SMOK&OFRF nexMESH pod review – DirtyCheck No.62

Dear TrueToyVape fans, the high-yield SMOK comes again.
SMOK and OFRF jointly launched the nexMESH pod this time.
Will it be your loved one?

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

nexMESH kit content:

1 x nexMESH Pod host
1 x nexMESH tank
1 x SS316 0.4ohm cellular core
1 x DC 0.4ohm MTL coil core
1 x USB charging port
1 x Instructions for use

nexMESH specifications

Size 80.5mm*45mm*175mm
Power 5W-30W
Battery capacity 1200mAh
Aluminum shell

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review


SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

nexMESH operations

Press power button 5 times to turn on/off,
Display side key to adjust power,
Press simultaneously to lock the power button,
Up key plus power key and the display flips left and right

nexMESH first impression

Let’s look at the whole first,
The overall shape is relatively small, with aluminum alloy material, it looks very brilliant.
On the design, the left side is a pierced silk screen,
Font design with smok, ofrf and product name on it.

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

The right side is the OFRF logo
Ingeniously, the power key is in the “O” of OFRF’s logo

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

Both atomizing cores are 0.4ohm resistors,
The difference is that one is a mesh core and the other is a coil,
In other words, this machine is capable of being a mod vape and pod vape,
Very practical.

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

The power of 1200mAh can basically meet the charge of one day.
Personally I think that it should be upgraded to an interface of Type-C,
Compared to current design, Type-C will be more practical.
However, there is no need for a 1200mAh battery to be charged every day.
So I don’t think it matters anymore.

The capacity of the tank is relatively small,
Unfriendly to friends who consume a lot of vape juice daily.
There is a more troublesome thing,
The tank’s shell is too dark.
It’s not easy to watch the volume of left e-juice.
The same problem when filling e-juice.
This is an urgent need for improvement.
Adjustable air intake brings more possibilities for taste.
This is very good

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

nexMESH user experience

Atomizing core

SS316 nexMESH MESH 0.4ohm Coil

Strong vapor, not suitable for vaping too complicated vape juice.
Simply vaporizing some fruit-flavored vape juice, food-flavored vape juice will be OK.
The user experience is good.
It is not recommended to vape on compond vape juice that are companied with desserts and highly minty.
It performs poorly when vaporizing desserts flavors. Mint flavor on it is just so so.
Some of them can’t produce the taste of mint.
It is estimated that it is also a cotton core problem.
Suitable for vaping 3mg and 0mg of e-liquid.

nexMESH DC 0.4ohm mtl Coil

I thought that the resistance of 0.4ohm will stimulate throat badly with 6mg or 25mg vape juice. Luckily, nothing happened,
So friends who vape nic salt can try this.
The vaporizing of 6mg dessert is very good.
It’s not so sweet or so greasy.
Very soft,
Suitable for vaping 6mg and 25mg e-juice.

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

Friendly reminder, there are positive and negative sides of the tank,
The blue picture below shows the correct insertion;
Black is the wrong insertion.
Pay attention to it.

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review


This SMOK and OFRF jointly launch nexMESH Pod,
It’s easy to operate, with good taste,
But the vaporizing function still needs to improve.
Whether it is a timely upgrade or a subsequent upgrade of the atomizing core,
Are both important.
It is a device suitable for novice vapers to play with.
I believe that the only shortcoming is the design of the color of the tank,
It brings a very big drawback to use.
While the texture of the material is very good.
Do you like this pod?
I’m Captain Dirty. See you next time.

Where to buy SMOK&OFRF nexMESH pod

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

SMOK Nfix Kit review – High-end pod vape with a display – DirtyCheck No.60

As the industry leader, SMOK never worries about the production of new products.
Regardless of any device related to vape, SMOK can handle it with ease.
Before a new product is officially launched, another one comes out.
The production of its new products is well received in the industry.
So, today let’s take a look at a different kind of pod product from SMOK, Nfix pod vape. And see how it differs.

