It is undeniable that the simple pod system is currently the most popular e-cigarette device on the market. Founded in 2016, SMPO is dedicated to the research and development of pod vape. Its products with simple and elegant designs, are very friendly to starters. SMPO MESH is also a refillable disposable vape produced by SMPO. But it is worth noting that this product has little difference from other disposable devices that are thrown away after running out e-liquid. Let us quickly browse this review and get more specific features.



  • Measures: Φ5mm×120.4mm
  • Battery capacity: 1000mAh
  • Pod capacity: 5mL
  • Resistance: 6Ω
  • Output wattage: 20W



The SMPO MESH is lightweight and a small device that is easy to carry, and it feels great in the hand. The refillable pod of the SMPO MESH is transparent, and you can clearly see how much e-juice is left, which is obviously helpful as a device that can be refilled. There are 6 colors for the battery, and there is an adjustable air in-let port in the middle of the device. You can easily slide and adjust the airflow, allowing you to realize the conversion from tight MTL to classic RDL according to your preference.


Even though the SMPO MESH is a refillable device, I still find it to be an easy-to-operate device. It has a rubber stopper on the mouthpiece, you can plug the stopper when you are not vaping to prevent dust from entering. There is an irregularly shaped rubber stopper at the top of the pod for you to fill with e-juice. When you need to refill the pod, you only need to pull out the bigger end of the plug to refill the e-liquid. But a bit of a fly in the ointment is that I think the size of the e-liquid injection hole is not very big. For e-juice with a larger bottle mouth, the e-liquid injection becomes a bit troublesome. Also, sometimes I accidentally pull the plug on both ends of the filler hole, it’s easier to plug the larger plug back in first and then the smaller plug, as shown on the side of the packing box.



I randomly picked an e-juice with 3% nicotine to experience the vaping experience of SMPO MESH. SMPO MESH is an RDL device, with the 0.6 ohm resistance makes vaping as loose as breathing,and I love the smooth mouthfeel. The 20W power brings denser clouds at the same time, which is a very good RDL experience for me.


Although the positioning of SMPO MESH is a disposable vape, the 1000mAh large-capacity rechargeable battery and 5ml pod capacity can achieve long-term vaping, up to 10 days for my vaping, and that is undoubtedly a cost-effective device. After my attempts, the service life of its atomizing coil is relatively long, and after I refill it for 6 times, I feel that the flavor of the e-liquid has changed slightly. SMPO MESH supports type-c charging, you can easily charge this device without worrying about the battery being drained frequently.


Also, my favorite thing about this device is its air in-let port design. In addition to being able to freely adjust the mouthfeel I like and realize the conversion from MTL to RDL, its air in-let port is set in the middle of the device, not at the bottom like many other devices. This means that when you vape it, the airflow can activate the atomizer coil to achieve puffing without passing through the battery, making the battery works more stably, and bring a safety vaping experience. This setup reduces the impact of airflow on the battery, which gives me peace of mind.

(Picture provided by SMPO)


SMPO MESH is a relatively high security device. You can get a different vaping experience on this device. Although it needed to inject the e-liquid by yourself, it is still an easy-to-operate and very novice-friendly device. That said, if you’re looking for something simple to keep you off tobacco cigarettes, the SMPO MESH works great.




Convenient size and shape

Quality RTL draw

The air in-let port are very safe

5 ml of pod capacity

Type-c charging



the size of the filling hole is a bit small; not very convenient to fill




SMPO is an e-cigarette brand that was founded in 2016, dedicated to the research and development of pod vape. SMPO MESH NEX is a compact pre-filled e-cigarette produced by SMPO. Although it is a disposable vape, you could adjust the airflow on the bottom. Handy airflow adjustment allows you to obtain a variety of vaping experiences according to your preference. Let’s have a quick view of SMPO MESH NEX.



  • Measures: Φ18mm×5mm
  • Battery capacity: 850mAh
  • Pod capacity: 5mL
  • Resistance: 2Ω
  • Nicotine: 5%



Like SMPO MAX, another disposable vape produced by SMPO,SMPO MESH NEX is also made of this rubber-like metal material. I really like holding it in my hand, it’s about the same weight as a pen. This small size is very convenient for me and can be easily carried in any pocket. The MESH NEX series has 7 pre-made flavors, and 7 different colors are used to distinguish the flavors.

MESH NEX disposable vape has no buttons and I think it is a very starter friendly device. Many people who are new to vaping will be a little confused about the feature of fire button, but for MESH NEX, you just need to take it out of the package, remove the rubber plug covered on the mouthpiece and the bottom, and you can easily start vaping. You can also keep the rubber plug which you can plug back when you are not vaping, to prevent dust or other things from falling into the mouthpiece. It has an LED light on the bottom that lights up when you are vaping. It’s a pity that I can’t see the capacity of the e-juice of the body, but for small devices that are not refillable, this is not a problem.



