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Bink vape raised USD$20 million investment from Chong Mei Tobacco Holdings Limited Hong Kong


Bink Technology announced that Chong Mei Tobacco Holdings Limited has invested $20 million into the company, which is the first time this tobacco group invested capital into the vape industry. In addition to capital support, Chong Mei Tobacco Holdings Limited (Hong Kong) will also provide technical and resource support.


Bink vape brand (subordinate to Bink Technology) was founded in 2018 by the core team of former Z&G senses brand.

Z&G bink

Zhong Yunzhao Zen, founder of Bink e-cigarette, is the former executive of Chong Mei Tobacco Holdings Limited, which is the main reason why Bink is invested.

CEO Zhong Yunzhao Zen, graduated from Swiss Business School, was the managing director of Chong Mei Tobacco Holdings Limited. and successfully operated seven cigarette brands overseas.


At the beginning of 2019, with many new tobacco brands entering the market, Z&G, as a more traditional brand in the industry, began to seek new growth opportunities. After confirming the launch of bink, the new team also gathered members with R&D, brand, operation and management experience from the Internet, 3C digital technology, fast consumption and other industries. As the main fashion brand, Bink has become a member of the “new tobacco”.

About Z&G

Z&G sense was the first one to open up China’s pod vape market, insisting on using imported natural raw materials from Europe, focusing on product technology research and development, and independently developed HINS natural compound nicotine pioneering technology. It is the only brand in the world that has mastered the core nicotine technology besides the American vape giant JUUL brand. Because the combination of HINs technology and imported natural raw materials from Europe bring a special experience of entering the throat, the taste is closer to the mellow taste of tobacco, smoothly without losing the sense of hitting the throat, and become the preferred alternative for old smokers.

Under the background that the capital-driven Internet e-cigarette brands packaging & bragging hardware, the professionals know that the core is e liquids, and Bink HINS natural compound nicotine technology, has won national patents, its taste is closer to cigarettes, while zero tar is healthier. Zen, the founder of Bink Electronic Cigarette, was the general manager of Chong Mei Tobacco Holdings Limited Hong Kong. He pushed the traditional Chinese tobacco brand to the world and has been deeply rooted in the industry for more than decades. The so-called tuyeres are all rewarded to senior players who devote themselves to deep ploughing. They enter while the heat is warming, without excellent products and brand-new experiences, they can only run after them.

Bink is a brand that won’t be withdrawn immediately because the brand could have made stable profits in the pod vape circle. Entry is to save the trust crisis caused by the chaos in the industry and lead Chinese e-cigarette enthusiasts to embrace it, which belongs to their era.

Once Z&G swept the market, with hundreds of thousands of fans, high loyalty, kingly status, and fully upgraded bink. It will make pod vape a brighter future.

Bink product launch conference – Starting the journey of Dare to Imagine


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