SMOK Nfix Kit review

Nfix kit content

1 NFIX device
2 NFIX DC0.8ΩMTL boxes
1 x Type C cable
1 x user manual

Nfix device

Size: 110.5mm x 21.5mm x 13mm
Weight: 32g
Battery capacity: 700mAh
Resistance range: 0.6Ω-3.0Ω
Power range: 1-25W

Nfix pod/cartridge

NFIX DC0.8Ω MTL double coil
Recommended power: <25W
Capacity 3mL

SMOK Nfix Kit review

Nfix color

SMOK Nfix Kit review


Few pod vape comes with a display, even fewer with voltage regulation,
Nfix is a portable multi-functional pod vape,
700mAh with type-c charging interface is very scientific,
The 3mL fuel tank also brings great convenience to battery life,
Dual coil NFIX DC0.8Ω MTL can easily control a variety of vape juice flavors.

SMOK Nfix Kit review

Nfix operation

The functional area above the display is divided into
Power display, resistance display, voltage output, power display, puff display,
I believe that everyone will do the operation of the switch with 5 times of pressing.
Press it three times to adjust the wattage. Due to single-key control, it can only be incremented. When it reaches 25W, it will be adjusted back to 1W.
The number of puffs will return to zero after re-plugging the atomizer.

SMOK Nfix Kit review

Nfix user experience


NFIX DC0.8Ω MTL double coil,
PS: As the current SMOK official only has this one,
There will definitely be many resistors and materials for everyone to choose in the future,
Taste and experience may appear slightly limited.

Jago breakfast 6mg vape juice (power 14W)

The overall feeling is relatively full and rich, the overall taste is well shown,
Compared with other types of pod, SMOK’s resolution will be thicker,
It’s not greasy, so the taste is good.

Jago special for Longdong 6mg vape juice(power 17W)

The details are quite good, and the dragon fruit and milk taste can be well reflected,
The only downside is that the feeling of ice is not so obvious,
You can even say no refreshing feel,
The sweetness is appropriate, and the final experience is average.

Viper 3mg vape juice (power 22w)

Strawberry jelly feels very clear,
The fruit acid of strawberry is also just right,
The only shortcoming is that it doesn’t relieve addiction, which may be due to the 3mg nic strength.

ASVAPE mango

The taste of mango comes out very well, the sweetness does not come out too prominent,
I felt it ordinary and plain in the end,
But it’s still pretty good and strong.

SMOK Nfix Kit review


After a while of experience, Nfix is undoubtedly an excellent product of the same type for smart operability and device practicality. The airtightness of the cartridges and the details of handling condensation are well in place. Captain Dirty experienced a little condensation in the morning in the past few days. No condensation during the daily trial.

After a trial of e-liquid, I personally feel that the current NFIX DC0.8Ω MTL double coil is more suitable for vapers who like slight direct-to-lung or mouth-to-lung at about 6mg. It is very good. The only deficiency is due to the atomization core of the pods. The fullness of cotton leads to a significant loss in the mint flavor, and it is not friendly with mint flavor vape juice. I can only look forward to the subsequent development of SMOK for various types of Nfix atomizing cores.

The adjustment of the air hole of the cartridge is very good, neither tight nor empty, and meets the tune of MTL.

Good products can withstand precipitation, especially for big brands like SMOK. Later upgrades and updates must also be on their agenda. I’m not worried at all. Nfix is a good product.

OK, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

SMOK Nfix Kit review

Where to buy SMOK Nfix Kit

SMOK RPM80 Kit & RPM80 POD Kit review – DirtyCheck No.49

Warm up

In this pod vape era, many brands have produced some PODs to seize their own markets.

Today, Captain Dirty brought everyone an old friend, SMOK,

Speaking of SMOK, its R&D capability in the industry is simply the black hole explosion. Whatever you want, they have developed and produced them one by one already.

Like the RPM40W in September last year, it set off a strong trend of pod vape.

So what is the difference between RPM80 Kit & RPM80 POR Kit today?

Let’s go and find it out!

SMOK RPM80 Kit & RPM80 POD Kit review

Device parameters

Both RMP80 and RPM80 Pro come with two pods and two coils

One is RPM80 RPM Pod, which is compatible with all RPM coils,

The other is RPM80 RGC Pod, which is adjustable in airflow,

And it comes with a new RGC Conical Mesh 0.17Ω coil that supports power up to 80 watts.