SMPO MESH NEX has 7 pre-made flavors. They are Grape Ice, Lush Ice, Banana Ice, Frozen Mango Berry, Pink Lemon, Peach Ice and Strawberry Ice.Here are some of my reviews of these 7 flavors.

(Picture provided by SMPO)

GRAPE ICE: I’m definitely a grape lover and this one doesn’t disappoint me either. The sweet grape juice flavor brings an impressive hit on the first puff. I love both the taste and aroma, and this is one of my favorite flavors in this series.


LUSH ICE: This is a very refreshing watermelon flavor. You can feel the brisk watermelon flavor in every puff. Paired with cool flavors and light sweetness, it’s easy to reminisce the debonaire feeling of summer.


BANANA ICE: I’m not a big fan of banana flavors, but this banana flavor isn’t annoying. It’s reminiscent of a banana milkshake, it’s a richer sweetness, and it tastes less cool than the others. If you’re a banana flavor lover, I think you’ll love it too.


FROZEN MANGO BERRY: It’s a blend of mango flavors, you can taste the sweetness of ripe mangoes and the sourness of green mangoes at the same time, paired with the icy taste, brings a perfect MTL.


PINK LEMON: It’s a very soft lemon flavor. Although MESH NEX is an MTL device, the taste of pink lemon is very silky and sweet, with a softer sweetness than sourness.


PEACH ICE: I can taste soft ripe peaches in this flavor, it’s a fragrant flavor. When I closed my eyes, I could feel the rich juice filling my mouth, as if I was eating real peaches, at least as soft and sweet as real peaches.


STRAWBERRY ICE: It’s the perfect strawberry ice cream flavor. It’s not overly sweet, and you can also taste some wonderful sourness. The wonderful strawberry aroma with the cool taste is more impressive than other strawberry flavors. This is another of my favorite flavors.



MESH NEX disposable vape is a small MTL device, the 1.2 ohm resistance makes you feel like you are smoking a real cigarette, which can bring a relatively tight vaping experience. At the same time, you can better feel the rich flavor of 5% nicotine and the cooling sensation of menthol, accompanied by a strong throat hit. Most of disposable pods usually have preset airflow, while the adjustable airflow of the MESH NEX allows you to enjoy the perfect MTL to tighter RDL than classic RDL depending on your preference.SMPO MESH NEX DISPOSABLE VAPE

SMPO MESH NEX uses a mesh coil, which is often used in larger box devices and rarely in disposable devices. The mesh coil delivers more vapor, although the vapor is not critical for disposable devices, the vapor of MESH NEX is substantial compared to other disposable devices. I could actually get relatively much cloud. At the same time, the mesh coil can provide a cooler vaping experience, which you can really enjoy on the MESH NEX disposable vape. I could clearly feel the refreshing from each puff. As we all know that the mesh coil with a larger superficial area than regular coils also allows the e-liquid to heat up faster, reducing battery power consumption. In addition, the mesh coil can also reduce the chance of dry burning and ensure a better tasting.

The e-liquid content of MESH NEX is 5ml, which supports 1500 puffs. Although MESH NEX does not support charging, its 850mAh battery capacity makes you to never have to worry about it running out of power before you finish vaping. Whereas this products, they last until the battery dies.



SMPO MESH NEX is a very friendly device for starters. The precisely regulated airflow supports an excellent MTL. MESH NEX’s compact size is convenient for you to carry it around, and you don’t have to worry about charging. I especially like this cool flavor and strong hit. I highly recommend this product.

(Picture provided by SMPO)



Convenient size and shape

Quality MTL draw

Quality flavor

Mesh coil design

5 ml of juice & 5% nicotine



There is no e-juice window to show e-juice levels


SMPO MAX disposable vape hands-on

SMPO is an e-cigarette brand that was founded in 2016, dedicated to the research and development of pod vape. SMPO hopes to bring a healthy and enjoyable vaping experience to all customers and pursue a more high-quality lifestyle. SMPO MAX is a disposable e-cigarette designed based on this concept.

SMPO MAX has the largest capacity among all the disposable vape products produced by SMPO. The 12ml e-liquid capacity is paired with a 1000mah large-capacity built-in battery to achieve ultra-long vaping time. Let’s see more details about SMPO MAX.



  • Measures: 42.8×22.8x89mm
  • Battery capacity: 1000mAh
  • Pod capacity: 12mL
  • Output wattage: 25W
  • Resistance: 0.6Ω



When I saw the picture on the package, I thought the material of the SMPO MAX should be a glossy plastic material, but when I held the SMPO MAX in my hand, I found that it felt like a rubber and was made of metal as a casing, not plastic. The four colors of this product all use a gradient design, and the wonderful rubber texture can effectively prevent fingerprints from sticking to it, and it is not easy to get dirty. The size of the SMPO MAX is 42.8*22.8*89mm, which is a comfortable size when you hold it in your hand. It has a certain weight and does not look cheap like some small-sized pod kits because they are too light.

