Thursday, June 20, 2024

SnowPlus as the main sponsor is taking part in the VPXSL International Summit 2019 today


SnowPlus asked VPXSL to hold a conference, then VPXSL joined hand with experienced IECIE to hold the VPXSL International Summit on 18th September. It aims to gather all the vape media in China to magnify the voice of SnowPlus and help promote SnowPlus products in overseas market better.

snowplus introduction

Founded in April 2019, SnowPlus is dedicated to providing safe alternatives to traditional cigarettes by bringing change to current health challenges around the globe and empowering adult smokers to lead healthier lifestyles. Furthermore, SnowPlus launched the “Angel Protection Campaign” that aims to systematically prevent youth from accessing and using e-cigarettes. SnowPlus products have passed a number of third-party safety certifications and comply with the highest pharmaceutical safety standards of the FDA and the European Union. To date, SnowPlus has received $40 million in Series A financing which is among the largest funding for any startup in the e-cigarette industry.

Where to buy SnowPlus

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