Snowplus Pro review – A unique vape that stands out of millions of similar pods

The Snowplus Pro pod system is looking to offer something that little bit different to the growing number of pod systems on the market.

They say this unassuming pod can be charged in 18 minutes. Of course, this is done by their ‘Super Charge Technology’. We will of course test that out later.

Almost forgot to mention.. the Snowplus Pro also has a party mode and we all love a good party right?

What Can We Expect from the Snowplus Pro Pod?

The Pro comes with a 450mAh battery under the hood as well as USB-C fast charging and a claim of an 18 Minute charge. The pod system is aimed at the ‘no fuss’ vaper with pre filled pods and no buttons to press, simply inhale and you’re vaping.

The classic pods are available in 15 flavours with various nic strengths of 3 or 5% (30mg / 50mg) so these cannot be legally sold out of the UK or TPD controlled countries. Also available are zero nicotine pods and smokeless which as the name suggest emits no vapour on the exhale.

OK.. That’s the short of it. Now let’s have a look in a bit more detail and see how the Snowplus Pro pod system performs!

This device was sent free of charge for the purposes of review. As always our views are our own.

In The Box

  • Snowplus Pro (Battery only – No pod!)
  • USB-C charge cable
  • Instruction Manual


  • 450 mAh Battery
  • Type C Charge Port
  • IPX5 Dust & Water resistant coating
  • Zinc Alloy Build
  • 18 Minute Charge Time
  • Smart Battery Indicator (Device vibrates when a charge is needed)
  • Automatic (Inhale to vape, no buttons to press)

Design and Build Quality


The Snowplus Pro body is made from Zinc Alloy and IPX5 dust and water resistant coating.

I’ve got to say this does give a very nice smooth feel in the hand. Nothing plasticy here either. It’s solid.The Snowplus Pro body is made from Zinc Alloy and IPX5 dust and water resistant coating.

The weight.. Ooh yeah.. I like the weight. A pod system that you know is there and doesn’t leave you searching every pocket wondering where you put it.

On the body of the device there are a couple of indicator lights sit at the bottom front of the device, one in the shape of a snowflake and the other a ‘+’. Ahhhhhh. I see what they did there.On the body of the device there are a couple of indicator lights sit at the bottom front of the device, one in the shape of a snowflake and the other a ‘+’. Ahhhhhh.. I see what they did there.. snowplus pro

The + sign acts as the battery indicator and is activated by tapping the device twice, this will show you the status of the battery. At first, this seemed to be a bit hit and miss but the key here is to give it two firm taps then it works every time.

Party Mode

Now don’t get too excited here.. The term party should be taken extremely lightly. This function is activated by tapping 5 times in quick succession.

What do you get?

The ‘+’ sign flashes through a number of colors for 4-5 seconds and stops. I guess the vibration bit could get some ready to party but this only lasts for half a second or so.

Not entirely sure why that’s there. Maybe just to show off the haptic feedback tapping feature a little more I think.


The pods are made from Easterman Tritan Copolyster which is a BPA free material, if you want to know a little more about that you can check this page out.Snowplus Pro pod inside design

The coil/atomiser on the inside is ‘Truefeel HoneyComb Ceramic’ which is said to help with a smooth mouthfeel and strong throat hit. Not sure what a smooth mouth feel is but I guess we will find out soon!The coil/atomiser on the inside is ‘Truefeel HoneyComb Ceramic’ whi snowplus pro vape

Their sales page also states they are leak free so we will be sure to check that out below.

Placing the pods into the battery also causes a small vibration of the battery to let you know the pod is securely in place. Not necessarily needed but a nice touch nonetheless.

Overall Impression

Overall I’m pretty impressed with the Snowplus Pro device design and build quality as a whole. From the images on their sales page I was thinking it just looks like all the other pod systems out there.

And while that is true.. haha..

They have improved on the current designs. It feels superb in the hand, being the saddo that I am it was almost a pleasure. (Disclaimer: I’ve been in lockdown for 6 weeks).

The other thing is the weight which I have already touched on. I really like the fact it feels heavier than most pod systems that seem to drive toward the lightest they can possibly make them.

This in turn feels like you have a solid device that will last an age no matter how clumsy you are.

Branding is minimal√ – Lines are smooth √. The more I have this in hand the more I appreciate it. Even the packaging ticks all the boxes, straight out of the Apple school of design. Even the pod boxes have a smooth to touch finish.snowplus-pro- pods flavors taste

OK, enough sounding off to what, in pictures, looks like a bog-standard design. We all know it’s not all about aesthetics. It’s all about the performance.

How Does the Snowplus Pro Vape Perform?

Very well! As should be expected from vape devices today.

On the inhale the device reacts instantly with no lag to your vape and the vape is smooth as they promised.