SMOK RPM80 Kit & RPM80 POD Kit review


Dimensions: 109 mmx 31.55mm x 26mm
Battery capacity: 3000mAh built-in
Output power: 1-80W
Tank capacity: 2ml (EU 2ml version) / 5ml (standard version and US version)
Resistance range: 0.15ohm-3ohm
Packing accessories:
1 x RPM80 Pro device
1 x RPM80 RPM Pod (RPM mesh 0.4Ω coil (pre-installed))
1 x RPM80 RGC Pod (RGC conical mesh 0.17Ω coil (pre-installed))
1 x USB cable
1 x user manual


Dimensions: 118 mmx 31.5mm x 26mm
Battery: Single 18650 battery (not included)
Output power: 1-80W
Tank capacity: 2ml (EU 2ml version) / 5ml (standard version and US version)
Resistance: RPM 0.4ohm mesh coil (25W)
RGC tapered 0.17ohm mesh coil (40-80W)
Packing accessories:
1 RPM80 device
1 x RPM80 RPM Pod (RPM mesh 0.4Ω coil (pre-installed))
1 x RPM80 RGC Pod (RGC conical mesh 0.17Ω coil (pre-installed))
1 x USB cable
1 x user manual

SMOK RPM80 Kit & RPM80 POD Kit review

Additional accessories

Both RMP80 and RMP80 PRO support their own RGC RBA COIL kit,

In other words, you can DIY your own device and pursue the desired taste,

Also equipped with 510 interface, it allow you experience the fun of coil burning DIY

This is very good, although now I feel that the RBA kit is a standard,

However, personally I feel that it is unreasonable to use the additional purchase method

SMOK RPM80 Kit & RPM80 POD Kit reviewSMOK RPM80 Kit & RPM80 POD Kit reviewSMOK RPM80 Kit & RPM80 POD Kit review SMOK RPM80 Kit & RPM80 POD Kit review

You can see the colors in the picture,

It is worth saying that the color of imitation stable wood is really lovely,

Well-defined carbon fiber, and marble-like color

Are very reasonable and beautiful

Experience explanation

Performance section

The new intelligent IQ-80 chip has no performance problems.

Whether it is output or sustainability, the performance is very ideal. I can’t help but sigh, big brand.

SMOK RPM80 Kit & RPM80 POD Kit review

Operation section (In order to take care of most new friends, OG please skip)

The workmanship of the SMOK screen believes that everyone will have a very intuitive feeling,

However, the following row of color blocks is not so comfortable (for the selection of screen theme colors)

Compared with the previous regulator box, the operation of the RPM80 series is much simpler

The things displayed on the screen are divided into electricity, power, resistance voltage value, pumping times and pumping time

Switch on and off for 5 times and lock for 3 times (to avoid accidentally touching the keys)

Increase/decrease key to adjust the power (must be adapted to the core wattage range, RBA core is recommended to be more scientific between 3.0-4.2V)

Press the plus/minus keys simultaneously to lock the power

Press any one of the plus/minus keys together with the ignition key to clear the number of smoking mouths and the color of the screen theme

Experience section

In terms of volume, the sizes vary

There is a conventional RPM atomizing core

The bigger one is the RGC core

I came in a big set

Let’s talk about the feedback. The overall feeling is that this is a big smoke device

Suitable for smoking 3mg of smoke oil, 6mg iron lung energy top
Regardless of these cores with different resistances

The unified feeling for me is that I will be so sweet that I forget my first love

Occasionally there will be condensation running out, this is also understandable

Fortunately, I feel at an upper level (because the dirty team still prefers to smoke 6mg of high resistance)

Experience section

In terms of volume, the sizes vary

There is a conventional RPM atomizing core

The bigger one is the RGC core

Captain Dirty take every one each

Let’s talk about the experience. The overall feeling is that this is a box mod device

Suitable for vaping 3mg of smoke oil, 6mg works with iron lung

Regardless of these cores with different resistances

The overall feeling for me is that it will be so sweet that I forget my first love

