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YOOZ starter kit top 4 flavors


What’s the best flavors of YOOZ starter kit?

Top 1

[Classic Tobacco] (yellow, 50mg nicotine salt), this tobacco tastes very mellow, without the sweetness of general western-style flue-cured tobacco, and is closer to the mellow aroma of Chinese-style flue-cured tobacco. The entrance is impressive and it is a good choice for smokers! 50mg nicotine does not scratch the throat, relatively speaking, it is very soft, the aftertaste is quite sufficient, and a few mouthfuls make the vaper a strong buzz.

YOOZ starter kit review

Top 2

[Strong Mint] (light blue, 50mg nicotine salt), this peppermint is really “ferocious”. When I breathe in a mouthful and exhale from the nasal cavity, I feel my nose is sour. The strong mint cooling sensation is worthy of “strong”, it makes people wake up instantly. With 50mg nicotine salt, it is full of aftertaste, and it feels like a violent menthol cigarette!

Top 3

[Black Ice] (black, 50mg nicotine salt), this one is the taste of tobacco with mint. Mint mainly acts as an adjuvant. It is not as strong as the previous one. The fragrance of tobacco is emphasized, but its taste is not the same as that of the first tobacco, but a bit sourer than the pipe shreds 965, which is very distinctive! 50mg nicotine is very useful for replacing cigarettes.

YOOZ starter kit review

Top 4

[Mung Bean] (green, 30mg nicotine salt), this mung bean flavor is very strong, especially like tasting mung bean popsicles. The fragrant mung bean taste is accompanied by moderate cooling. The fragrant and delicious flavor is in the lips and teeth. I was very impressed. 30mg nicotine salt is relatively soft, and it will be very comfortable to breathe a long time.

On the whole, the characteristics of these 4 flavors are very outstanding. Dry, rich, smooth & clean smoking experience, the author rarely tastes a series that is impressive. This set of 4 flavors can be remembered in one puff, which is quite good.

YOOZ starter kit review

How many puffs does Yooz e-cigarette have?

About 500 puffs per pod (equals 2-3 packs of cigarettes), 1 full battery lasts for 2-3 days.

Where to buy Yooz pods

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