SMPO MAX disposable vape at a glance

SMPO MAX is a non-button vape device. Like other disposable vapes, it is very easy for starters to vape. You only need to pick it up, open the plastic cover and take a puff, and you can feel its wonderful flavor. But it is worth noting that when you vape for the first time, you need to press the mouthpiece first, and wait for a few minutes to make sure the coil fully absorb e-liquid before vaping. According to the device profile, this is to ensure that customers can enjoy the purest and freshest flavor from their MAX device.

It only has an LED light on its body that only lights up when you’re vaping or charging. After continuous vaping for more than 10 seconds, the device will automatically stop outputting to protect the vaper from inhaling excessive nicotine at one time. There is a small window on the side of the device to clearly see the remaining e-liquid. The device supports type-c charging, and for its built-in 1000mah battery, a single charge can support long-time vaping.

SMPO MAX disposable vape at a glance


The 4 colors of SMPO MAX represent 4 different flavors. They are Pink Lemon, Watermelon Ice,Grape Ice and Mango Ice. As you can see, all four flavors have an ice-cold feel, even the Pink Lemon without the “ice” label. Let me briefly describe my feeling of these 4 flavors.

Pink Lemon: There is a distinct lemon aroma, but I was expecting a more tart taste, this one is more like a sweet lemonade with a less intense cooling taste.

Watermelon Ice: Usually the taste of watermelon is relatively light. I didn’t have much expectation for this watermelon taste, but this watermelon taste is very strong, and with a bit of ice. Slightly cool mouthfeel with rich fruity flavor for the perfect RDL without giving your throat a strong hit.

Grape Ice: It tastes more like grape juice than grapes.You can feel the sweet taste and rich juice taste of grapes, as refreshing as drinking grape juice. It doesn’t have an unpleasant fragrance. This is one of my favorite flavors in this collection.

Mango Ice: This one tastes just like regular mango, but with a richer, softer texture. I think it’s to give the user a softer, light-breathing experience, so it doesn’t have a very irritating cooling sensation.

SMPO MAX disposable vape at a glance


SMPO MAX has a surprisingly soft taste. Compared with other disposable devices, the 0.6 ohm resistance brings a very smooth mouthfeel. I think this is a perfect RDL. SMPO MAX contains 3mg nicotine, with preset airflow, and makes each draw extremely smooth and satisfying. At the same time, the power of 25W brings an unexpected amount of smoke. Although there is still a gap with some more powerful box mods, it is difficult to believe that such a small device could produce such a large amount of vapor.

SMPO MAX disposable vape at a glance

As a butter finger, I was always prone to slipping things on the ground and breaking a lot of things like my phone and vapes. When I went out with the SMPO MAX, I accidentally dropped it on the ground a few times. But it is gratifying that it did not malfunction or cause damage to its appearance. I think this may be due to its stable build-in structure. After I vaped for more than 2 weeks, the SMPO MAX did not have a strange mushy smell, except that there was not much left of the e-liquid, and it looked no different from the brand new device. After checking the product profile of the device, I learned that the SMPO MAX adopts dual coil heating technology, which accelerates and fully atomizes the e-liquid, and greatly brings out the top notch flavor of e-juice.

As I mentioned before, the size of the SMPO MAX is not large, but unlike its small appearance, the 12ml e-liquid capacity and the 1000mAh built-in battery both allow it to provide long-lasting vaping. As a disposable vape, the pod is not inferior to other pod mods.

SMPO MAX disposable vape at a glance
(Picture provided by SMPO)

To prevent oil leakage, SMPO MAX has specially designed the pod in addition to the “press before vape” technology, so there is no contact between the coil and the e-liquid before you press down, to prevent the leakage. The pod inside is departed into two parts that are not completely enclosed, effectively improving the high-pressure resistance properties of the device, and better allowing MAX vape to adapt to the various changing environment, and minimize leaking.

SMPO MAX disposable vape at a glance
(Picture provided by SMPO)


If you’re a newbie to vaping and don’t quite know how to adjust airflow or ignition, I’m sure the SMPO MAX will be a great device for you. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s low in nicotine, and you can experience both the fun of big smoke and the rich, sweet juice flavors on this device. Its battery capacity also does not require you to remember to charge it all the time to prevent it from running out of power. I highly recommend this product.

Where to buy SMPO MAX disposable vape

SMPO Kii review – The most cost-effective DL pod system

SMPO Kii is the newest launching by SMPO, still being the same DL vape style as SMPO Ki in such a little design to deliver the powerful vape yet at a more affordable price, which is really good news to those who are a big fan of powerful and convenient vaping.

Thanks to SMPO for sending me their product to me for review again, I would love to share with you how this lovely SMPO Kii works start now.

