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SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite pod system review


Appearance: I received the SNOWPLUS Pro New Year gift kit and Lite kit this time. Recently, there are many readers in the group asking me about the experience of Pro and Lite. This time I got two devices sent by the brand for comparison and detailed experience.SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite pod system review

Pro uses zinc alloy stamping, IPX5 waterproof coating, water&leakage-proof. Insert the pod and there is a vibration prompt. The overall appearance of the device is not much different from the first generation. The highlight is this RGB colorful breathing lamp with 1 million colors. Tap the device five times to turn on the Party Mode mode. The breathing lights change colorfully and blink for around. At this time, your draw is no longer companied with the monotonous white LED light indicator, the color is gradual, and at the same time, the color of the light of the body is continuously changing when being shaken. It lights you up and helps you to become the most outstanding guy in the audience. Tap twice on the Pro body to automatically display the left power. You can learn more details about the battery life in its user manual. Besides, there are some welfare eggs in this New Year’s gift box. The attached desk calendar contains twelve coupons, five free pod/cartridge coupons and seven coupons for one hundred yuan off purchasing two hundred yuan products. Pro: 9/10

Lite’s device is much simpler, subject to removing the cost of cool interactive functions while retaining the most basic functions, its price is much lower. The appearance of Lite’s bottom is relatively simple. It doesn’t have the rounded bottom design of the first generation Classic and Pro, and its weight is lighter. Lite: 6.5 / 10

SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite pod system review

Taste and throat hit: The Pro New Year gift kit received this time comes with two green beans smoothies and ice mint flavor, and the Lite starter kit comes with an ice mint. The pods take use of the SNOWPLUS independently developed TrueFeel ceramic core, and it comes with a strong magnetic connection. While the biggest problem of the Classic edition is poor flavor consistency (the pod will be tasteless when it’s vaped in the second half part, giving people a feeling of incomprehension), this new generation of products has fixed the consistency shortcoming, and the mouthfeel of continuous vaping and sweetness is very good, which is commendable. According to official data, the amount of vapor produced increased by 76% compared to the previous generation. The vapor I exhaled is indeed much larger.

SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite pod system review

Ice Mint: The nicotine content is 50mg/ml, which provides a strong sense of satisfaction. Compared with the first generation, the unpleasant mouthwash taste was reduced, and I slowly turned to pursue the original taste of mint. I tasted the herbal taste of mint in the back mouth carefully, but the front of the first few mouthfuls are still with a slight of toothpaste smell, this discomfort disappeared after a few mouthfuls, hope it could be improved. This taste of cold is mainly concentrated in the mouth, not in the throat in common, and the coolness is set moderately. The mint flavor is more suitable for vapers who are tired of sweet flavors. If it is vaped alone, it feels a little empty inevitably. The nicotine salt content is high, I feel it a bit strong, suitable for rapid addiction reliving. 7/10

SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite pod system review

Mung bean smoothie: nicotine content is 30mg / ml, weak throat hit. The perfect taste of mung bean popsicles reminds me of childhood Tianjin Kangle’s mung bean popsicles. The sweetness has been significantly improved compared to the first generation. The mung bean flavor is rich and mellow. There is also a very comfortable dessert taste. 8.5 / 10

Vape juice leakage: There is no leakage before the cartridge is unpacked, and the base shows different colors according to different tastes. Dry package. 10/10

Condensate: It is very important to take the correct vaping posture. Do not lean or lie upside down when vaping. No condensate was encountered by me. 10/10

Spit back: No vape juice spit back at all. 10/10

Dry hits: No dry hit with normal frequency continuous draw. 10/10

SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite pod system review

SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite pod system review

Battery life: Pro device battery capacity is 450 mAh, using Type-C charging interface, the official says 5V2A charger can fully charge the device in 18 minutes, compared with the first generation Classic product, its charging efficiency is significantly improved. Interestingly, the power reminder of this breathing lamp is the same as the operation mode of Juul. Tap the device twice to automatically display the power. The green color shows 30% to 100% power left, the yellow is 10 to 30, and the red is 10 or less. And the battery is less than 10% when it vibrates, suggesting that it is time to charge. It has a certain degree of playability, which reflects that its positioning is more high-end. 8.5 / 10

When the Lite device battery capacity is 400 mAh, use Micro-USB charging interface, the charging time is 50-100 minutes. Compared with Pro, this data is not good enough, but the two are different in positioning and price, and they can reflect the difference according to different consumer needs. As a consumer, I would strongly recommend choosing Pro, why not spend a little more on high-end items as you use it every day.


Overall, the experience that Pro gives me is stronger than Lite, and the playability is greatly enhanced. It has many highlights in the device. In the shape and generation, there are more fashion elements tucked into it without major changes. The indicator light for twice tap to show the power, and for five-time tap to turn on the Party Mode, and shake to show the colorful marquee. It reminds me of the fun of Juul’s experience. With the offline activities of SNOWPLUS, I feel SNOWPLUS is a fashion brand and its products are for cool customers. Lite is a lot simpler, and with its price of 79.9 yuan per pod, it aims to target the first-time-vaping customers, so that consumers can access the products at a lower threshold, to attract new loyal users. The whole strategy looks quite smart. Two different schemes target different target groups to meet their respective needs. The taste of the two kits of products reviewed has also improved a lot compared to the first Classic generation, and the vaping experience is better than expected. If you insist on my recommendation, I think it would be a better choice to go directly to Pro if you have some bucks in hand. Pro is better in hand-feel and fun. 9/10

By Heinrich

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Pro is fashionable, interactive & has good performance. Lite is affordable & starter friendly.SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite pod system review