Occasionally there will be condensation running out, this is understandable

Fortunately, I feel at an upper level (because Captain Dirty still prefers to smoke 6mg oil with high resistance)

SMOK RPM80 Kit & RPM80 POD Kit review


The advantages and disadvantages of this RPM80 coexist

The advantage is that SMOK’s quality control is really unprecedented

The workmanship in the industry is undoubtedly the best, top level

The extreme of RGC, is respect for vapor

The stability and continuity of the chip give this Pod Kit a very good experience

The addition of RBA undoubtedly adds some fun to RPM80

But the problem is here, RPM is not omnipotent

If RBA is made of high-resistance core, the 510 drip nozzle of the outer tank is integrated and cannot be removed.

This is undoubtedly a huge problem for the taste, very empty

And the smoke of compound flavor is not good for its taste

Too many contradictions will interfere with our thinking, what kind of device will suit you in the end

Finally, I recommend that mod vape fans, rush and grab this SMOK RPM80!

Well, I’m Captain Dirty, and see you next time.

Where to buy Smok RPM80

SMOK RPM80 Kit & RPM80 POD Kit review SMOK RPM80 Kit & RPM80 POD Kit review SMOK RPM80 Kit & RPM80 POD Kit review SMOK RPM80 Kit & RPM80 POD Kit review

SMOK building project officially started today

Today, one year ago, at 11:58 on June 2, 2019, SMOK held a grand groundbreaking ceremony at the site of the SMOK building site. After a year of construction preparations, at 11:58 on June 2, 2020, the SMOK building project officially started construction.

Building onstruction site
Smok building construction site

The SMOK Building project is undertaken by the China Construction Third Engineering Bureau. The project is located on the south side of the intersection of Guangming District Tourist Road and Guangming Avenue. The project covers an area of 60,400 square meters, with a total construction area of about 38,000 square meters. The project plans to invest about 870 million yuan.

This project is to cater to Guangming District’s development goal of accelerating the construction of a “quality, innovative, and smart manufacturing area, and a modern, international, and green urban area”, to promote Guangming District’s industrial transformation and upgrading, and to cultivate high-value-added, high-end manufacturing. Its completion will promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire electronic atomizer industry to high-end manufacturing, integrate the upstream and downstream resources of the industry to coordinate cooperation, improve product quality and services, and thus enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and brands, and create advanced and perfect new industrial forms.

SMOK building project officially started today

At the same time, the project construction has been highly valued and strongly supported by governments at all levels in Shenzhen’s Guangming District. All work is progressing smoothly and the project construction is in good shape. It is expected that in 2022, the SMOK Building will stand in the Guangming Modern Industrial Park and become a new landmark for regional economic development.

SMOK Set up New Building to Upgrade Industrial Competitiveness

SMOK ALIKE KIT review – DirtyCheck No. 35


Hello everyone, this is Captain Dirty. After a period of reviews, did everyone start to feel a desire but do not know what device to buy? It doesn’t matter, today Captain Dirty brings you ALIKE KIT from SMOK. When it comes to SMOK, I have to say that its speed of updating its products has always been the industry’s leading level, and SMOK products have the most color choices. Not much to say, Let’s Go!

Manufacturer introduction

SMOK, as a first-class international electronic cigarette brand under Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co., Ltd., has a full range of electronic cigarette products, covering entry-level to expert-level products. The brand focuses on the mid-to-high-end market and is committed to creating excellent products with stable performance, stylish shapes and good quality for global e-cigarette players. With its excellent product experience and perfect after-sales service, the SMOK brand has been well received in the industry!

SMOK logo

Product Introduction

SMOK launched a tri-proof pod system this time, the waterproof grade is IPX7, the concept of IPX7 Captain Dirty brief here, means the waterproof grade of the product is 7, which means that the product is placed 1 meter water depth, soak for 30 minutes, the product can be used normally without being affected.

Product Packaging

The product packaging has continued the classic lazy packaging of SMOK, and the combination of drawer and cover is indeed relatively simple and elegant. Anti-counterfeit codes, product features, and product configuration lists are all reflected on the box, and what you see is what you get.



