bink Max review – Best RELX alternative with wild and refreshing flavors, no leakage

I ordered a bink Max from Tmall in order to make a more objective review, and it’s delivered to my hand today. Before the review, let’s take a look at the

bink Max product specifications:


Weight (including a pod): 22g

Overall size (including a pod): 104*84*10mm

Device Size: 88*84*10mm


Battery core: 350mAh/3.7V

Max charging voltage: 4.25V

Charging time:30min-60min

Output capacity:6.5W

Matching resistance:0.8-1.45 Ohm

Battery output: Mircro USB 5.0V, 500mAh

E-liquids ingredients:

Natural vegetable glycerin

Food propylene glycol 49%

Edible spices 1%

Nicotine content 3-4%


Pod size: 43*20*10 mm

Pod core: HINs, FEELM ceramics heating core

Pod capacity: 1.8ML

Pod volume: Supporting 400 puffs

Back to the topic

My overall experience with bink Max is outstanding, as good as Evove lite, or even better than RELX starter kit. Now I’m showing my unboxing process.bink max vape

The back side of the bink Max packaging box.

bink max vape

After I opened up the outer box, a cloth necklace that enables you to wear the device on neck come into my sight. It’s useless to me. I’d rather put it in my pocket. However, better than no.

bink max vape

Now it’s the QR code. After scanning the QR code, a user manual shows up in my phone browser. It teaches how to use the device. Great for newcomers to pod systems.bink max vape

In addition to the electronic user manual, a paper user instruction and product specifications are also provided in the starter kit.bink max vape

I took out the paper user manual, then saw the device finally. In summary of the packaging: TOO MUCH. A huge heavy box with just a tiny vape pen inside, kind of ridiculous.

bink max vape

The colorful box with text bink max vapebink max vape

Special charging cable. What’s interesting is that it’s magnetic on the end that connects the device. It’s connected by the magnetic suction force to the device.bink max vape

Another end is the common USB charging port. You can connect it to the cell phone charger or computer then charge.bink max vapebink max vapebink max vape

4 flavors include refreshing mint, blueberry, banana, Chinese flue-cured tobacco. After comparison of the 4 flavors, banana is the best one which doesn’t tickle your throat to make you cough.

However, all the flavors emit too much sweet taste that you don’t like except the tobacco flavor.

But tobacco flavor smells bad even though I’m a traditional cigarette smoker for 10 years, just my 2 cents.bink max vape

The flavor I chose to vape on the bink Max device at the review is refreshing mint. We didn’t notice any leaking out of the pods, and no spitting or popping outside of the first couple of hits of the day.

bink max vape

The pods outside is clean and dry after I got the package. It might due to the OPEN tag that seals the pods or some e juice locking technique applied in. bink max vape

The OPEN tag should be torn off before using.

bink max vape

After removing the OPEN tag, it shows the flavor of the pod is refreshing mint. The downside is the flavor is not declared obviously outside the pod. Only with some neglectable and small Chinese text at the bottom of the pod.bink max vape

After inserting the pod into the device, it looks like this. A transparent seam enables the user to observe the left e juice volume, which is convenient for notifying the user to get prepared before the e juice run out.bink max vape

According to my vaping experience, its vapor production is good. And its temperature is warm enough to give a satisfying hit with 3%/4% nicotine content. No dry or burnt hits even when taking many long drags in succession.

bink vape

Visit bink official site:

PS: Don’t vape with too much strength with bink Max mint flavor, because the rich vapor production will make you cough for a while, and end up in tears.

Point of views of bink CEO on vape industry – Increasing repurchase rate greatly by optimizing nicotine salt

The founder of bink is Zhong Yunzhao. In April 2019, he received US$20 million investment from CHONG MEI TOBACCO HOLDINGS LIMITED. He has the advantage of traditional tobacco marketing experience. Since 2016, his brand bink has started to develop electronic cigarette products with HINs natural compound nicotine patented technology and committed to making vape a new choice for traditional smokers to improve their health like Juul, a satisfying alternative to cigarettes.

bink ceo interview

Zhong Yunzhao talked about his reasons for working in the electronic cigarette industry. He said he was from traditional industry and had been in the tobacco business for about 13 years. He had been exposed to tobacco like cigarettes in 2008, but at that time vape is not well developed and he did not pay much attention to it. But in 2013 or 2013, cigarette sales had been declining in overseas markets, and then found many people around him, including many people who used to smoke cigarettes before, started vaping, so he began to focus on the electronic cigarette market. He decided to enter first until 2017.

