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Customer reviews of SNOWPLUS Lite and Pro


We’ve heard what the celebrities said about how great SNOWPLUS Pro & Lite is. Now, let us hear what the real user says. After Pro&Lite was launched last month, lots of consumers shared their feedback with us. The following are what the customers said.

Daniel Morris – SNOWPLUS PRO user

“As a global purchasing manager of a large vaping business, I’m extremely sensitive to new products and keep trying them one by one with my own hand. Recently I heard a famous vape brand in China. SNOWPLUS has just launched 2 new products so I ordered a few with various flavored cartridges. You know, flavors and tastes are the soul of vape pens. Tell it like it is, these flavors didn’t let me down, they’re outstanding among so many pods. By the way, mint is the king of all flavors in SNOWPLUS.”

Charlotte Johnson – SNOWPLUS PRO user

Charlotte Johnson - SNOWPLUS PRO user

“I’ve been in the vape field for a long time and know ceramics heating core and cotton coils well. However, it’s the first time to see TRUEFEEL. The unique TRUEFEEL atomizing technology is unbelievable. With typical nic salt juice, it wicks quickly, and the hits are very consistent. With 2 air intake holes, the relatively quiet draw is a tight MTL. Until the last drop of the e-liquid in cartridge, I encounter no dry hits, it’s constant and steady. Every puff is refreshing, rich and silk-like.”

Melissa Young – SNOWPLUS PRO user

“I love this modern, smooth and sleek design and I’m a big fan of the overall aesthetics. The silky skin, the rounder body, the elegant color and ergonomic mouthpiece, are definitely in the state of art. This device is constructed of aluminum alloy and is relatively lightweight yet sturdy. Besides, the party mode with flashing and changing colors are impressive and fashionable. I’m sure you’ll like it, too.”

Evelyn Garcia – SNOWPLUS LITE user

Evelyn Garcia - SNOWPLUS LITE user

“I’m a smoker for 10 years and loved the classic design of cigarettes much, light up and smoke. I knew the harm of cigarettes clearly and was always looking for something to replace it. At first, I was scared away by the complicated and complex structures and operation of box mod vape, I thought vapes are just for those little punks showing off. SNOWPLUS LITE led me to a new world. It’s a plug-and-play device that’s operated by an automatic draw. This kit for starters works flawlessly and caters to all vapers.”

Olivia Rodriguez – SNOWPLUS LITE user

Olivia Rodriguez - SNOWPLUS LITE user

“I’m a professor in a USA college and love smoking. What bothers me is the large smoke around me and the bad smell on my body after smoking. It annoys my students. A few days ago, one of my colleagues bought me a SNOWPLUS LITE as a birthday present. With a smokeless edition pod on it, it produces no vapor at all! Moreover, the bad smell of smoking vanished with LITE, it’s magic, subtle and easily covered for stealth missions. What’s more amazing, it’s sold for merely 15 bucks, even cheaper than a pack of cigarettes! No doubt, it’s a gift from heaven.”



Most customers of SNOWPLUS PRO say SNOWPLUS Pro is one of the best products they’ve used and for SNOWPLUS LITE they said they can’t find a better pod vape with better price when the performance is no more a drawback. These 2 pod systems represent the future of vapes and won the hearts of customers with something solid. Click here to learn more about PRO

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