Box Contents

SMPO Kii review - The most cost-effective DL pod system

1 x SMPO Kii Kit

1 x Micro USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card




Battery Capacity:650mAh

Pod Capacity:1.8ml

Power output: 10-15W

Pod Material: PCTG

Resistance: 0.8ohm


Design & Built-in Quality

SMPO Kii review - The most cost-effective DL pod system

It has total of four colors are optional and they come in Midnight blue, Forest Green, Mosky Rose and Dark Knight(black). Its Oval-shape design is not much different from SMPO previous pod kit but with a smaller size in 83.5×32.2×13.8mm, to makes it stealthier and lighter weight. Paired with the texture of external material, any fingerprint and scratch could be avoided efficiently. I think this is one of the improvements compare with SMPO Ki which is in the Mirror-like surface.

There is no button found in this little device, all is the LED in the front side of the panel to show battery status, and draw activation to get the vape started. On the other side of the panel have the SMPO logo engraved. I would definitely say the special texture really makes so comfortable sense of holding. SMPO Kii is driven by built-in 650mAh battery to provide enough power as a pod vape device. And there is the Micro-USB charging port located under the bottom of the device, to make this pod device further neat and simple, everything in SMPO Kii is just beyond the minimalism.


SMPO Kii review - The most cost-effective DL pod system
Photo is from SMPO OFFICIAL

The SMPO Kii has the same pod with SMPO Ki to work for the DL vape. The strong magnetic drops the pod into the Kii battery efficiently and firmly, even do a better job than many of pod kits with magnet connection. Each of Kii pod comes with 1.8ml e-liquid capacity and fill on the top by uncovering the mouthpiece cap. There are two filling holes on the top, the coil in the middle inside separates the two sides, so you need to fill into both holes to ensure they are sufficiently filled.

In terms of the leaking issue, SMPO Kii pod prevent any spilling effectively, the pods keep dry and clean after I has used it 3 pods e-liquid, and condensation rarely could be seen there. It handle well with the high VG and makes no dry hit, very smooth vaping experience.


SMPO Kii review - The most cost-effective DL pod system

The SMPO Kii is a DL pod system, and different from full direct to lung box mod devices that with button fire, you need to vape it longer to get there. We usually make MTL works on vaping 2 to 3 seconds, but with SMPO Kii, my experience in 8-9 seconds is recommended. But it is not laborious at all, because the draw activation here is very sensitive. So here is another thing I would like to tell is MTL could be available on this device too, even though it is a DTL pod kit.

SMPO Kii will deliver the nice restricted lung hit, not as powerful as the box kit or a pod mod, but I would say that it stands out from the majority pod kits. It is not in MTL, and not in DL, it is just between of them, very nice throat hit.

And its flavor punch is good and impressive. The pod uses dual coil heating to make the e-liquid vaporization more evenly and sufficiently, so that the taste is good and no performance lost on so affordable price. Large amount of vapor production is the most highlight from SMPO Kii, really good and descent clouds delivery. So it is strongly recommended to those who love vaping tricks, SMPO Kii would not let you down. But if you vape it in MTL, the vapor and flavor both are not as strong performance as DL, the flavor would be mute and vapor didn’t get the DL production, but still good.

Flavor is about e-liquid, previous I got some vape devices and they are so nitpicking to e-liquid fill, especially for a pod kit, high VG usually is out of match. But what’s a surprise, the SMPO Kii just could handle well with diverse e-liquid. I try nic salt 50/50, and high VG 70vg /30pg, and both are satisfied. The coils keep normal working and no dry hit, it is changeable due to the normal use frequency, not due to the e-liquid unfit.

Battery life and charging

It takes 2 hours to get the SMPO Kii fully charged, it is really long time but pass-through is available, it could help to resolve the issue that you don’t need to start vaping after it fully charged. Built-in 650mAh battery, it is regular as a pod kit, but due to DL vape consumes more power in shorter time, so it doesn’t last a long time.

Charging is paired with the Micro USB, I originally think that is out of style for now, and the Type-C would be better, but it is reasonable too because the SMPO makes it cost-effective.


SMPO Kii is worthy of being strongly recommended. Good price, good flavor, large vapor production. It has its shortages like long charging time and not long lasting battery life, but actually it is normal in a pod kit and not an engineering issue. If you are an MTL vaper and would like to start to try DL, SMPO KII would be your solid initiatory teaching material, or if you’re a cloud chaser but preferred in a more convenient way, SMPO Kii is still there for your chosen. Generally speaking, pick it up, it deserves the reputation.