Following are some questions and answers between bink CEO and the interviewer.

bink vape

Reporter: What’s the meaning bink?

bink CEO: bink brand name came out from our CMO. It means to break out from the ice. We used to develop in a small circle.

Reporter: Do you have an overseas background?

bink CEO: Yes, I went overseas since 13 years old. I graduated and worked in Switzerland.

Reporter: Why do you come back to China?

bink CEO: I come back to check the current market situation in China. After all, China has an enormous market.

bink vape

Reporter: What’re your core competition strengths.

bink CEO: When I was abroad, I came into contact with many fragrant materials and crafts when doing traditional business, especially in Europe, Germany and Switzerland. So when we were working in this industry, we had to dig deep into this technology. In addition, we have rich resources. So we have been studying these things since we got them. Why did it succeed? Can we optimize its technology? Can we do better without infringing its patents? So it took us more than two years, and we were exploring the new technologies ourselves.

Our advantage is nicotine salt technology as our core competition strength. There are many nicotine salts on the market, including bad nicotine or bad nicotine. Nicotine is also divided into many kinds, used for pesticides, medicine, and some used for food. Therefore, it also has many grades, it’s not about some impurities, not about the poor purity mixed with bad things. We found that after optimization, it will increase a huge repurchase rate.

bink vape

Reporter: Can customers feel the difference with your optimized nicotine salt technology?

bink CEO: Yes, they will clearly perceive this. The repurchase rate will not be immediately raised as the first impression. After two or three times comparison, they’ll find it is different from the others. Why do we still exist when the Internet marketing war is fighting so hard? Just because our own products and our own e-liquids supply are doing extremely well, that is, the more brands there are, the more contrast to our product will show in consumers which leads to alternate to our product. When comparing, the technical advantages of our products will be very prominent. So why do many Internet companies are desperately investing marketing? We are investing more in products, products are more core. After all, we are also out of the traditional industry and know the truth clearly.

bink vape

Reporter: Why don’t you participate in online promotion activities like other brands? Are you afraid of getting beaten by those brands who’re good at Internet marketing?

bink CEO: Transfering from traditional industry brand to Internet innovation needs a gradual process. We always take products as the first starting point. Research and development of e-liquid technology and product optimizing need time precipitation and correct control of consumer demand. Unlike other Internet brand teams, we tend to develop slowly and gradually. Because the whole industry supply chain system is not perfect at present, and it’s in a state of demand exceeds supply. If we expanded blindly, our capacity can not keep up with the sales, it is also futile.

bink Max pod vape starter kit review – Good holding feeling and stopping craving cigarettes

bink Max starter kit price: 299 yuan/ 44 USD

The new bink Max starter kit is a product specially developed for smokers. First of all, it uses aviation aluminum design in terms of appearance design, the weight of the whole device is only 22g. Flat body shape, hard lines, making the overall grip feel very comfortable, even if it is held for a long time, you will not feel tired. In addition, the design of aviation aluminum can also greatly improve the corrosion resistance, it can still be used safely in the face of palm sweating and other corrosion conditions. As to the colors, it also has Galaxy Grey, Magic Red and Peacock Green, which can satisfy consumers preferences for different personality needs.

bink max

Secondly, the user experience of the new Bink Max kit is good. In order to simulate the damp sensation brought by traditional smoking to the greatest extent, it cuts the intake into six intake ports, each of which has only 0.2mm. The taste is delicate and the experience of suction is quite natural. Moreover, it has enough vapor, which brings great satisfaction to users, very release the craving for nicotine effective.

bink max

Now let’s talk about health. The new bink starter kit uses a new “natural nicotine compound technology”, which can synthesize nicotine salts of various complex acids, making smokers feel closer to traditional cigarettes, and has rich aroma that similar products do not have, so that your later breath continues to fragrance, farewell to the odor of tar. At the same time, this technology, combined with the technology of micro-porous honeycomb ceramic atomizer, can effectively filter the larger particulate matter produced in the e-liquid and ensure your body health.

bink max

Last but not least, let talk about the charge design. bink is designed with magnetic suction charging design. The lower half of the device is lithium polymer battery and power supply circuit, and the bottom is the charging interface. It can be connected with a light suction, which is very fast and convenient. Moreover, its charging design has been tested more than 200,000 times, which is safe and reliable.

bink max


The design of the bink Max starter kit makes it a successful product. Aiming at the most concerned satisfaction problem of the old smokers, it combines the “natural nicotine compound technology” with six small air intakes to simulate the real smoking feeling. At the same time, aiming at health problems, it also has the technology of micro-porous honeycomb ceramic atomizer to filter all kinds of harmful substances. Finally, the compact body design, as well as the preferential price at 44 USD, are also making it perfect, worthy of recommendation!

