YOOZ genuine transparent pod is officially released

Yooz vape launched a genuine transparent cartridge in January 2021.

The reason is that most transparent cartridges on market are Yooz compatible cartridges, which may affect the sales of Yooz to a certain extent, and this is also a key factor in the production of transparent cartridges by a few large-brand. And because of the market gap, many small workshops and black workshops began to mass-produce transparent cartridges, which not only poses safety risks but also intercepts users to a certain extent.

The YOOZ official stated that the release of the transparent cartridge design is to enable consumers to buy reliable and authentic transparent cartridges at YOOZ stores, and customers can buy and use the brand products with confidence.

YOOZ genuine transparent pod is officially released

YOOZ genuine transparent pod new product released sweet mint flavor only.

The launch of YOOZ genuine transparent cartridge is another major move after YOOZ first released last year’s 9.9 yuan low price device.

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