The only immediate issue I haven’t touched on above is that the kit doesn’t come with a pod included in the kit. Not single one. Not great in my book and not sure why companies still do this.

It’s not very clear on their sales page that there is no pod included so if you are buying this please remember to buy a pack of pods or you will be sorely disappointed.

Flavour Pods

There are 23 flavours across their Nicotine (Classic), Smoke Free and Nicotine free ranges.

They are colour coded as well so if you have a few flavours on the go you will be able to keep track of what’s what.snowplus-pro-coloured-pods-flavour

We received 5 to test from the Classic range. The pods contain 1.5ml of e-liquid.

There are no descriptions for the flavours themselves apart from a star rating (out of 5) for ‘Coolness’. ‘Sweetness’ and ‘Richness’.

They do however state the following:

SNOWPLUS Classic Pods are made using our original vapor formula based on vegetable glycerin and rich flavors developed in-house by our expert team. They produce a smooth, satisfying vapor, which our 4th generation double-seal technology radically minimizes leaks.

OK, onto the flavours.

Peach Tea


They Say

  • Coolness – 4
  • Sweetness – 4
  • Richness – 2

I Say:

I’ve got a thing for iced tea vapes ever since I tried a Lemon Iced Tea vape a few months back. If I hadn’t of tried that it wouldn’t have been something I would have personally bought.

I have to say, they are super refreshing and this is no different. The peach is there in just the right amounts, it is touching on floral but not too sweet as alluded to in the star rating.

The coolness is definitely a plus point for me. Paired with the Peach it really does a damn good job of replicating the Iced tea flavour.

Very refreshing, very moorish and an easy all day vape for me. I’d definitely buy this one again.

Orange Soda Pops


They Say:

  • Coolness – 3
  • Sweetness – 3
  • Richness – 3

I Say:

Now I’m guessing that most people have had a can or bottle of fizzy orange before. If so then this is pretty close. The orange is on the sweeter side, rather than the sharp fresh kind. The cooling effect, again, delivers a refreshing vape.

Not as strong as ‘cool’ as the Peach Ice Tea flavour but in this case a good thing for my tastes.

I like this one, not far off the taste of Fanta with a slight fizz coming through. Could I vape this all day? While I’m not normally a huge fan of the sweeter fruit vapes I’ve been vaping this regularly throughout the day no problem.

Cappuccino – Nicotine Free


They Say:

  • Coolness – 4
  • Sweetness – 4
  • Richness – 2

I Say:

This is part of the nicotine free range but does have 0.4mg/g of caffeine.

Despite being an avid coffee drinker I’ve only found one coffee vape that I really liked, that was Vaporfi Catch ya Latte. That’s not to say I could vape it all day, more of an occasional vape for me.

The Snowplus Cappuccino has slight chocolate notes to it with hint of creamy milk coming through on the exhale. The throat hit is none existent, unsurprisingly, due to the zero nic content.

As for the caffeine, I’m pretty heavy on that through the day so couldn’t notice any major difference! ?

This isn’t a flavour for me, just not to my tastes for a vape. So keep that in mind. If you personally like coffee vapes then it offers what it says on the tin so to speak.

Ice Cola – Smokeless


They Say:

  • Coolness – 4
  • Sweetness – 3
  • Richness – 3

I Say:

I like this one straight away, mainly because it it got cleared the previous cappuccino flavor out of my mouth quicktime! ha

This is straight from the old school cola bottles, if you are a fan of them you are in luck. This is pretty much a spot-on replication of the fizzy variety. Again a nice cooling comes into play that leaves the cola lingering in the mouth after exhale.

Only downside to this is that the vapour volume is pretty weak. OK.. After taking some images I realised this is a ‘smokeless’ flavour.. Like I said, lock down brain!

So with that in mind these are definitely ‘vapourless’ with a mouth to lung vape and with a deeper direct to lung you get a little vapour. One for the stealth vapers!

Classic Tobacco


They Say:

  • Coolness – 1
  • Sweetness – 2
  • Richness – 5

I Say:

The Classic Tobacco gives that earthy tobacco flavour. There is a slight sweetness to it on the exhale that takes that rich edge off just a touch.

While my last cigarette was around 10 years, for me, it does a good job in rekindling that distant memory of what tobacco tasted like. I think smokers making the switch will take to it well as an alternative.

So, overall the flavours were very good. Whether I liked them or not (personal taste) they matched the descriptions on the box. The vape, despite the high nic strengths, were smooth while still giving you that all familiar throat tickle.


They claim zero leaks and that I can confirm. Even when I unplugged the stoppers that come in the pod cartridge holes there wasn’t so much as a drop of e-liquid anywhere at any time. Very well done.

Battery Life / Charging Time

The 450mAh battery is a good capacity for this type of device. It saw me through a day of vaping moderately which is great for a pod system. With these high nic strengths chain vaping is out of the question for me so less vape time needed.

