Monday, May 20, 2024

SNOWPLUS third-generation pods are coming soon

A new leakage-free design


In recent years, the e-cigarette industry has developed rapidly. China has become the world’s largest e-cigarette producer. More than 90% of the world’s e-cigarette products and components come from China. SNOWPLUS is an e-cigarette brand that went on market last year. After a year of development, it has not only achieved great success in China, but has also been popular abroad, and successfully ranked among the top brands in the industry.

Although the e-cigarette industry has been enthusiastically sought after by capital and has good development prospects, the problem of “leakage” has been hindering the development of the industry. It was learned from SNOWPLUS that following the launch of an upgraded version of the second-generation cartridge in October last year, they will soon launch a third-generation cartridge with higher performance and quality in the second quarter of this year, which will solve the industry problem of “pod leakage”.

The breakthrough of SNOWPLUS’ third-generation pods not only indicates that SNOWPLUS‘ technical level has reached a new height, the brand has occupied a favorable position in market competition, but also marks the e-cigarette industry’s entry into an era of “leakage-free” and the development of the industry. It has a landmark significance.

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