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YOOZ review – Better stability in use with FEELM inside


The actual vapor of the vape comes from the atomization core. The atomization core which shows credibility can be regarded as the confidence guarantee of the users on the current popular cartridge-replacing vape. After all, the actual performance of this kind of disposable cartridges depends on the original factory settings… In the dazzling selection of pod vapes, if the unified standard of atomizing core is realized, it is indeed convenient for consumers.

FEELM is a kind of high technology atomization core, which is also known as the “Intel” of vape cartridge industry. Since its launch, FEELM has attracted the attention of many cartridge manufacturers and users. The YOOZ pod vape shared today also uses FEELM as the atomization core of the cartridge.
YOOZ is similar to the common cartridge changing vapes in the market: body, USB charging line, instructions, set of cartridges (mung bean ice, mint each), 88.5X21X11.5MM size is also the mainstream portable settings. The shell is slightly sanded and fingerprints are not collected in use.

The linking position of the cartridge is still designed for magnetic connection, and the air hole uses the form of side opening. There is a saying on the network that the air condensate in the side hole will be less than that in the slot inlet. In fact, the existence of condensation in the use of the vape is obviously nowhere to be solved. Regular cleaning can reduce the problem. At present, there is only more or less condensation, not no zero condensation.

The above figure also gives a concise description of YOOZ’s lifetime and battery information. These conventional parameters are also common in cigarette equipment.

However, for the common way of color conversion with signal light, YOOZ’s feedback of power margin is through the flashing of signal light, as shown in the figure below.

After using FEELM’s several kinds of cartridges, the performance of cartridges in YOOZ is basically the same. The vaping resistance is more compact to the smoker, and the leak-proof air tightness is also quite good. Known as Intel in electronic cigarettes, this product also shows a delicate, dry and pure atomization taste.

Perhaps some friends wonder whether FEELM will be stronger than ordinary ceramic atomization cores. Maybe this is not an absolute answer, after all, the development of electronic cigarettes is amazing. From FEELM’s experience, we can feel its stable quality, delicate atomization taste, and those very annoying things, such as core pulling, vape juice conduction, e-liquids leakage, are gone forever.

Mung bean ice flavor of Yooz is still similar to other mung bean ice on the market. According to the information on the Internet, YOOZ currently sells two other tobacco-flavored cigarette cartridges. If more choices can be provided in the choice of the taste of the cartridges, maybe this YOOZ is also able to be the best seller. It does not have obvious advantages, and it doesn’t have obvious shortcomings. Better stability in use is YOOZ’s greatest credibility.

As for the price, Yooz is a little cheaper than RELX but provides similar performance to RELX, which can be a perfect RELX alternative.

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Yooz is a brand with good stability with FEELM inside.YOOZ review - Better stability in use with FEELM inside