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bink Max review – Best RELX alternative with wild and refreshing flavors, no leakage


I ordered a bink Max from Tmall in order to make a more objective review, and it’s delivered to my hand today. Before the review, let’s take a look at the

bink Max product specifications:


Weight (including a pod): 22g

Overall size (including a pod): 104*84*10mm

Device Size: 88*84*10mm


Battery core: 350mAh/3.7V

Max charging voltage: 4.25V

Charging time:30min-60min

Output capacity:6.5W

Matching resistance:0.8-1.45 Ohm

Battery output: Mircro USB 5.0V, 500mAh

E-liquids ingredients:

Natural vegetable glycerin

Food propylene glycol 49%

Edible spices 1%

Nicotine content 3-4%


Pod size: 43*20*10 mm

Pod core: HINs, FEELM ceramics heating core

Pod capacity: 1.8ML

Pod volume: Supporting 400 puffs

Back to the topic

My overall experience with bink Max is outstanding, as good as Evove lite, or even better than RELX starter kit. Now I’m showing my unboxing process.bink max vape

The back side of the bink Max packaging box.

bink max vape

After I opened up the outer box, a cloth necklace that enables you to wear the device on neck come into my sight. It’s useless to me. I’d rather put it in my pocket. However, better than no.

bink max vape

Now it’s the QR code. After scanning the QR code, a user manual shows up in my phone browser. It teaches how to use the device. Great for newcomers to pod systems.bink max vape

In addition to the electronic user manual, a paper user instruction and product specifications are also provided in the starter kit.bink max vape

I took out the paper user manual, then saw the device finally. In summary of the packaging: TOO MUCH. A huge heavy box with just a tiny vape pen inside, kind of ridiculous.

bink max vape

The colorful box with text bink max vapebink max vape

Special charging cable. What’s interesting is that it’s magnetic on the end that connects the device. It’s connected by the magnetic suction force to the device.bink max vape

Another end is the common USB charging port. You can connect it to the cell phone charger or computer then charge.bink max vapebink max vapebink max vape

4 flavors include refreshing mint, blueberry, banana, Chinese flue-cured tobacco. After comparison of the 4 flavors, banana is the best one which doesn’t tickle your throat to make you cough.

However, all the flavors emit too much sweet taste that you don’t like except the tobacco flavor.

But tobacco flavor smells bad even though I’m a traditional cigarette smoker for 10 years, just my 2 cents.bink max vape

The flavor I chose to vape on the bink Max device at the review is refreshing mint. We didn’t notice any leaking out of the pods, and no spitting or popping outside of the first couple of hits of the day.

bink max vape

The pods outside is clean and dry after I got the package. It might due to the OPEN tag that seals the pods or some e juice locking technique applied in. bink max vape

The OPEN tag should be torn off before using.

bink max vape

After removing the OPEN tag, it shows the flavor of the pod is refreshing mint. The downside is the flavor is not declared obviously outside the pod. Only with some neglectable and small Chinese text at the bottom of the pod.bink max vape

After inserting the pod into the device, it looks like this. A transparent seam enables the user to observe the left e juice volume, which is convenient for notifying the user to get prepared before the e juice run out.bink max vape

According to my vaping experience, its vapor production is good. And its temperature is warm enough to give a satisfying hit with 3%/4% nicotine content. No dry or burnt hits even when taking many long drags in succession.

bink vape

Visit bink official site:

PS: Don’t vape with too much strength with bink Max mint flavor, because the rich vapor production will make you cough for a while, and end up in tears.


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All in all, we were satisfied by the performance of bink Max. What bink Max starter kit at 43 USD provides is 1 device and 4 1.8ml pods, which is very affordable and cheaper than other starter kits usually company with 2 or 3 pods.bink Max review - Best RELX alternative with wild and refreshing flavors, no leakage