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Chinese leading e-cigarette company SNOWPLUS held its first annual meeting in December


On December 14, 2019, the first annual meeting of SNOWPLUS was held in Beijing. More than 600 employees from China and overseas gathered in Beijing, looking back at 2019 and looking forward to 2020. For SNOWPLUS, this is the summary of the company’s first-year steps. Not a toddler anymore, they are becoming a dark horse to change the pattern of the e-cigarette industry.

Nine months after its listing, SNOWPLUS has entered about 100,000 offline stores-including CVS, TT, nightclubs, Internet cafes, etc., covering more than 180 cities in China.

At the annual meeting, SNOWPLUS officially released the new product “Pro”. Many new technologies are applied, especially the fast charge function of the device, which is unique in the industry. “Pro” and “Lite” jointly opened the “2.0 era” of SNOWPLUS products and took a solid step for SNOWPLUS to change the pattern of the electronic cigarette industry.

“Beyond the Moment” Slogan was also officially announced at the annual meeting. “Beyond the Moment” means surpassing ourselves, surpassing the limit, never stopping, and letting the beautiful future happen ahead of time.

At the beginning of October 2019, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration of the People’s Republic of China and the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration jointly issued the “Notice on Further Protecting Minors from Electronic Cigarettes”, which further standardized the industry development of the Chinese electronic cigarette market. As of now, there are 3 million practitioners in the e-cigarette industry in China. There is no clear law in China that regulates the e-cigarette industry, but the e-cigarette industry has not stopped growing.

At the annual meeting, SNOWPLUS’s 0 nicotine product “Golden Energy” officially announced its listing in Southeast Asia. Earlier, some manufacturers of vapes also proposed the concept of “atomization of everything”, but in the end, this attempt fell on SNOWPLUS. At present, electronic cigarettes, smokeless edition products (which do not produce visible second-hand smoke) and 0 nicotine products have become the three product lines of SNOWPLUS. In 2020, SNOWPLUS will explore more global markets and provide more and better experiences for worldwide consumers.

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