1*ALIKE device(1600mAh)

1*ALIKE empty Pod(5.5mL)

1*RPM Mesh 0.4ohm Coil

1*RPM DC 0.8ohm Coil

1*USB Cable

1*User Manual

From the content point of view, there are no problems, and there are everthing needed. Whether it is Direct to Lung or Mouth to Lung, it can be easily controlled. The 5.5mL oil tank is indeed more realistic and has a superior fuel supply capacity. The 1600mAh built-in battery device is relatively durable and can be used for about 1.5-3 days. This is based on the usage habits of most vapers. Here is a reference.

Device introduction

Because of the tri-proof pod system, the shape of the device is very tough and very outdoor. The weight of 120g and the size of 77mm * 43.2mm * 23.4mm give users a very comfortable grip. The material is solid, most of the body is wrapped in leather material, and the feeling of holding is very good. And the device has a total of 5 colors for us to choose.


What Captain Dirty likes is REPLACEABLE 510 DRIP TIP, why? Wait a moment and Captain Dirty will answer this.
The screen of the device is really very colorful, very technical, and also has the feeling of outdoor style.


To tell the truth, this device is not so attractive to me, until an accessory touched my heart, that is RPM RBA Coil, friends who are familiar with the Captain Dirty know that Captain Dirty likes DIY things, this RBA accessory is simply magical. Although it is a pre-installed 0.8ohm loosely wound heating wire, it is indeed able to do DIY, so Captain Dirty likes the REPLACEABLE 510 DRIP TIP. The draw is very good, plus some 510 DRIP TIP to enhance the taste, it is great.


User Experience

RPM Mesh 0.4ohm Coil

The standard mod Coil, the overall taste is relatively thick, it is not recommended to smoke high concentrate nicotine vape juice, 0-3mg e-liquid is more suitable, the device ignition feedback is fast, it quickly gives us feedback, this experience is very good, the heating core service life is relatively long, while the performance of carbon deposition is average.

RPM DC 0.8ohm Coil

Mouth to Lung or Direct to Lung, the processing details are slightly inferior, while the sweetening part is well done. The overall upper and middle levels of the user experience can meet daily use. When using the highly sweet e-liquid, it is necessary to replace the atomizing core in time, suitable for 3-6mg e-liquid.



Since the body of the atomizing core is not too big, it is not recommended to make a densely entangled atomizing core. Captain Dirty recommends the 0.8ohm heating wire mode pre-installed with this RBA. The second point is that the experience from loose winding is much better than dense winding. It’s not recommended to use RBA accessories for beginners.



This ALIKE KIT produced by SMOK is strictly an innovation and a personality. Among the various devices produced by the industry, ALIKE KIT is undoubtedly the best. Whether it is the product design sense, or the product concept, or the product feedback, it is very good. What attracts the team more is the combination of the REPLACEABLE 510 DRIP TIP and RBA, which is full of delicate details.

Finally, quote ALIKE KIT’s slogan, “ALIKE is an advanced tri-proof pod system that maximizes device performance and optimizes user experience. It makes the best of ergonomics with a compact body for portable carry and comfortable grip. Powered by the high-capacity of an internal 1600mAh battery, ALIKE can fire up to 40 watts of maximum output. It’s equipped with two RPM coils offering the best flavor and excellent vapor production. Great minds think alike, and how do you think of ALIKE? Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!”

Where to buy SMOK ALIKE KIT

Ok,vape how we roll,all in truetoy

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

dirty checktruetoy studioCaptain Dirty Office Wechat: SiangCiaotruetoy studio

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review – With adjustable voltage and LCD screen

Hello everyone, there is a lot of device for the recent review. I just shared one yesterday, and continue today. First of all, thank you for your attention and follow-up interaction. Second, I’m sorry for the little friends who haven’t received free gifts for a long time. We will also provide more opportunities and places for gifts. I hope that every concerned friend will not only exchange and study here, but also can have some extra gain, at least let everyone can get welfare, let’s not say much. We have entered today’s review of new e-cigarettes.