As always, this will differ from vaper to vaper.snowplus-pro-pod-system-internals

Charging was impressive as well. The ‘+’ sign light turned red, so I popped it on charge using a 2A charger. The ‘+’ sign light pulsed white as it was charging then on approx 20 minutes turned off. So if that indicates a full charge then it’s pretty good going.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Good flavors
  • Quick charging
  • Very good battery life
  • Zero leakage


  • Kit doesn’t come with any pods (They need to be purchased separately at time of order)

Final Thoughts

On seeing the product online I thought this was just going to be a rebranded version of many pods we have seen before. As it turns out the Snowplus Pro pod system is a great choice in the ever-increasing world of pod vapes. It ticks a lot of boxes.

The build quality is one of the best for a pod I’ve had my hands on, charging time is excellent as is the battery life and there’s no sign of leaking anywhere. While it may not fit the needs for long-standing vapers, the simplicity is perfect for smokers making the switch.

The flavors I received didn’t all hit the spot but this is more down to personal preference. What they all did was deliver the flavor they promised on the box.

The main downside for me is that there is no pod included in the kit so please keep this in mind if buying.

Would I buy the Snowplus Pro again if lost or damaged? Yes I would.

Where to buy SNOWPLUS PRO vape

SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite pod system review

Appearance: I received the SNOWPLUS Pro New Year gift kit and Lite kit this time. Recently, there are many readers in the group asking me about the experience of Pro and Lite. This time I got two devices sent by the brand for comparison and detailed experience.SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite pod system review

Pro uses zinc alloy stamping, IPX5 waterproof coating, water&leakage-proof. Insert the pod and there is a vibration prompt. The overall appearance of the device is not much different from the first generation. The highlight is this RGB colorful breathing lamp with 1 million colors. Tap the device five times to turn on the Party Mode mode. The breathing lights change colorfully and blink for around. At this time, your draw is no longer companied with the monotonous white LED light indicator, the color is gradual, and at the same time, the color of the light of the body is continuously changing when being shaken. It lights you up and helps you to become the most outstanding guy in the audience. Tap twice on the Pro body to automatically display the left power. You can learn more details about the battery life in its user manual. Besides, there are some welfare eggs in this New Year’s gift box. The attached desk calendar contains twelve coupons, five free pod/cartridge coupons and seven coupons for one hundred yuan off purchasing two hundred yuan products. Pro: 9/10

Lite’s device is much simpler, subject to removing the cost of cool interactive functions while retaining the most basic functions, its price is much lower. The appearance of Lite’s bottom is relatively simple. It doesn’t have the rounded bottom design of the first generation Classic and Pro, and its weight is lighter. Lite: 6.5 / 10

SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite pod system review

Taste and throat hit: The Pro New Year gift kit received this time comes with two green beans smoothies and ice mint flavor, and the Lite starter kit comes with an ice mint. The pods take use of the SNOWPLUS independently developed TrueFeel ceramic core, and it comes with a strong magnetic connection. While the biggest problem of the Classic edition is poor flavor consistency (the pod will be tasteless when it’s vaped in the second half part, giving people a feeling of incomprehension), this new generation of products has fixed the consistency shortcoming, and the mouthfeel of continuous vaping and sweetness is very good, which is commendable. According to official data, the amount of vapor produced increased by 76% compared to the previous generation. The vapor I exhaled is indeed much larger.

SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite pod system review

Ice Mint: The nicotine content is 50mg/ml, which provides a strong sense of satisfaction. Compared with the first generation, the unpleasant mouthwash taste was reduced, and I slowly turned to pursue the original taste of mint. I tasted the herbal taste of mint in the back mouth carefully, but the front of the first few mouthfuls are still with a slight of toothpaste smell, this discomfort disappeared after a few mouthfuls, hope it could be improved. This taste of cold is mainly concentrated in the mouth, not in the throat in common, and the coolness is set moderately. The mint flavor is more suitable for vapers who are tired of sweet flavors. If it is vaped alone, it feels a little empty inevitably. The nicotine salt content is high, I feel it a bit strong, suitable for rapid addiction reliving. 7/10

SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite pod system review

Mung bean smoothie: nicotine content is 30mg / ml, weak throat hit. The perfect taste of mung bean popsicles reminds me of childhood Tianjin Kangle’s mung bean popsicles. The sweetness has been significantly improved compared to the first generation. The mung bean flavor is rich and mellow. There is also a very comfortable dessert taste. 8.5 / 10

Vape juice leakage: There is no leakage before the cartridge is unpacked, and the base shows different colors according to different tastes. Dry package. 10/10

Condensate: It is very important to take the correct vaping posture. Do not lean or lie upside down when vaping. No condensate was encountered by me. 10/10