Texture body makes quality in hand

Good anti-leaking

Good flavor delivery

Large amount of vapor production

High VG handle well

Nic-salt/freebase are fit in

Sensitive draw activation

Nice restricted lung hit


Battery doesn’t last long vape duration

2 hours got fully charged

Buy SMPO Kii from

SMPO YOOFUN Mod Pod Kit Review

YOOFUN is a flavor monster launched and engineered by SMPO. It delivers extremely fantastic MTL experience that comes with 2 pods in 1.1Ω/12W and 0.8Ω/15W for your option, and both of them are in the box content, which makes more cost-effective. The SMPO patented CTAP 2.0 chipset keeps consistent and stable strong performance produced from YOOFUN.


Box Contents

SMPO YOOFUN Mod Pod Kit Review


1x MTL 1.1ohm POD(black)

1x MTL 0.8ohm POD(blue)

1x Type-C USB cable

1x User manual

1x Warranty card

1x Lanyard

2x Cotton swab



  1. Dimensions: 45mm*17mm*82.5mm
  2. Battery Capacity: 800mAh
  3. Charging Current: 1.5 A (fast charging)
  4. Pod Capacity: 1.8ml
  5. Power Output: 12W/15W
  6. Resistance: 1.1Ω/0.8Ω
  7. Pod Material: PCTG
  8. Colors: Inky, Viridian, Chestnut, Aurora

Design & Build Quality

SMPO YOOFUN Mod Pod Kit Review

Thanks for SMPO sending me their latest launching MTL pod system YOOFUN. I would like to share this product with you to start from its design, because it is really amazing and gorgeous. It comes with four colors, black, aurora, green, and chestnut. Pleasure owns the green unit that I preferred the most. It has an IML panel that is painted with a tiger draw on double front sides, coupled with YOOFUN logo there. Adopted with zinc alloy, and Mirror-like Silver frame in dark green, makes the fingerprint could hardly see on the surface.

There are three LED indicators located by the side to show the battery power, recognize the pod wattage and remind safety protections conveniently. The one button is for both activate and fire, round shapeset in a gold frame, makes it a detail-wise pod design. Type-C charging port is on the bottom side being stealthy allows 1.5A/30min quick fully charge. And if you are an on the go vaper, the lanyard would be your thing. Pocketable and light weight creates zero burden to your hand and pocket, and lanyard just take your vape into further convenient and stylish. The top cap is available to ensure any dust prevention to keep the mouthpiece clean efficiently.

The pod connects to battery with a strong magnet, after you easily side-fill your e-liquid through enough large slot, then start vaping with draw-active or button-fire, but need to click the button 5 times to activate the device first.

Being constructed with SMPO patented CTAP 2.0 chip to ensures the solid output from this stealthy and sly vape pod system. 8 safety protections assures your vape journey with YOOFUN safe and enjoyable.

To make a long story short, this YOOFUN design has a neat and solid quality built-in, it has lightweight but never feel cheap in hand. I assure that you would love deeply with it once you try it!


Pod & Coils

SMPO YOOFUN Mod Pod Kit Review

The YOOFUN pods have regular 1.8ml e-liquid capacity and connect to the battery by magnetic type. Its mouthpiece is different from the flat shape like SMPO Ki, the previous DL pod from SMPO, but still comfortable to draw vape with it. The pod is transparent so the e-liquid could be checked easily and clearly.

It is filled by the side-filling on the pod, the silicon stopper effectively keeps e-liquid inside and ensures zero leakage. To be honest, I’ve refill e-juice into my unit three times so far, and what surprised me is the pod still keep dry and clean. There is two cotton swab comes with the box content, which is used to clean pod or the pod slot when leaking happen, but for now I even don’t have a chance to use it.

This YOOFUN pod system has two power output optional comes in two pods instead of the coils replaceable type like market trending for now, its black pod is for 1.1Ω/12W and blue is for 0.8Ω/15W. So there’s a suggestion, maybe if the resistance specification engraved in the pod would be better to distinguish them. For me, distinguish by the color is a little bit confused.

The black 1.1Ω/12W pod is for more regular MTL vape, which recommends the nic-salt 50VG:50PG the best; And 0.8Ω/15W is also for MTL but more close to a restricted lung hit, which means in some way it can handle well with higher VG e-liquid, around 60VG:40PG or 70VG:30PG. Both of them are adopted with cotton coil, so delivers real impressive flavor.


Battery Life & Charging

SMPO YOOFUN Mod Pod Kit Review

Usually when I use a pod, I don’t have too much expectation in terms of its battery life, because we think smaller size with a smaller battery. And some larger battery capacity usually used in BOX MOX or POD MOD device, but YOOFUN, such a portable size, has 800mAh large battery capacity, the long-last vaping duration could be realized on it.

Due to the two pods are in different resistance and power output, the battery life is also different duration. With 0.8ohm coil, device power off around 2 and a half pods after fully charged, and 1.1ohm coil lasts longer duration around 3 full pods when fully charged. This is normal because 0.8ohm pod has 15W larger power output. Anyway, it definitely works better than average pod systems on the market. All in all, I actually think that YOOFUN is solid choice when comes to a vape pod.