This review brings the new product of SMOK, RPM40 KIT.

SMOK is always so meticulous for electronic cigarettes, always has high quality and high demand of their own products. I believe that many friends saw three new products released by SMOK in the tweet of the previous few days, both in design and popularity. RPM40 is another famous brand (you can guess it). It seems that there will be a lot of bloody battles.

SMOK Hollywood new product launch

Here comes the refillable vape you are looking for, SMOK NOVO second-generation electronic cigarette review.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

Why does the review rate SMOK so high at the beginning, first of all, from the outer packaging of cellophane is the full score.

No matter which brand or product, the cellophane plastic packaging is essential. I believe that many people will encounter the trouble of opening the packing box with the help of tools. I am deeply touched. Just think about it. When there are no scissors or knives at hand, unless you use your teeth. Or you’ll never open that layer of cellophane. I wonder you’re anxious then and get annoyed by it.

SMOK made a dotted line on the cellophane, which is similar to the design method of the cigarette ripping strip. You just need to pull it gently. For such a small detail, I hope other brands can learn from it. No matter how good the product is, it is dragged by a layer of film. It really makes the user anxious!

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

At present, the device has multiple colors. This time, we choose classic white for review.

The color of the outer package is consistent with that of the body. The classic white up cover box design is included in the package:

Device *1,

USB data cable * 1

Instruction * 1

Warranty card * 1

RPM0.4 ohm pod * 1

RPM0.4 ohm pod * 1

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

This white and painted style has a strong post-modern style. The core of 0.4 ohms is mesh atomizing core, and the core of 0.6 ohms is the classic combination of silk and cotton.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

This time, two different atomizing cores are tested with a motorcycle e-liquid to see if there is any difference in the taste. Red is the mesh, black is silk + cotton. The device can be adjusted. The damping of the ignition key and the adjustment key is very comfortable with an LCD screen in the middle. Pressing it has a super texture feeling.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

The appearance after lighting up the screen is pretty good. This time, SMOK installed a 1500 MAH battery on it, so the endurance problem need not be considered too much. At the top of the screen is the ignition key. The square button is very comfortable. At the bottom of the screen are two long and thin adjustment buttons. Damping is very good. Moreover, the playability of this device is also very good.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

First of all, it can lock the whole ignition and voltage regulation procedure. This is like the voltage regulation box we use. We only need to press the ignition key 3 times continuously and quickly. The advantage is that it can be put in the pocket without worrying about some dangerous factors caused by any accidental touch. If you press two adjustment buttons at the same time, you will lock your current watt value. The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about the awkward situation that the wattage increases and the core is pasted or the wattage decreases due to MIS touch.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

Careful friends will surely find that the color of this screen is not the same as the one above. Yes, this is another fun point for RPM40. From the photos, we can see that its screen content is quite rich. At the top is the brand logo and battery power, and at the bottom is the current wattage value set by the device. At the bottom of the curve is the number of seconds you aspirate, and then at the bottom is the resistance, the voltage output (0 when the ignition is not started, it will automatically change according to your 30 watt power output when you vape) and the number of puffs you make.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

Here’s the point. At the bottom, there are six screen colors: red, yellow, blue, purple, green and white, which can be set by yourself. The operation is also extremely simple. Just press the ignition key and the increment key on the right at the same time. But, however, one thing to note here is that when you adjust the color, remember to press the ignition key at the same time, not for a long time, which will cause certain damage to the atomizing core.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

As for the taste, I just want to talk about my own feelings. After all, this is a little metaphysical. Not everyone can use it. The 0.4 ohm mesh atomizing core, the preheating of the first puff is flat, but from the second puff, it can better restore the flavor of e-liquid, Direct to lung vaping can obviously experience the layer of e-liquid.

