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SMPO YOOFUN Mod Pod Kit Review


YOOFUN is a flavor monster launched and engineered by SMPO. It delivers extremely fantastic MTL experience that comes with 2 pods in 1.1Ω/12W and 0.8Ω/15W for your option, and both of them are in the box content, which makes more cost-effective. The SMPO patented CTAP 2.0 chipset keeps consistent and stable strong performance produced from YOOFUN.


Box Contents

SMPO YOOFUN Mod Pod Kit Review


1x MTL 1.1ohm POD(black)

1x MTL 0.8ohm POD(blue)

1x Type-C USB cable

1x User manual

1x Warranty card

1x Lanyard

2x Cotton swab



  1. Dimensions: 45mm*17mm*82.5mm
  2. Battery Capacity: 800mAh
  3. Charging Current: 1.5 A (fast charging)
  4. Pod Capacity: 1.8ml
  5. Power Output: 12W/15W
  6. Resistance: 1.1Ω/0.8Ω
  7. Pod Material: PCTG
  8. Colors: Inky, Viridian, Chestnut, Aurora

Design & Build Quality

SMPO YOOFUN Mod Pod Kit Review

Thanks for SMPO sending me their latest launching MTL pod system YOOFUN. I would like to share this product with you to start from its design, because it is really amazing and gorgeous. It comes with four colors, black, aurora, green, and chestnut. Pleasure owns the green unit that I preferred the most. It has an IML panel that is painted with a tiger draw on double front sides, coupled with YOOFUN logo there. Adopted with zinc alloy, and Mirror-like Silver frame in dark green, makes the fingerprint could hardly see on the surface.

There are three LED indicators located by the side to show the battery power, recognize the pod wattage and remind safety protections conveniently. The one button is for both activate and fire, round shapeset in a gold frame, makes it a detail-wise pod design. Type-C charging port is on the bottom side being stealthy allows 1.5A/30min quick fully charge. And if you are an on the go vaper, the lanyard would be your thing. Pocketable and light weight creates zero burden to your hand and pocket, and lanyard just take your vape into further convenient and stylish. The top cap is available to ensure any dust prevention to keep the mouthpiece clean efficiently.

The pod connects to battery with a strong magnet, after you easily side-fill your e-liquid through enough large slot, then start vaping with draw-active or button-fire, but need to click the button 5 times to activate the device first.

Being constructed with SMPO patented CTAP 2.0 chip to ensures the solid output from this stealthy and sly vape pod system. 8 safety protections assures your vape journey with YOOFUN safe and enjoyable.

To make a long story short, this YOOFUN design has a neat and solid quality built-in, it has lightweight but never feel cheap in hand. I assure that you would love deeply with it once you try it!


Pod & Coils

SMPO YOOFUN Mod Pod Kit Review

The YOOFUN pods have regular 1.8ml e-liquid capacity and connect to the battery by magnetic type. Its mouthpiece is different from the flat shape like SMPO Ki, the previous DL pod from SMPO, but still comfortable to draw vape with it. The pod is transparent so the e-liquid could be checked easily and clearly.

It is filled by the side-filling on the pod, the silicon stopper effectively keeps e-liquid inside and ensures zero leakage. To be honest, I’ve refill e-juice into my unit three times so far, and what surprised me is the pod still keep dry and clean. There is two cotton swab comes with the box content, which is used to clean pod or the pod slot when leaking happen, but for now I even don’t have a chance to use it.

This YOOFUN pod system has two power output optional comes in two pods instead of the coils replaceable type like market trending for now, its black pod is for 1.1Ω/12W and blue is for 0.8Ω/15W. So there’s a suggestion, maybe if the resistance specification engraved in the pod would be better to distinguish them. For me, distinguish by the color is a little bit confused.

The black 1.1Ω/12W pod is for more regular MTL vape, which recommends the nic-salt 50VG:50PG the best; And 0.8Ω/15W is also for MTL but more close to a restricted lung hit, which means in some way it can handle well with higher VG e-liquid, around 60VG:40PG or 70VG:30PG. Both of them are adopted with cotton coil, so delivers real impressive flavor.


Battery Life & Charging

SMPO YOOFUN Mod Pod Kit Review

Usually when I use a pod, I don’t have too much expectation in terms of its battery life, because we think smaller size with a smaller battery. And some larger battery capacity usually used in BOX MOX or POD MOD device, but YOOFUN, such a portable size, has 800mAh large battery capacity, the long-last vaping duration could be realized on it.

Due to the two pods are in different resistance and power output, the battery life is also different duration. With 0.8ohm coil, device power off around 2 and a half pods after fully charged, and 1.1ohm coil lasts longer duration around 3 full pods when fully charged. This is normal because 0.8ohm pod has 15W larger power output. Anyway, it definitely works better than average pod systems on the market. All in all, I actually think that YOOFUN is solid choice when comes to a vape pod.



Neat and attractive design, fantastic vape and top-notch flavor, all high comments would come from my side, and this little pod system totally deserves it.

The YOOFUN is for both draw activate and button-triggered satisfied. Button fire design just caters to those vaper who are used to vape box mod. Its draw activate also works perfectly, even not any less power than button fire to enjoy amazing MTL vape, even vape in light draw, the sensor is so sensitive to start working.

The great and impressive flavor delivery from YOOFUN really stun me, the first flavorful puff you inhaled may last to the last puff. There are two pods ready, so let’s get start with the performance from their differences yet both solid output.

The 1.1ohm/12W pod is like kind of we call regular MTL draw that allows comfortable inhale. I used the 50VG:50PG e-liquid, and just got the most concentrate nicotine, I would say its flavor performance is top notch. It is just comparable. But with this pod, high VG is not much suitable. Actually this should not be the shortage, due to it is normal that high VG not match well in pod device. But there is a still exception in YOOFUN.

With 0.8ohm/15W, the high VG is also could be handled well and deliver perfect flavor punch. The 60VG:40PG and 70VG:30PG are recommended here, still the 60VG:40PG would work better in my vape experience with it. I use the flavor/strawberry e-liquid, and they are defined well, and product denser clouds. This pod also perfect work with 50VG:50PG nic-salt, I filled 6mg on it, the impressive throat hit is there in every puff, which is amazing.

I am so glad that have a chance to try this YOOFUN and make a review on it. The coils and the pods are really the best there, and YOOFUN just catches my preference from its design, quality, size and performance. The biggest shortage of YOOFUN, I think maybe the condensation happens when keeping chain vaping, but to be honest, it is easily acceptable for me.



SMPO YOOFUN Mod Pod Kit Review

For a vape brand which only focus on pod vape research and development, SMPO is definitely do a incredibly good job on it. The stylish design, the portable size, and the quite solid performance just be there for vapers option. If need to choose a pod winner on my purchased list, then I would pick the SMPO YOOFUN up without any hesitation. And if you are looking for an on the go vape, a flavorful booster or a stylish design, then this YOOFUN would be the first even the only pod device that I would recommend to you. Just like SMPO official claimed, YOOFUN is born for flavor! But I think it is much more than that, it should be regarded as born for the best pod device should be.




Efficient anti-leaking

Impressive flavor

800mAh large battery capacity

Fantastic MTL draw

Both draw activate and button fire



Some condensation when chain vape

Some fingerprint in IML panel

Where to buy SMPO YOOFUN Mod Pod Kit 

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SMPO YOOFUN Mod Pod Kit is a pocket-friendly vape with impressive flavor & fantastic MTL draw, while some little defects like condensation and fingerprint need to be optimized.SMPO YOOFUN Mod Pod Kit Review