Neat and attractive design, fantastic vape and top-notch flavor, all high comments would come from my side, and this little pod system totally deserves it.

The YOOFUN is for both draw activate and button-triggered satisfied. Button fire design just caters to those vaper who are used to vape box mod. Its draw activate also works perfectly, even not any less power than button fire to enjoy amazing MTL vape, even vape in light draw, the sensor is so sensitive to start working.

The great and impressive flavor delivery from YOOFUN really stun me, the first flavorful puff you inhaled may last to the last puff. There are two pods ready, so let’s get start with the performance from their differences yet both solid output.

The 1.1ohm/12W pod is like kind of we call regular MTL draw that allows comfortable inhale. I used the 50VG:50PG e-liquid, and just got the most concentrate nicotine, I would say its flavor performance is top notch. It is just comparable. But with this pod, high VG is not much suitable. Actually this should not be the shortage, due to it is normal that high VG not match well in pod device. But there is a still exception in YOOFUN.

With 0.8ohm/15W, the high VG is also could be handled well and deliver perfect flavor punch. The 60VG:40PG and 70VG:30PG are recommended here, still the 60VG:40PG would work better in my vape experience with it. I use the flavor/strawberry e-liquid, and they are defined well, and product denser clouds. This pod also perfect work with 50VG:50PG nic-salt, I filled 6mg on it, the impressive throat hit is there in every puff, which is amazing.

I am so glad that have a chance to try this YOOFUN and make a review on it. The coils and the pods are really the best there, and YOOFUN just catches my preference from its design, quality, size and performance. The biggest shortage of YOOFUN, I think maybe the condensation happens when keeping chain vaping, but to be honest, it is easily acceptable for me.



SMPO YOOFUN Mod Pod Kit Review

For a vape brand which only focus on pod vape research and development, SMPO is definitely do a incredibly good job on it. The stylish design, the portable size, and the quite solid performance just be there for vapers option. If need to choose a pod winner on my purchased list, then I would pick the SMPO YOOFUN up without any hesitation. And if you are looking for an on the go vape, a flavorful booster or a stylish design, then this YOOFUN would be the first even the only pod device that I would recommend to you. Just like SMPO official claimed, YOOFUN is born for flavor! But I think it is much more than that, it should be regarded as born for the best pod device should be.




Efficient anti-leaking

Impressive flavor

800mAh large battery capacity

Fantastic MTL draw

Both draw activate and button fire



Some condensation when chain vape

Some fingerprint in IML panel

Where to buy SMPO YOOFUN Mod Pod Kit 

YOOFUN pod kit review – DirtyCheck No.65

Folks might not be familiar with YOOFUN,
But when it comes to SMPO, inadvertently it makes people awe-inspiring.
In reorganizing resources and redefining the pod vape,
I think YOOFUN is a very good brand.
Then how is this YOOFUN pod kit today?
Let’s continue.

YOOFUN brand introduction

Although I’ve known SMPO for a long time, it’s necessary to talk about it. NEX LABS Limited, headquartered in London, SMPO was founded based on the seamless integration between the production and distribution of e-cigarettes and smoking alternative products. By personalizing their relationship with customers and e innovating their products in the most advanced manufacturing facilities, they provide customers with an unparalleled experience. Its dedicated vaping team is committed to exceeding customer expectations in every possible way. SMPO provides electronic cigarettes that not only meet the vapers’ basic needs, but also extend to build durable, professional, productive and mutually beneficial relationships with customers. Once you become an SMPO customer, its team will become your own personalized consultant to provide support.

YOOFUN pod kit specifications

Size: 45mm * 17mm * 82.5mm
Battery capacity: 800mAh
Charging current: 1.5 A (fast charging)
Pod capacity: 1.8 ml
Power output: 12W / 15W
Resistance: 1.1Ω/0.8Ω
Pod material: PCTG

YOOFUN pod kit review

YOOFUN pod kit colors

Aurora blue, maroon, black, printed green

YOOFUN pod kit review

YOOFUN pod kit technologies

CTAP 2.0 chip technology
1. Support charging while vaping
2. Eight battery safety protection
Overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection, low voltage protection
Low battery reminder, open circuit protection, over-vaping protection, over-charge protection
3. Automatic temperature control
4. Automatic identification of atomizing core

Button activation, microphone induction dual experience,
Dust-proof details,
Hanging chain design, easy to carry.

YOOFUN pod kit review

YOOFUN pod kit details

Why is the detail of this YooFun Kit incredible?
First of all, the design of the dust cover of the pod and the hanging chain is very user-friendly,
Not only does it look good, but it also greatly improves hygiene.
The second is that the packaging comes with a cotton swab, which solves the condensate of the cartridge mouthpice and cartridge groove.
Actually it should be smaller,
In this way, the condensate attached to the airway can also be cleaned.

