Friday, June 21, 2024

Yooz vape or common cigarette, which is more harmful?


We all know that smoking is harmful to human health. After realizing this, some smokers use vapes instead. Because they think that vape may be less harmful than common cigarettes. Those who love to smoke start vaping instead. Among so many vapes, Yooz pod vape is one of the best vape brands.

Which is more harmful, Yooz vape or conventional cigarettes?

YOOZ e-cigarette ingredients: nicotine (caffeine-like), glycerol (produce throat hit), propylene glycol (produce smoke or vapor), edible flavor (improve taste), water vapor (exhaled gas), simple ingredients that do not contain tar, so there is no second-hand smoke.

Components of cigarettes: nicotine (can stimulate the human body and be addictive), acetone (which can cause nerve damage and birth defects), aluminum (which can cause contact dermatitis), ammonia / amonia (damaging the alveoli), benzene (toxic ), Arsenic (visceral poisoning and carcinogenicity), but also harmful substances such as butane, cadmium, cesium, carbon monoxide, gorgon, cyanide/hydrogen cyanide are harmful to human body.

And YOOZ electronic cigarettes are e-cigarettes of vaping type. Heating e-liquid at low temperature will not produce second-hand smoke, 0 tar, 0 carbon monoxide, and no carcinogens. Unlike other refillable e-cigarettes, there is no high-temperature curing tobacco leaves, no carcinogens, and it will not cause human body close to real smoke.

The YOOZ product team implemented a double leak-proof design by optimizing the structure to minimize the problem of leakage. Unless the product is shaken vigorously or subjected to a strong impact, it is difficult for the YOOZ electronic cigarette to leak ejuice.

And in order to optimize the consumer’s product experience, the YOOZ product team uses a special CNC process technology to precisely control the consistency of the product, to ensure the match between the pod and the device, and to avoid possible product defects.

Yooz e-cigarette and real cigarette which is harmful? According to research at home and abroad, although Yooz is less harmful than traditional cigarettes, it still causes a certain degree of harm to the body.

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