Bink electronic cigarette merits analysis

As a new tobacco replacement device, electronic cigarettes are not only actively developed by global tobacco giants to expand the market – IQOS’s approval to enter the U.S. market, JUUL entry into many European countries, but also many new electronic cigarette brands are entering China. Bink vape financing is cared by the mass closely recently, a series of new electronic cigarette Bink products was released on May 18.

Two series of electronic cigarettes were released at the Bink brand launch on May 18. In addition to the disposable electronic cigarette Bink Mini series using EVE ultra-low self-discharge lithium polymer, I also paid attention to its Bink Max. The appearance of Bink Max’s shell is made of corrosion-resistant aviation aluminum material, and the weight of the whole shell is only 22g. There are three kinds of colors: Galaxy Gray, Magic Red and Faturquoise Green. In order to simulate the suction damping, the Bink Max cartridge also designed six 0.2mm ultra-micro air intake holes, up to 1000 Gauss strong rubidium magnetic self-suction, the cartridge changing can maintain a seamless connection.

In addition to the above highlights, Bink Max also uses Smoore’s FEELM (microporous honeycomb ceramic atomizer) technology, through the “chip-level” cutting ceramic manufacturing process, to absorb vape juice, lock vape juice, vape juice conduction stability, and its anti-leakage effect is more powerful. At the same time, honeycomb ceramics in the process of vape juice conduction makes the vapor more delicate, taste comfortable, flavor reductive degree is higher, and the high-temperature resistance of ceramics, can better improve the service life, it’s also more environmentally friendly.

After the emergence of micro-porous ceramic atomizing core in 2018, it has gradually increased the market share and become the standard of the vape industry. And FEELM has an annual capacity of 500 million, a cumulative shipment of 100 million, and a consumption of 100 tons of atomizing cores. According to the research, enterprises involved in the processing of micro-porous ceramic atomization core are Huachengda, Xiaochuan Electronics, Suzhou Crystal New Materials, Shunluo Electronics, National Research Electric Heating, Hengli Electronics, Qunhua Ceramics, Fumeilai Ceramics, Dingding Ceramics, Hongyi Electronics, Haitian Special Ceramics, Yangtze River Electronics, Laiding Electronics and many other enterprises.

In addition, the Bink Max cartridge use the vape juice technology which combines the HINs technology obtained by the national patent with the high-end pure raw materials imported from Europe. Zhong Yunzhao-Zen, founder of Bink Technology, was the general manager of Chongmei Tobacco Group Limited in Hong Kong. In 2015, he devoted himself to the electronic cigarette industry, introducing ePan disposable electronic cigarette and Z&G brand. Bink’s pioneering technology of natural compound nicotine of HINS, which was independently developed by Bink, is the only company in China that has mastered the core nicotine technology besides JUUL brand of American large vape company. Bink Technology Team brings together members with rich experience in R&D, brand, operation and management from tobacco, Internet, 3C digital technology, fast Consumption and other industries. In April, CHONG MEI TOBACCO HOLDINGS LIMITED injected US$20 million into Shenzhen Bink Technology.

Bink product launch conference – Starting the journey of Dare to Imagine

Bink held a product launch conference at Shekou Value Factory in Shenzhen on the evening of May 18. Beautiful men and women crowded on the scene; dessert, wine, ice cream everything is there, Bink almost turned the conference site into a fashion show. At the launch meeting,

2 new products named Max and Mini were introduced to users.

Bink form company has been working in the vape industry for many years, which has a high-quality reputation and national invention patents, and was the first well-known brand to open up the Chinese pod vape market. This time, after three years, Bink Technology has independently developed HINS natural compound nicotine technology, providing a healthier pod vape for smokers.