YOOFUN pod kit review

YOOFUN pod kit battery

800mAh battery capacity is relatively small for Captain.
Personally I think that 1000mAh-1200mAh will be more suitable,
After all, there is such a space inside.
Also because it can be vaped while charging, with Type-C fast charging,
40 minutes full charge becomes a design without a problem.

YOOFUN pod kit pod/cartridge

There are two types of pods in the kit this time,
15w/0.8ohm and 12w/1.1ohm.
Let me talk about this 15w/0.8ohm,

Official description


Suitable for high VG vape juice.
Best recommendation 60VG: 40PG/70VG: 30PG
Fully release dense and delicate vapor.
Using cotton to further restore the taste of vape juice.
Every puff is full.

YOOFUN pod kit review

Captain brief analysis

I actually tested it, in fact, 80VG: 20PG is OK, too.
Just don’t go too fast, you know the truth.
However, I prefer 60VG: 40PG.
The taste is really rich and fragrant.
Whether it is pneumatic or manual,
The vaping process details are good.

Official description


Recommended nicotine salt ratio (50VG: 50PG)
Focus on the transmission of concentrated nicotine essence.
Restore the real sense of throat hit.
Enjoy a comfortable vaping experience.

YOOFUN pod kit review

Captain brief analysis

1.1ohm configuration is indeed more suitable for vaping nicotine salt juice.
But I also tried it here, 6mg and 12mg conventional vape juice are also OK.
And it feels more delicate.
There are some feelings that are not shown in other atomizers,
It is well reflected in this atomizing core.

YOOFUN pod kit review


This YOOFUN pod kit is a product that Captain thinks is relatively complete.
Whether it’s the perfect details, or the quality of the product,
All are done very well, it can be regarded as a model of the industry.
To put it simply, it is to make the customer’s idea to a relatively extreme point.
The feeling of manual power switch mode will be a little tighter than the feeling of air switch.
The dual-core process can really give the vaper good taste.
The only drawback is the condensation of the pods.
It is indeed not perfect enough to some extent.
It makes the experience slightly poor, so it’s a priority issue.
I hope that later they can improve or upgrade it or launch new pods.
OK, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

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YOOFUN pod kit reviewYOOFUN pod kit reviewYOOFUN pod kit review

SMPO KI review: find the secret of light-DTL vape kit


SMPO KI is the newest open pod system released by SMPO. This company concentrates on pod vape only. For now there are three launchings available to the line of SMPO, known as close pod system SMPO, open pod system SMPO OS. This newly published SMPO KI, the second edition of SMPO OS.

SMPO KI continues the traditional oval shape style of SMPO, miniature and exquisite. Powered by 650mAh integrated battery, easily get you through vaping along the whole day. Different from SMPO OS MTL vapes, the SMPO KI pod structure has been improved to between MTL and DL. It means that more vape types are available in the SMPO series.

SMPO KI has the same size as SMPO OS. Nevertheless, attention please, their pod is not matched for each other.

Moreover, thanks to SMPO Brand Team for sending me this SMPO KI to review. Let us check out this deep simplicity now!



  • Dimensions:83x 34 x 15.3mm
  • Battery Capacity:650mAh
  • Charging Current:1A
  • Pod Capacity:8ml
  • 3 Power Modes: 3.0V、2V、3.5V
  • (11W、13W、15W)
  • Material: PCTG, Zinc Alloy
  • Resistance: 0.8ohm


In the box

SMPO KI review:  find the secret of light-DTL vape kit

Build quality and design

SMPO KI review

SMPO KI comes with five fashionable colors, Red, white, black, green, and blue. These colors are unique bright, and light tones coupled with mirror-like visual design. Customers can easily catch this fashionable pod kit, looking shiny and full of energy. I think it would be more tend to be young people’s options. Compare to the previous SMPO OS launching, they are the same body shape, but each one reflects a different audience style.

Yet, we know that in the vape market the mainstream color just causes visual fatigue sometimes. Most of them are copy, no creation, and no thought. But from SMPO, I was surprised and glad to see its launch, SMPO put their product definition on every detail.

SMPO KI features a much lightweight design measuring on 80.6mm*34.0mm*15.3mm, perfectly fitting your hand and holding in your pocket. Zinc Alloy material creates quality and a strong sense of grip.

You could see the SMPO logo on the front and the power button located at the bottom of the device. According to SMPO’s previous design, the power button here is not only a fire key but also a power mode. If you have used RENOVA ZERO from vaporesso, then you are familiar with this feature. Until now, I think, the power mode of a pod is a good design, and it allows you to cycle through different levels of power, giving you the ability to customize your clouds and nicotine hit.

SMPO KI mod connected with a refillable pod developed with cotton coil delivering the super original flavor. PCTG pod meets the international food security standard, ensuring your vaping safety in each inhale.