Today, when nicotine salt is prevalent, you can change your taste and really regain the feeling of mod vape. 0.6 ohm silk + cotton, due to the slightly increased vaping resistance, it is the best feeling when using small lung draw, first light the lung, take off the atomizer and then enter the lung, hazelnut mixed with a little chocolate taste is very intoxicating.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

In order to take into account the DIY curiosity and vape fun of some veteran players, the brand RPM40 also supports DIY. However, considering that many players are novice now, they are no longer verbose.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

First, the draw resistance is empty when take heavy draw. Second, 6mg’s e-liquid is certainly not as good as nicotine salt’s addiction relief. After all, RPM40 is not used to vape nicotine salt with these two cores. However, it is specially noted here that the core of 0.6 and Nord can be used in general. In addition, SMOK official also has 1.4 ohm core, which is divided into two specifications, one ceramic core, one silk + cotton core. If you have friends who want to use RPM40 to vape nic salt, you can buy 1.4 ohm core.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

The precipitation of history and the innovation of science and technology, when they collide together, they are like RPM40 today with excellent performance. The details of the design can intrigue consumers’ desire to buy. A small rip tag may win more and more market share. Only with the heart can the product and user be intimate.

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

Finally, we also wish SMOK can develop more and more classic devices and the new RPM40s to be sold. The above only represents the personal point of view, don’t criticize me if you don’t like, we will see you next time!

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review


//SMOK pod vape RPM40 KIT with mod performance//

SMOK new pod system RPM40 review

Where to buy SMOK RPM40 KIT

SMOK won Golden Leaf award at TABEXPO 2019 Amsterdam

On November 13, 2019, Smok won the “Committed to Quality” award of the Golden Leaf award, the authoritative international tobacco industry award at the 2019 Tabexpo 2019 Amsterdam.

The Golden Leaf award is an international tobacco award sponsored by the tobacco reporter and sponsored by BMJ company, in recognition of enterprises and brands with outstanding achievements and contributions in the tobacco industry and electronic tobacco industry. It is known as the wind vane of the global tobacco and electronic cigarette industry for its authority, gold content and popularity. The Golden Leaf award of Smok not only further demonstrates the leading position of Smok in high-end e-cigarette brands, but also points out a new trend for the global e-cigarette market.

SMOK won Golden Leaf award at TABEXPO 2019 Amsterdam

As a global leading brand of electronic cigarettes, Smok electronic cigarettes adheres to the innovative spirit of independent research and development, quality first and the pursuit of ultimate user experience, and always regards product quality management as the core element of enterprise production and operation. Smok keeps surpassing innovation in industrial design and manufacturing process, and at the same time strictly controls production quality. In 2019, it provides users around the world with a series of classic products with leading technology, reliable quality and excellent experience, represented by RPM40 and fetch Mini.

SMOK won Golden Leaf award at TABEXPO 2019 Amsterdam SMOK won Golden Leaf award at TABEXPO 2019 Amsterdam

Based on a high degree of confidence in the quality of its products, Smok took the lead in realizing a one-year super long warranty in Europe, and for the fetch mini, it pioneered a 30 day worry free exchange commitment for glass breaking. At the same time, Smok has established after-sales centers in Shenzhen, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Buffalo, London, Hungary and Budapest. With excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, it has completely solved the worries of users’ purchase. Smok has rapidly established a good reputation in the global market.

SMOK won Golden Leaf award at TABEXPO 2019 Amsterdam

With the strengthening of supervision of e-cigarette market in the United States, China and other countries, the industry has entered a new period of consolidation. Many practitioners say that the cold winter of the market has come, but Smok still adheres to the high-quality strategy and firmly believes that only good products are the guarantee of “winter”. And in the cold winter to save energy for the spring wind will usher in a greater outbreak. When the storm eye of electronic cigarette industry is gradually stopped and the tide is gradually fading, Smok sets a model for the industry with the perseverance of making products on a down-to-earth basis and leads the industry to the right and bright road.

SMOK Fetch mini won the best pod award of Vape Trade Convention in Mexico

On November 4, 2019, at the Vape Trade Convention 2019, the new SMOK product, Fetch mini, stood out from hundreds of exhibitors with its amazing appearance, exquisite technology and excellent taste, and won the best pod product award in the vape exhibition.

