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Bink product launch conference – Starting the journey of Dare to Imagine


Bink held a product launch conference at Shekou Value Factory in Shenzhen on the evening of May 18. Beautiful men and women crowded on the scene; dessert, wine, ice cream everything is there, Bink almost turned the conference site into a fashion show. At the launch meeting,

2 new products named Max and Mini were introduced to users.

Bink form company has been working in the vape industry for many years, which has a high-quality reputation and national invention patents, and was the first well-known brand to open up the Chinese pod vape market. This time, after three years, Bink Technology has independently developed HINS natural compound nicotine technology, providing a healthier pod vape for smokers.

Press conference site

Chief Executive Officer of Bink, Zhong Yunzhao, English name as Zen, was the general manager of Chongmei Tobacco Group Limited in Hong Kong. Zhong Yunzhao introduced that since 2016, with the help of the strong R&D strength of the brand in traditional tobacco, he has invested hundreds of millions of dollars, and finally successfully realized the pioneering technology of independent research and development of HINs natural compound nicotine. HINs Natural Compound Nicotine can synthesize base groups in freebase liquid nicotine and natural weak acidic aromatic substances in various tobacco to form a mixture of nicotine salts, and use the magical reaction of natural edible “endogenous acid” and pure nicotine to create a delicate, impurity-free and effective reduction of the true taste of traditional cigarettes.

Chief Executive Officer Zhong Yunzhao, Founder of Bink

It is worth mentioning that Bink Max also combines HINs technology with high-end pure raw materials imported from Europe to achieve a flavor comparable to traditional tobacco. In order to simulate the suction feeling of the traditional cigarette filter, the Bink Max cartridge also designed six 0.2mm ultra-micro air intake holes, which makes the user experience more natural.

Bink Max

In addition, inspired by the shape of traditional cigarettes, Bink Mini plugs an ultra-low self-discharge lithium polymer battery into a narrow cylindrical chamber, which is safe and stable. Through the combination of organic cotton and vape juice, the e-liquids leakage can be prevented by 100% encapsulation of polymer materials, and the body is smaller and freer.

Bink Mini
It is understood that at present, for bink, it has the powerful gene of the global traditional tobacco industry and the strength of the reform and innovation of the Internet industry. Its own scientific research laboratory and R&D team have successfully realized the innovation breakthrough of combining the Internet with the traditional industry. In the future, it will strive to promote the global new tobacco health revolution and become a new choice for the global 1 billion smokers to improve their health.

Bink Major Team Introduction

Where to buy bink

Bink vape received US$20 million capital investment from Chong Mei Tobacco Holdings Limited Hong Kong


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