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SnowPlus Coffee Starter Kit Review


Pods Overview

The SnowPlus brand was launched in April 2019. SnowPlus is dedicated to providing safe alternatives to traditional cigarettes by bringing change to current health challenges around the globe and empowering adult smokers to lead more healthy lifestyles. SnowPlus products have passed a number of third-party safety certifications and comply with the highest medical safety standards of the FDA and the European Union.

Package contents

  • 1 DEVICE

The SNOWPLUS coffee starter kit comes with 2 flavored pods which are nicotine free, the device is well built with a 400mAh battery capacity and it is able to pull 300 on full charge. The other thing which is very appealing to me is the magnetic design which makes the device very easy to put together and start using or switching between pods.

This unit is also compatible with both nicotine and non nicotine pods which should make everyone happy.

I enjoyed both flavors that came with the SNOWPLUS coffee starter kit, being a big coffee drinker I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this to test it out.

The video above shows you exactly how the unit and pods work, no need to look which side you are putting the pod in it doesn’t really matter and the best thing is it is magnetic, so is really easy to change to different flavored pods without even looking.

When it comes to using the unit its as easy as putting the pod in and starting to vape, no need to switch anything on or any of that non sense ? also we do get a nice illuminating light when you are using the SnowPlus
When it comes to the flavors that are included with the unit, they have a nice scent which even after sometime when I got back to the room I could still smell the aroma from before, I would choose my scents wisely.

extra pods snowplus

We are also looking at the optional pods which we received, and when it comes to flavor, it does deliver to that promise, we had the chance to test out the Golden Energy which is quite pleasant aroma to it.

inside the box for pods snowplus coffee america

Inside we have a total of 3 pods which are nicely packed, and are contained within the container and are nicotine-free.

In June 2019, SNOWPLUS announced to gain the “A-round” investment of USD 40 million from multiple frontier venture capital and individual investors, and at the meantime, the sales volume of the electronic atomizing products of SNOWPLUS keeps fast growth speed depending on the high-quality product experience and breakthrough marketing mode.
At present, SNOWPLUS has already entered into the first tier of E-cigarette sales in China, and the top 3 in the world.

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A pod vape with a quite pleasant aroma. RecommendedSnowPlus Coffee Starter Kit Review