Press conference site

Chief Executive Officer of Bink, Zhong Yunzhao, English name as Zen, was the general manager of Chongmei Tobacco Group Limited in Hong Kong. Zhong Yunzhao introduced that since 2016, with the help of the strong R&D strength of the brand in traditional tobacco, he has invested hundreds of millions of dollars, and finally successfully realized the pioneering technology of independent research and development of HINs natural compound nicotine. HINs Natural Compound Nicotine can synthesize base groups in freebase liquid nicotine and natural weak acidic aromatic substances in various tobacco to form a mixture of nicotine salts, and use the magical reaction of natural edible “endogenous acid” and pure nicotine to create a delicate, impurity-free and effective reduction of the true taste of traditional cigarettes.

Chief Executive Officer Zhong Yunzhao, Founder of Bink

It is worth mentioning that Bink Max also combines HINs technology with high-end pure raw materials imported from Europe to achieve a flavor comparable to traditional tobacco. In order to simulate the suction feeling of the traditional cigarette filter, the Bink Max cartridge also designed six 0.2mm ultra-micro air intake holes, which makes the user experience more natural.

Bink Max

In addition, inspired by the shape of traditional cigarettes, Bink Mini plugs an ultra-low self-discharge lithium polymer battery into a narrow cylindrical chamber, which is safe and stable. Through the combination of organic cotton and vape juice, the e-liquids leakage can be prevented by 100% encapsulation of polymer materials, and the body is smaller and freer.

Bink Mini
It is understood that at present, for bink, it has the powerful gene of the global traditional tobacco industry and the strength of the reform and innovation of the Internet industry. Its own scientific research laboratory and R&D team have successfully realized the innovation breakthrough of combining the Internet with the traditional industry. In the future, it will strive to promote the global new tobacco health revolution and become a new choice for the global 1 billion smokers to improve their health.

Bink Major Team Introduction

Where to buy bink

Bink vape raised USD$20 million investment from Chong Mei Tobacco Holdings Limited Hong Kong

Bink vape raised USD$20 million investment from Chong Mei Tobacco Holdings Limited Hong Kong

Bink Technology announced that Chong Mei Tobacco Holdings Limited has invested $20 million into the company, which is the first time this tobacco group invested capital into the vape industry. In addition to capital support, Chong Mei Tobacco Holdings Limited (Hong Kong) will also provide technical and resource support.


Bink vape brand (subordinate to Bink Technology) was founded in 2018 by the core team of former Z&G senses brand.

Z&G bink

Zhong Yunzhao Zen, founder of Bink e-cigarette, is the former executive of Chong Mei Tobacco Holdings Limited, which is the main reason why Bink is invested.

CEO Zhong Yunzhao Zen, graduated from Swiss Business School, was the managing director of Chong Mei Tobacco Holdings Limited. and successfully operated seven cigarette brands overseas.


At the beginning of 2019, with many new tobacco brands entering the market, Z&G, as a more traditional brand in the industry, began to seek new growth opportunities. After confirming the launch of bink, the new team also gathered members with R&D, brand, operation and management experience from the Internet, 3C digital technology, fast consumption and other industries. As the main fashion brand, Bink has become a member of the “new tobacco”.

About Z&G

Z&G sense was the first one to open up China’s pod vape market, insisting on using imported natural raw materials from Europe, focusing on product technology research and development, and independently developed HINS natural compound nicotine pioneering technology. It is the only brand in the world that has mastered the core nicotine technology besides the American vape giant JUUL brand. Because the combination of HINs technology and imported natural raw materials from Europe bring a special experience of entering the throat, the taste is closer to the mellow taste of tobacco, smoothly without losing the sense of hitting the throat, and become the preferred alternative for old smokers.

Under the background that the capital-driven Internet e-cigarette brands packaging & bragging hardware, the professionals know that the core is e liquids, and Bink HINS natural compound nicotine technology, has won national patents, its taste is closer to cigarettes, while zero tar is healthier. Zen, the founder of Bink Electronic Cigarette, was the general manager of Chong Mei Tobacco Holdings Limited Hong Kong. He pushed the traditional Chinese tobacco brand to the world and has been deeply rooted in the industry for more than decades. The so-called tuyeres are all rewarded to senior players who devote themselves to deep ploughing. They enter while the heat is warming, without excellent products and brand-new experiences, they can only run after them.

Bink is a brand that won’t be withdrawn immediately because the brand could have made stable profits in the pod vape circle. Entry is to save the trust crisis caused by the chaos in the industry and lead Chinese e-cigarette enthusiasts to embrace it, which belongs to their era.

Once Z&G swept the market, with hundreds of thousands of fans, high loyalty, kingly status, and fully upgraded bink. It will make pod vape a brighter future.

Bink product launch conference – Starting the journey of Dare to Imagine