Straight forward Operation

SMPO KI is with straight forward navigation with five times clicking firing instead of draw activation. Someone would prefer the button-free design for further convenient vaping, but not included. I think button clicking activation is an outstanding design to prevent kids from accident vaping.

Got your SMPO KI, fill the e-juice into SMPO KI pod, plug the pod into your SMPO KI battery, then just go ahead to your vaping with five times press on the button. Meanwhile, the red LED flash three times.

SMPO KI review

Each SMPO KI pod has 1.8ml capacity for your e-liquid containing. It is enough for my moderate vaping one day. Compare to its predecessor SMPO OS, instead of filling slot covered by black silicon tap located by the side of the pod, SMPO KI has adopted the refill system on the top. Vapers pull out the partial mouthpiece, like the UWELL Carliburn, to fill your e-juice via the two filling slots located both sides of the top. Notice, don’t make your filling via the hole in the middle; it is for your airflow, not for filling. I have to admit that OS filling system is more straightforward for this, plug a black silicone is more natural than pull out a mouthpiece cover. But also, we should know that SMPO KI has better anti-leaking performance than OS. KI pod has adopted with various silicone to prevent leaking more efficiently.



SMPO KI constructed with cotton coil instead of the previous CCELL patented by Vaporesso. As we know, that ceramic coil generally delivers denser clouds, but the SMPO KI vapor production just is one of the impressive parts of its existed amazing performances. I compare it to RenovaZERO with VG: PG(6:4). I was surprised to discover that SMPO KI left the ZERO behind. Although I was a loyal fan of ZERO, I still, to be honest, SMPO KI is better than Renova zero in smooth and massive vapor production.

SMPO KI features dual coil heating, instead of single-coil, which means the e-liquid could be warmed more evenly, and faster heating is available. And I did get the extra performance from its massive vapor, concentrate flavor, and faster healing. There is no need to replace the coil inside, throw it once done, easy and convenient.

What a surprise, SMPO KI just suitable for high VG, Nic salt, and freebase. Especially it adopted with the cotton coil, maximize your e-liquid absorption efficiently to deliver fresh taste, I would say it is hugely closer to my original e-juice, not a bit any missing and complicated. So, if you are a close pod vaper and concerns about the flavor delivery from an open pod, then I would tell you that SMPO KI did an excellent job in flavorful vaping.

This pod system is designed for vape draw between MTL and DL, just delivers the nice restrictive lung hit. For now, increasing vapers prefer this kind of vape, with a comfortable draw. Firstly, I experience the vape feeling between MTL and DL from UWELL CARLIBURN, and it just gives me excellent draw feedback. I love it. So I am so glad that I can enjoy this again from another pod kit, SMPO KI.

There are three power modes available if you are a vaping beginner and concern about it would be not suitable for you, don’t worry! The three power modes available just fix this issue. Lower power (11W) is suitable for you, and you get a more comfortable and smooth draw.

Get a perfect vape device without popping and spitting seems impossible, and SMPO KI is not that exception. Put SMPO KI by the side around one day and spit back happened. I think this frequency may be higher than average? I wish SMPO to get some improvement in the following launchings. And popping also occurred occasionally, not often. It is like another popular device has performed. Generally speaking, SMPO KI is an excellent pod system.


Battery life and Charging

SMPO KI review

SMPO KI features a long duration powered by 650mAh built-in battery. It almost last my whole day vaping with medium power mode at 13W, and little bit shorter with 15W, because as we know, higher power mode gets more battery energy.

The charging port stealthily located at the bottom side of the mod, with the USB cable, which is in the box for the device charging.

Being constructed with the different LED colors shows your SMPO KI specific battery level.

  • White =high (above 70% power volume)
  • Yellow=medium (30%-70% power volume)
  • Red =low (below 30% power volume)

Also, solid white is showed when SMPO KI got fully charged, and solid red is for the charging status.

But what I am going to complain about is the charging time. It needs 1hr to get my SMPO KI fully charged with 1A current. It means a long charging period for me, a super big fan of SMPO KI that eagerly looks forward to holding such gorgeous stuff all the time.




  • Beautiful shiny outlook
  • Portable size
  • Three power modes
  • Pure taste
  • Massive vapor
  • Efficient anti-leaking
  • Impressive throat hit
  • LED light indicator


  • Spitting around one day putting aside
  • Popping occasionally
  • 1hr charging period


Official site:



SMPO KI is a fantastic launch in the pod system market. It delivers a pure flavor close to original. The adjustable power mode can customizes your specific vaping preference. Get impressive throat hit. Makes it the best pod system could stand by any picky challenges. Most importantly, I love its nice restrictive lung hit! It did have its complaints, but it’s out there performance; just let me ignore the shortages. Finally, thanks SMPO brand team again for sending me such a gorgeous SMPO KI to test. It deserves the high score!