SMPO Kii review – The most cost-effective DL pod system

SMPO Kii is the newest launching by SMPO, still being the same DL vape style as SMPO Ki in such a little design to deliver the powerful vape yet at a more affordable price, which is really good news to those who are a big fan of powerful and convenient vaping.

Thanks to SMPO for sending me their product to me for review again, I would love to share with you how this lovely SMPO Kii works start now.

Box Contents

SMPO Kii review - The most cost-effective DL pod system

1 x SMPO Kii Kit

1 x Micro USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card




Battery Capacity:650mAh

Pod Capacity:1.8ml

Power output: 10-15W

Pod Material: PCTG

Resistance: 0.8ohm


Design & Built-in Quality

SMPO Kii review - The most cost-effective DL pod system

It has total of four colors are optional and they come in Midnight blue, Forest Green, Mosky Rose and Dark Knight(black). Its Oval-shape design is not much different from SMPO previous pod kit but with a smaller size in 83.5×32.2×13.8mm, to makes it stealthier and lighter weight. Paired with the texture of external material, any fingerprint and scratch could be avoided efficiently. I think this is one of the improvements compare with SMPO Ki which is in the Mirror-like surface.

There is no button found in this little device, all is the LED in the front side of the panel to show battery status, and draw activation to get the vape started. On the other side of the panel have the SMPO logo engraved. I would definitely say the special texture really makes so comfortable sense of holding. SMPO Kii is driven by built-in 650mAh battery to provide enough power as a pod vape device. And there is the Micro-USB charging port located under the bottom of the device, to make this pod device further neat and simple, everything in SMPO Kii is just beyond the minimalism.


SMPO Kii review - The most cost-effective DL pod system
Photo is from SMPO OFFICIAL

The SMPO Kii has the same pod with SMPO Ki to work for the DL vape. The strong magnetic drops the pod into the Kii battery efficiently and firmly, even do a better job than many of pod kits with magnet connection. Each of Kii pod comes with 1.8ml e-liquid capacity and fill on the top by uncovering the mouthpiece cap. There are two filling holes on the top, the coil in the middle inside separates the two sides, so you need to fill into both holes to ensure they are sufficiently filled.

In terms of the leaking issue, SMPO Kii pod prevent any spilling effectively, the pods keep dry and clean after I has used it 3 pods e-liquid, and condensation rarely could be seen there. It handle well with the high VG and makes no dry hit, very smooth vaping experience.


SMPO Kii review - The most cost-effective DL pod system

The SMPO Kii is a DL pod system, and different from full direct to lung box mod devices that with button fire, you need to vape it longer to get there. We usually make MTL works on vaping 2 to 3 seconds, but with SMPO Kii, my experience in 8-9 seconds is recommended. But it is not laborious at all, because the draw activation here is very sensitive. So here is another thing I would like to tell is MTL could be available on this device too, even though it is a DTL pod kit.

SMPO Kii will deliver the nice restricted lung hit, not as powerful as the box kit or a pod mod, but I would say that it stands out from the majority pod kits. It is not in MTL, and not in DL, it is just between of them, very nice throat hit.

And its flavor punch is good and impressive. The pod uses dual coil heating to make the e-liquid vaporization more evenly and sufficiently, so that the taste is good and no performance lost on so affordable price. Large amount of vapor production is the most highlight from SMPO Kii, really good and descent clouds delivery. So it is strongly recommended to those who love vaping tricks, SMPO Kii would not let you down. But if you vape it in MTL, the vapor and flavor both are not as strong performance as DL, the flavor would be mute and vapor didn’t get the DL production, but still good.

Flavor is about e-liquid, previous I got some vape devices and they are so nitpicking to e-liquid fill, especially for a pod kit, high VG usually is out of match. But what’s a surprise, the SMPO Kii just could handle well with diverse e-liquid. I try nic salt 50/50, and high VG 70vg /30pg, and both are satisfied. The coils keep normal working and no dry hit, it is changeable due to the normal use frequency, not due to the e-liquid unfit.

Battery life and charging

It takes 2 hours to get the SMPO Kii fully charged, it is really long time but pass-through is available, it could help to resolve the issue that you don’t need to start vaping after it fully charged. Built-in 650mAh battery, it is regular as a pod kit, but due to DL vape consumes more power in shorter time, so it doesn’t last a long time.

Charging is paired with the Micro USB, I originally think that is out of style for now, and the Type-C would be better, but it is reasonable too because the SMPO makes it cost-effective.


SMPO Kii is worthy of being strongly recommended. Good price, good flavor, large vapor production. It has its shortages like long charging time and not long lasting battery life, but actually it is normal in a pod kit and not an engineering issue. If you are an MTL vaper and would like to start to try DL, SMPO KII would be your solid initiatory teaching material, or if you’re a cloud chaser but preferred in a more convenient way, SMPO Kii is still there for your chosen. Generally speaking, pick it up, it deserves the reputation.


Texture body makes quality in hand

Good anti-leaking

Good flavor delivery

Large amount of vapor production

High VG handle well

Nic-salt/freebase are fit in

Sensitive draw activation

Nice restricted lung hit


Battery doesn’t last long vape duration

2 hours got fully charged

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