Spit back: No vape juice spit back at all. 10/10

Dry hits: No dry hit with normal frequency continuous draw. 10/10

SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite pod system review

SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite pod system review

Battery life: Pro device battery capacity is 450 mAh, using Type-C charging interface, the official says 5V2A charger can fully charge the device in 18 minutes, compared with the first generation Classic product, its charging efficiency is significantly improved. Interestingly, the power reminder of this breathing lamp is the same as the operation mode of Juul. Tap the device twice to automatically display the power. The green color shows 30% to 100% power left, the yellow is 10 to 30, and the red is 10 or less. And the battery is less than 10% when it vibrates, suggesting that it is time to charge. It has a certain degree of playability, which reflects that its positioning is more high-end. 8.5 / 10

When the Lite device battery capacity is 400 mAh, use Micro-USB charging interface, the charging time is 50-100 minutes. Compared with Pro, this data is not good enough, but the two are different in positioning and price, and they can reflect the difference according to different consumer needs. As a consumer, I would strongly recommend choosing Pro, why not spend a little more on high-end items as you use it every day.


Overall, the experience that Pro gives me is stronger than Lite, and the playability is greatly enhanced. It has many highlights in the device. In the shape and generation, there are more fashion elements tucked into it without major changes. The indicator light for twice tap to show the power, and for five-time tap to turn on the Party Mode, and shake to show the colorful marquee. It reminds me of the fun of Juul’s experience. With the offline activities of SNOWPLUS, I feel SNOWPLUS is a fashion brand and its products are for cool customers. Lite is a lot simpler, and with its price of 79.9 yuan per pod, it aims to target the first-time-vaping customers, so that consumers can access the products at a lower threshold, to attract new loyal users. The whole strategy looks quite smart. Two different schemes target different target groups to meet their respective needs. The taste of the two kits of products reviewed has also improved a lot compared to the first Classic generation, and the vaping experience is better than expected. If you insist on my recommendation, I think it would be a better choice to go directly to Pro if you have some bucks in hand. Pro is better in hand-feel and fun. 9/10

By Heinrich

Where to buy SNOWPLUS Pro

Where to buy SNOWPLUS Lite

SNOWPLUS third-generation pods are coming soon

In recent years, the e-cigarette industry has developed rapidly. China has become the world’s largest e-cigarette producer. More than 90% of the world’s e-cigarette products and components come from China. SNOWPLUS is an e-cigarette brand that went on market last year. After a year of development, it has not only achieved great success in China, but has also been popular abroad, and successfully ranked among the top brands in the industry.

Although the e-cigarette industry has been enthusiastically sought after by capital and has good development prospects, the problem of “leakage” has been hindering the development of the industry. It was learned from SNOWPLUS that following the launch of an upgraded version of the second-generation cartridge in October last year, they will soon launch a third-generation cartridge with higher performance and quality in the second quarter of this year, which will solve the industry problem of “pod leakage”.

The breakthrough of SNOWPLUS’ third-generation pods not only indicates that SNOWPLUS‘ technical level has reached a new height, the brand has occupied a favorable position in market competition, but also marks the e-cigarette industry’s entry into an era of “leakage-free” and the development of the industry. It has a landmark significance.

SnowPlus Coffee Starter Kit Review

Pods Overview

The SnowPlus brand was launched in April 2019. SnowPlus is dedicated to providing safe alternatives to traditional cigarettes by bringing change to current health challenges around the globe and empowering adult smokers to lead more healthy lifestyles. SnowPlus products have passed a number of third-party safety certifications and comply with the highest medical safety standards of the FDA and the European Union.

Package contents

  • 1 DEVICE

The SNOWPLUS coffee starter kit comes with 2 flavored pods which are nicotine free, the device is well built with a 400mAh battery capacity and it is able to pull 300 on full charge. The other thing which is very appealing to me is the magnetic design which makes the device very easy to put together and start using or switching between pods.

This unit is also compatible with both nicotine and non nicotine pods which should make everyone happy.

I enjoyed both flavors that came with the SNOWPLUS coffee starter kit, being a big coffee drinker I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this to test it out.

The video above shows you exactly how the unit and pods work, no need to look which side you are putting the pod in it doesn’t really matter and the best thing is it is magnetic, so is really easy to change to different flavored pods without even looking.

When it comes to using the unit its as easy as putting the pod in and starting to vape, no need to switch anything on or any of that non sense ? also we do get a nice illuminating light when you are using the SnowPlus
When it comes to the flavors that are included with the unit, they have a nice scent which even after sometime when I got back to the room I could still smell the aroma from before, I would choose my scents wisely.

extra pods snowplus

We are also looking at the optional pods which we received, and when it comes to flavor, it does deliver to that promise, we had the chance to test out the Golden Energy which is quite pleasant aroma to it.

inside the box for pods snowplus coffee america

Inside we have a total of 3 pods which are nicely packed, and are contained within the container and are nicotine-free.

