box can’t be stingy inside.

Yooz vape review

Two independent packaging boxes: Onebox contains the device, another comes with the accessories!

It’s easy to recognize it as a new mobile phone for those who haven’t been seen vapes.

Yooz vape review

Yooz vape review

The other box comes with four flavors of pods!!!

No bullshit on packaging anymore, let’s take a look at the content with some functions!

Yooz vape review

The device comes with the dreamland black ice similar to the Marlboro pearl, the mellow classic tobacco, the pleasant mung bean with the aftertaste of the green mood in summer, and the ice mint that is so cool and refreshing.

Yooz vape review

The general Android charging interface doesn’t add any trouble to charging!

Yooz vape review

When charging, the LED under the logo will be on

The silver and gray colors match my desktop very well!

Key points: no fingerprints left in the sandblasting of the device, no problem in two days use after the full power charge, no vapor will be produced during charging.

Yooz vape review

There are air inlets on both sides of the logo indicator light, which have low suction resistance in normal use. It is comfortable to vape fruits and peppermint flavor. It is suggested to try to use your finger to block one side of the air intake to increase suction resistance when vaping with tobacco flavor.

Generally speaking, I don’t have any obnoxious feeling. In fact, I received this product for review before this year. I just want to wait for more concerned friends. At least I’m sure that you will all go to work after the year, so I can share it. Maybe you can have a chance to win a welfare prize!

Use data and statistics summary!

Compared with the user experience of YOOZ electronic cigarettes, the charging speed is the same as the officially stated time. It can be fully charged and revived in about half an hour, and even the charging time during the use period will be faster! When the battery is full, it can last for 2-3 days, depending on the frequency of each person’s use. A cartridge can be used for 3-5 days. As to the 500 puffs official pod endurance, I don’t have specific statistics. I take my usage for comparison, it’s about 2-3 packs of cigarettes. This is close to the official data, You are welcome to provide multi-party comparative average data after use.

Yooz vape review

Dudes still struggling with new devices, this is a good choice!

During the period, I also saw that Wechat groups come with other friends using it, and their feedbacks are very good. At least the problem of pod leakage, is handled very well. As a pod vape promoted by the mainstream market, the pod leakage is also a point that needs to be improved and solved. At least in the current use process, this YOOZ pod system has done well.

Yooz vape review

Some dudes will ask how about the taste of the pod system. I can tell you exactly that YOOZ vape as a pod system, its atomization effect and taste are not inferior to any other brand at all, but more outstanding!

Finally, we will share a video of YOOZ vape!

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YOOZ vape as a pod system, its atomization effect and taste are not inferior to any other brand at all, but more outstanding!YOOZ vape review - Satisfactory 4 cartridges gift-grade high-tech pod system