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bink Max pod vape starter kit review – Good holding feeling and stopping craving cigarettes


bink Max starter kit price: 299 yuan/ 44 USD

The new bink Max starter kit is a product specially developed for smokers. First of all, it uses aviation aluminum design in terms of appearance design, the weight of the whole device is only 22g. Flat body shape, hard lines, making the overall grip feel very comfortable, even if it is held for a long time, you will not feel tired. In addition, the design of aviation aluminum can also greatly improve the corrosion resistance, it can still be used safely in the face of palm sweating and other corrosion conditions. As to the colors, it also has Galaxy Grey, Magic Red and Peacock Green, which can satisfy consumers preferences for different personality needs.

bink max

Secondly, the user experience of the new Bink Max kit is good. In order to simulate the damp sensation brought by traditional smoking to the greatest extent, it cuts the intake into six intake ports, each of which has only 0.2mm. The taste is delicate and the experience of suction is quite natural. Moreover, it has enough vapor, which brings great satisfaction to users, very release the craving for nicotine effective.

bink max

Now let’s talk about health. The new bink starter kit uses a new “natural nicotine compound technology”, which can synthesize nicotine salts of various complex acids, making smokers feel closer to traditional cigarettes, and has rich aroma that similar products do not have, so that your later breath continues to fragrance, farewell to the odor of tar. At the same time, this technology, combined with the technology of micro-porous honeycomb ceramic atomizer, can effectively filter the larger particulate matter produced in the e-liquid and ensure your body health.

bink max

Last but not least, let talk about the charge design. bink is designed with magnetic suction charging design. The lower half of the device is lithium polymer battery and power supply circuit, and the bottom is the charging interface. It can be connected with a light suction, which is very fast and convenient. Moreover, its charging design has been tested more than 200,000 times, which is safe and reliable.

bink max


The design of the bink Max starter kit makes it a successful product. Aiming at the most concerned satisfaction problem of the old smokers, it combines the “natural nicotine compound technology” with six small air intakes to simulate the real smoking feeling. At the same time, aiming at health problems, it also has the technology of micro-porous honeycomb ceramic atomizer to filter all kinds of harmful substances. Finally, the compact body design, as well as the preferential price at 44 USD, are also making it perfect, worthy of recommendation!

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