In June 2019, SNOWPLUS announced to gain the “A-round” investment of USD 40 million from multiple frontier venture capital and individual investors, and at the meantime, the sales volume of the electronic atomizing products of SNOWPLUS keeps fast growth speed depending on the high-quality product experience and breakthrough marketing mode.
At present, SNOWPLUS has already entered into the first tier of E-cigarette sales in China, and the top 3 in the world.

For more information please head to

SNOWPLUS Successfully Raises Funding, Continues Global Expansion Efforts

March 12, 2020 – Beijing – Today SNOWPLUS has announced global investment results from 2019 through February 2020 amounting to approximately $125 million USD. The funding has come from investors in Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East.

The company has confirmed funding from Hong Kong-based HK Rothsfortune Investment Management Limited among other investors as it further prepares for entry into global markets.

“We have invested in SNOWPLUS because of their strong global strategy which sets them up for success in both domestic and international markets,” said Charles Zhu, Managing Partner of HK Rothsfortune Investment Management Limited. “With strong performance in the domestic market, SNOWPLUS has proven that they are capable of achieving success and fulfilling their mission of providing better smoking alternatives for adults at the global level.”

This funding has already seen the establishment of sales teams, partnerships and other expansion efforts across four regions globally including North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and Southeast Asia. SNOWPLUS has a fully developed international strategy that involves responsibly expanding into global markets by working with local industry players.

The company will strengthen its presence in the domestic market as it continues to actively expand to targeted international markets with more optimized environments for SNOWPLUS products, bolstering its presence on the international stage.

“This latest round of investment puts us one step closer to realizing our vision of providing better alternatives that satisfy adult smokers globally,” said Derek Li, Co-founder of SNOWPLUS. “Moving forward, we will continue to innovate, applying the latest and most cutting-edge technologies to our products to provide global adult users the optimal vaporizer experience. We will also remain steadfast in forging industry alliances and joint ventures with local companies.”

Progress has already been made in deployment to these global markets, with the building of teams in the UK, Canada and the Middle East. A UK warehouse has already been set up to ensure a steady supply of product in the country, and SNOWPLUS products can be purchased at 50 Esso convenience store locations in Canada.

Expansion efforts are also underway in Southeast Asia, with SNOWPLUS developing nicotine-free products for the Malaysian market. Meanwhile, in the Indonesian market, SNOWPLUS is currently applying for official licensing of offline stores and plans to work with local e-liquid industry players to develop flavors suited to local tastes.

Moving forward, SNOWPLUS plans to leverage investment to further expand worldwide, while maintaining a solid foothold in its home market of China. With funding from respected industry players in the capital market, SNOWPLUS is not only continuing its proven record of developing top-of-the-line vaping products and technologies, but also paving the way for a smooth entrance into key global markets that have a demonstrated demand for vape products.

Customer reviews of SNOWPLUS Lite and Pro

We’ve heard what the celebrities said about how great SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite is. Now, let us hear what the real user says. After Pro&Lite was launched last month, lots of consumers shared their feedback with us. The following are what the customers said.

Daniel Morris – SNOWPLUS PRO user

“As a global purchasing manager of a large vaping business, I’m extremely sensitive to new products and keep trying them one by one with my own hand. Recently I heard a famous vape brand in China. SNOWPLUS has just launched 2 new products so I ordered a few with various flavored cartridges. You know, flavors and tastes are the soul of vape pens. Tell it like it is, these flavors didn’t let me down, they’re outstanding among so many pods. By the way, mint is the king of all flavors in SNOWPLUS.”

Charlotte Johnson – SNOWPLUS PRO user

Charlotte Johnson - SNOWPLUS PRO user

“I’ve been in the vape field for a long time and know ceramics heating core and cotton coils well. However, it’s the first time to see TRUEFEEL. The unique TRUEFEEL atomizing technology is unbelievable. With typical nic salt juice, it wicks quickly, and the hits are very consistent. With 2 air intake holes, the relatively quiet draw is a tight MTL. Until the last drop of the e-liquid in cartridge, I encounter no dry hits, it’s constant and steady. Every puff is refreshing, rich and silk-like.”

Melissa Young – SNOWPLUS PRO user

“I love this modern, smooth and sleek design and I’m a big fan of the overall aesthetics. The silky skin, the rounder body, the elegant color and ergonomic mouthpiece, are definitely in the state of art. This device is constructed of aluminum alloy and is relatively lightweight yet sturdy. Besides, the party mode with flashing and changing colors are impressive and fashionable. I’m sure you’ll like it, too.”

