Thursday, June 20, 2024

Bink electronic cigarette merits analysis


As a new tobacco replacement device, electronic cigarettes are not only actively developed by global tobacco giants to expand the market – IQOS’s approval to enter the U.S. market, JUUL entry into many European countries, but also many new electronic cigarette brands are entering China. Bink vape financing is cared by the mass closely recently, a series of new electronic cigarette Bink products was released on May 18.

Two series of electronic cigarettes were released at the Bink brand launch on May 18. In addition to the disposable electronic cigarette Bink Mini series using EVE ultra-low self-discharge lithium polymer, I also paid attention to its Bink Max. The appearance of Bink Max’s shell is made of corrosion-resistant aviation aluminum material, and the weight of the whole shell is only 22g. There are three kinds of colors: Galaxy Gray, Magic Red and Faturquoise Green. In order to simulate the suction damping, the Bink Max cartridge also designed six 0.2mm ultra-micro air intake holes, up to 1000 Gauss strong rubidium magnetic self-suction, the cartridge changing can maintain a seamless connection.

In addition to the above highlights, Bink Max also uses Smoore’s FEELM (microporous honeycomb ceramic atomizer) technology, through the “chip-level” cutting ceramic manufacturing process, to absorb vape juice, lock vape juice, vape juice conduction stability, and its anti-leakage effect is more powerful. At the same time, honeycomb ceramics in the process of vape juice conduction makes the vapor more delicate, taste comfortable, flavor reductive degree is higher, and the high-temperature resistance of ceramics, can better improve the service life, it’s also more environmentally friendly.

After the emergence of micro-porous ceramic atomizing core in 2018, it has gradually increased the market share and become the standard of the vape industry. And FEELM has an annual capacity of 500 million, a cumulative shipment of 100 million, and a consumption of 100 tons of atomizing cores. According to the research, enterprises involved in the processing of micro-porous ceramic atomization core are Huachengda, Xiaochuan Electronics, Suzhou Crystal New Materials, Shunluo Electronics, National Research Electric Heating, Hengli Electronics, Qunhua Ceramics, Fumeilai Ceramics, Dingding Ceramics, Hongyi Electronics, Haitian Special Ceramics, Yangtze River Electronics, Laiding Electronics and many other enterprises.

In addition, the Bink Max cartridge use the vape juice technology which combines the HINs technology obtained by the national patent with the high-end pure raw materials imported from Europe. Zhong Yunzhao-Zen, founder of Bink Technology, was the general manager of Chongmei Tobacco Group Limited in Hong Kong. In 2015, he devoted himself to the electronic cigarette industry, introducing ePan disposable electronic cigarette and Z&G brand. Bink’s pioneering technology of natural compound nicotine of HINS, which was independently developed by Bink, is the only company in China that has mastered the core nicotine technology besides JUUL brand of American large vape company. Bink Technology Team brings together members with rich experience in R&D, brand, operation and management from tobacco, Internet, 3C digital technology, fast Consumption and other industries. In April, CHONG MEI TOBACCO HOLDINGS LIMITED injected US$20 million into Shenzhen Bink Technology.

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