Evelyn Garcia – SNOWPLUS LITE user

Evelyn Garcia - SNOWPLUS LITE user

“I’m a smoker for 10 years and loved the classic design of cigarettes much, light up and smoke. I knew the harm of cigarettes clearly and was always looking for something to replace it. At first, I was scared away by the complicated and complex structures and operation of box mod vape, I thought vapes are just for those little punks showing off. SNOWPLUS LITE led me to a new world. It’s a plug-and-play device that’s operated by an automatic draw. This kit for starters works flawlessly and caters to all vapers.”

Olivia Rodriguez – SNOWPLUS LITE user

Olivia Rodriguez - SNOWPLUS LITE user

“I’m a professor in a USA college and love smoking. What bothers me is the large smoke around me and the bad smell on my body after smoking. It annoys my students. A few days ago, one of my colleagues bought me a SNOWPLUS LITE as a birthday present. With a smokeless edition pod on it, it produces no vapor at all! Moreover, the bad smell of smoking vanished with LITE, it’s magic, subtle and easily covered for stealth missions. What’s more amazing, it’s sold for merely 15 bucks, even cheaper than a pack of cigarettes! No doubt, it’s a gift from heaven.”



Most customers of SNOWPLUS PRO say SNOWPLUS Pro is one of the best products they’ve used and for SNOWPLUS LITE they said they can’t find a better pod vape with better price when the performance is no more a drawback. These 2 pod systems represent the future of vapes and won the hearts of customers with something solid. Click here to learn more about PRO

Influencer reviews of SNOWPLUS Lite and Pro

SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite were launched in January and have garnered lots of positive feedback from influencers. Let’s take a closer look at what they have to say.

@owlexandrea, a.k.a.

Firstly, we’d like to give a shout out to @owlexandrea, a.k.a. mrs, downey. She is a pod vape lover, pioneering a new lifestyle that incorporates vaping into work, travel and fashion. This millennial influencer shared some seriously awesome pictures of herself with SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite.

@owlexandrea, a.k.a.

Cute and stylish, right?

Up next we have VanBanter, a popular street interviewer who was also impressed by SNOWPLUS PRO. Especially Party  Mode. “This is phenomenal, phenomenal, phenomenal!” he said. On SNOWPLUS Lite, VanBanter said “There’s no harshness in the back of your throat. It’s the next-level of vape pens.”

SNOWPLUS  Lite and Pro definitely won over VanBanter with their impressive performance.

Jakarta-based Panda Vapestore has 336,000 subscribers on YouTube. He was super impressed with SNOWPLUS Pro and introduced the starter kit. “This is a vape pod starter kit that is really unique and sophisticated. It has a touch-responsive sensor and also a  water- and dust-resistant IPX5 finish. It makes the pod, which also has a really nice weight, feels really nice in your hand. ”

In this video, he talked about the tech specs. “The battery capacity of the SNOWPLUS PRO is 450mAh, and it has a 1.5ml tank capacity with a resistance of 1.2 Ohms. It supports fast charging with a Type-C charging cable and comes in 8 color variants. There’s also a ton of flavors.”

Panda Vapestore also showed off the smokeless edition, which is his favourite among so many pod vapes.

@mark_things (Marius) on instagram showed off the trendy and streamlined body of SNOWPLUS PRO.

Marius is a huge fan of SNOWPLUS from the UK and has been a very big supporter from the beginning, he has been sharing SNOWPLUS product content on his Instagram page for a while, and notes that “this is definitely one of the best pod systems I’ve used!”

Next, Isa iSARB, gave very comprehensive reviews of both SNOWPLUS products and the company. They liked all 4 flavors they reviewed, including mixed berry, lemon tea, peach tea and mung bean sorbet, which are all popular in Malaysia!

Another Malaysian reviewer, Apy, told the story of a man whose girlfriend promises to marry him, but ends up marrying another man.

Throughout the love story, the protagonist uses a SNOWPLUS pod system. He enjoys SNOWPLUS so much and introduces his friends to it. His friends then also fall in love with it.

Angga Candra with 5.1 million fans, from Indonesia, reviewed SNOWPLUS in his video.

The video is a hilarious prank video with a product review snippet at the beginning and has gained over 3 million views already.

Mason from Malaysia also got a Chinese introduction to SNOWPLUS from his friend. They were both impressed by the innovative technologies of SNOWPLUS Pro and also the cost-performance of SNOWPLUS Lite.

Mason says in his video that the new-generation of SNOWPLUS is much better than the first generation. No matter design and flavors, it’s upgraded greatly and more user friendly. SNOWPLUS has been spending lots of sweat and blood in the product design since its birth. Mason hits the key point of SNOWPLUS’s consistent innovation concept.

DJLsb Vapes – a professional vaper from the US – gave a very detailed review of the product specs of both SNOWPLUS products.

He compared SNOWPLUS with Juul. “Juul is a little smaller but doesn’t have the same battery capacity as these two (Lite & Pro), plus the mouthpiece on these two is also a lot more comfortable than Juul. Pro displays three different battery levels with color LEDs when you double tap it, making it far ahead of many other closed pod systems out there.”

He also loves the flavors he got, “The flavors from all these are among some of the best in my opinion. SNOWPLUS brings something different, and it is one of the best pod systems.”

Last, but not least,  Minor Bro from the UK has been reviewing SNOWPLUS products since the SNOWPLUS classic edition becoming a big fan in the process. He claims that SNOWPLUS products are the best vaping products he has ever reviewed, and Pro even takes it to a whole new level. “The Best pod vapes!” is right in the video title showing his devotion to SNOWPLUS.

Hope you enjoy watching all the videos above and their opinions help you learn more about SNOWPLUS! And, if you have any thoughts of your own, feel free to share them in the comment section!

Where to buy SNOWPLUS vape

SNOWPLUS Pro review – An interactive & ergonomic starter kit

SNOWPLUS Pro comes with 18 min super-fast charge function, 450 mAh battery, dynamic USB Type-C charging port, Ultra-silky texture and high-strength zinc alloy & ergonomic streamline body, IPX5 waterproof and dust resistant coating for any condition. Meanwhile, it takes the use of the ground-breaking smart-touch interaction module complete with colorful RGB lighting effects providing the most interactive & vaping experience, ever.  Moreover, TrueFeel technology provides a smoother and stronger throat hit & vaping experience.

18 min super-fast charge vape

SNOWPLUS Company Introduction

SNOWPLUS is the fastest growing e-cig brand in the world with a mission to improve 1 billion smokers’ lives through the most innovative technology

SNOWPLUS Pro Material & Design

Ultra-silky touch and high-strength zinc alloy body IPX5 waterproof and dust-proof coating.

Ultra-silky touch and high-strength zinc alloy body IPX5 waterproof and dust-proof coating.

  • High-strength zinc alloy device with graceful curves
  • Super skin-friendly coating combined with meticulous metal finish achieving an organic silky touch
  • Special waterproof coating
  • Excellent anti-scratch, oil-repellent and dustproof performance; safe from impact, oil, dust and corrosion

Revolutionary technology increases vapor amount

*Vapor amount increase was measured by comparison testing with previous products conducted by SNOWPLUS internal lab.

*Vapor amount increase was measured by comparison testing with previous products conducted by SNOWPLUS internal lab.

  • 1.2Ω resistance for a smoother inhalation, bigger vapor volume compared to previous products
  • Brand new TrueFeel atomization technology for unrivaled smooth experience
  • Aeroflow air intake technology captures the throat-hit pleasure of tobacco without harm
  • State of the art pod design with quadruple sealing ensures extremely low leakage

Safely simulates 95% of the smoking sensation

  • Authentic tar-free formula and mild nicotine salt minimize the harm and maintain the pleasure of nicotine intake
  • Flavors are developed through 89 processes supervised by 120 world-class perfumers. 95% reproduction of the sensation of smoking
  • Meticulously produced taste for a rich vaping experience
  • Certified by over 60 professional tests, in accordance to strict health and safety standards

18-minute supercharging and super long battery life for your supreme enjoy

18-minute supercharging and super long battery life for your supreme enjoy

  • Just 18 minutes to fully charge your device
  • Brand new reversible Type-C port
  • 450mAh large battery capacity, safer and more durable, battery lasts all day long

Intelligent management module enables smart vibration and touch interaction

  • Smart monitoring and regulation of voltage output to ensure consistent vapor amount
  • Touch interaction: double-tap the device to view battery life
  • Automatic pod insert with vibration reminder
  • Device actives sleep mode when pod is removed
  • Automatic self-examination whenever a pod is inserted. Always ready to use
  • Long vibration to remind user when battery is low

SNOWPLUS Pro Smart Interaction

Dazzling party mode with RGB lighting effects

Multi-color RGB light indicator: Seamless switch in six main colors; display up to 31 colors
Multi-color RGB light indicator: Seamless switch in six main colors; display up to 31 colors
What’s new: Tap the device five times to activate “Party Mode”
What’s new: Tap the device five times to activate “Party Mode”


8 Color Options

Classic Black Pearl White Space Grey Red Mineral Blue Midnight Green Rose Gold Neon

SNOWPLUS Pro Flavor Options
New flavors to be released every 2 months

4 Classic Flavors 

(Also smokeless edition is also available)

Mint Classic Tobacco Ice Cola Mung Bean Sorbet

Popular Fruit Flavors

Minty Lemon Pineapple Coconut Watermelon Grapefruit Lychee Orange Soda Peach Tea Lemon Tea

Zero Nicotine

Cappuccino Gloden Energy Ice Matcha Latte


[table id=5 responsive=scroll /]

SNOWPLUS Pro Comparisons

[table id=4 responsive=scroll /]


Where to buy SNOWPLUS PRO

What’s the best flavor of SNOWPLUS vape

The following list comes from the little card inside the SNOWPLUS Lite starter kit.

SNOWPLUS best selling flavors

Mung Bean Sorbet 3%

Ice Watermelon 3%

What's the best flavor of SNOWPLUS vape

SNOWPLUS new recommended flavors

Mango 3%

Peach tea 3%

What's the best flavor of SNOWPLUS vape

SNOWPLUS Classic series top flavors

Top 1 Mint flavor 5%

Top 2 Tobacco 5%

Top 3 Litchee 3%

Top 4 Lemon Cola 3%

Top 5 Grapefruit 3%

Top 6 Cola 0%

Top 7 Cappuccino 0%

Where to buy SNOWPLUS pods/cartridges

SNOWPLUS Lite starter kit review – $14.99 only for a big vapor

Today we’re talking about some pod vape that makes every cent count. It’s SNOWPLUS Lite for only $14.99 with a strong nicotine strength and a large cloud.

SNOWPLUS Lite Review

Product Launch

The Lite edition is launched on January 15, 2020 with the latest concept by the China-based vapor industry leader, SNOWPLUS who is famous for its best product user experience and creative design.

SNOWPLUS Lite Review

The launch of SNOWPLUS Lite follows the release of the first generation SNOWPLUS classic vaporization device aiming at providing adult smokers a more affordable and effective alternative to conventional cigarettes. You know, most pod systems on market are around or above 30 dollars, it’s an earthquake to the current pod vape market that’s destined to instigate huge turbulence in the vape industry and rewrite the vaping future to be better.

SNOWPLUS Lite Review

All the vapers, no matter rich or poor, deserve to be bestowed the right to get a decent starter kit with decent vaping experience replacing harmful cigarettes and enjoy better health.

Specifications/ Parameters and details

SNOWPLUS Lite device details:

Battery capacity: 400mAh (Though it’s the Lite version, its battery isn’t Lite at all, and beats contemporary popular brands’ classic kit battery like a piece of cake)

Operating hours after a full charge: 24 hours (Assume you vape 3 hours a day, you can vape for incredible 8 days!)

Weight: 27g (As light as a common lighter for cigarettes)

Size: 104mm*20mm*12mm (This size is small and portable, only half-length of an ordinary pen, almost same as Juul and smaller than RELX classic)

Shell material: Anodized aluminum (Sturdy, light-weight and durable)

Charge time: 50-100 minutes (It’s kind of slow, but the good thing is, you can vape while charging, not a drawback to vaping at all. Want an 18 minutes fast charging device? Click here for Pro)

Charging interface: Micro-USB (Android phone charging port, this kind of charge cable can be found everywhere)

Colors for choosing: Classic Black, Misty Grey, Sakura Pink, Purple, Ocean Blue and Green

Light indicator:

Light indicator:
Light indicator

Battery>10% – Light indicator turns on when vaping
Battery<10% – Light indicator flashes as you vape
Light indicator stays on when charging
Light indicator turns off when charging is done

SNOWPLUS Lite Review
All the content inside the starter kit, including 1 device, 1 cable, 1 mint cartridge, 1 user manual, and a best flavor list brochure.

SNOWPLUS Lite pod/cartridge details:

Cartridge flavor inside the starter kit: 1 * Mint flavor pod (SNOWPLUS best and most popular flavor)

Nicotine strength: 5% (The most-welcomed nicotine strength on market)

Main ingredients: Plant glycerin, propylene glycol, food flavor, plant extract, nicotine (VG natural & safe e-liquid)

Cartridge capacity: 1.5ml (Big pod capacity)

Puffs: 500-600 puffs (Equals about 3 packs of cigarettes)

Heating coil resistance: 1.2 Ω (Proper vaping resistance for both MTL & DTL draw,)

Cartridge weight: 6.4g (Small, portable, convenient & instant closed type pod vape)

Cartridge shell material: Eastman Tritan PCTG (Safe material with the third party certificates)

Vapor temperature: Mild, slightly warm, low temperature (Low temperature device unlike ultra-hot mod, generates much less formaldehyde during vaping. It frees your lips from the frequent burnt scars from mods, good for health)

Cartridge technology: TrueFeel (This unique high tech makes the draw neither tight nor aggressive. No dry hits until last drop of ejuice, no burnt smell when taking a long drag. Your vaping experience is constant and consistent from first puff to last puff)

SNOWPLUS Lite Review


SNOWPLUS Lite is an afforable and cost effective pod system born for vape starters. It has smooth and a powerful throat hit, and big vapor amount generated by the advanced & mature TrueFeel honeycomb ceramics heating & atomizing. Meanwhile, it has a large 400 mAh battery and multiple colors for choosing. It’s a great option for smokers to make the switch.

Where to buy SNOWPLUS Lite:

SnowPlus Lite