SMOK Fetch mini won the best pod award of Vape Trade Convention in Mexico

Fetch Mini won the best pod product award of this conference, which is not only the recognition of industrial design and technological innovation of Fetch Mini in the industry, but also the affirmation of Smok leading the new generation of pod trend and the demonstration of leading strength of Smok in vape industry. For the global e-cigarette market, the award of Fetch Mini is well deserved.

SMOK Fetch mini won the best pod award of Vape Trade Convention in Mexico

Smok’s new product, the world’s first glass material adjustable pressure pod Fetch mini, was officially released at the “Smok Los Angeles new product conference” on August 28, 2019. For the first time, Fetch Mini introduced 2.5D arc edge glass and PVD surface treatment technology in the industry, making the whole body crystal clear, and realizing the integrated body screw free design, which represents the top industrial design and manufacturing capacity of the industry. At the same time, the device has a new design mesh core, which is compatible with the classic Nord core; its delicate appearance matches the 1200 MAH battery, with 1.2A fast charging function, beautiful appearance and high endurance.

SMOK Fetch mini won the best pod award of Vape Trade Convention in Mexico

When the new product was released in Los Angeles, Fetch Mini attracted a lot of cheers, and the fans on site praising the perfect taste brought by Fetch Mini. After that, Fetch Mini was even more worthy of the public’s expectation, and gained the praise from all walks of life in the industry, which made it famous for a while. One month after its launch, Fetch mini has become a hot product of the season.

SMOK Fetch mini won the best pod award of Vape Trade Convention in Mexico

Now, Fetch mini has won the best pop pod award at the Vape Trade Convention 2019, highlighting Smok‘s unremitting innovation in industrial design and manufacturing process, the constant pursuit of the ultimate user experience and product quality. For the entire electronic cigarette industry, this product is a milestone.

SMOK launched RPM40, Fetch mini and Mag P3 at Hollywood

SMOK, the leading electronic cigarette manufacturer, held its 2019Q3 new product launch in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA recently. It officially released two high-end premium e-cig, RPM40, Fetch mini and Mag P3.

RPM40 showed up with the Real Pod Mod’s stunning slogan, which has 1-40w adjustable power. It’s a perfect integration of Pod and Mod functions. Fetch mini first introduced 2.5D arc-edge glass and PVD surface treatment technology in the industry to realize integrated body Screwless design. It represents the industry’s top industrial design and manufacturing capabilities. Its dazzling and brilliant, and the appearance of the crystal jade shell caused the audience to exclaim. The newly released MAG P3 is a new upgrade based on the classic product MAG. It has the dual battery, 230 watt maximum output, 1.9 inch touch screen. And it’s IP67 waterproof and dustproof, and brings the industry’s three defense products to a new height.

smok hollywood

smok hollywood

The launch of Beverly Hills will be SMOK’s first new product launch in the United States. SMOK Group CEO Xie Tongshu first introduced the brilliant achievements of SMOK Nord, Novo series products. Among them, Nord created a 10-month global sales legend, which has become a phenomenal product spanning 2018 and 2019. The whole industry is competing to emulate, and even created a market segment similar to Nord products in the industry. It perfectly practices SMOK innovative vape inventing philosophy. Novo2, a new vape product, went on sale in July and sold 1.5 million sets in 30 days. With an average daily sales of 50,000 sets, Novo2 became the fastest product in SMOK’s history to reach 1.5 million sets.

smok hollywood

RPM40, a key new product at this conference, has been preheated in social media for many times before, and has become a hot topic in the industry. The real Pod Mod integrates the functions of traditional Mod and Pod vapes, with 1-40 W adjustable power, 1500 mA battery capacity and IQ-R brand-new chip. Its ignition response time reaches an astonishing 0.001. Second; it is compatible with Nord and the newly designed RPM core family, bringing users more choices and excellent flavor experience. It is believed that RPM40 will lead the industry trend, and Pod Mod will become a new type of industry.

smok hollywood

Fetch mini, the first premium product to appear at the conference, shocked the whole audience when it appeared. It adopted 2.5D arc-edge glass technology only applied in the flagship mobile phone machine. Its body is glittering and bright on both sides. It has breath-holding beauty in hand. Its integrated shell has no screw, embodies SMOK’s leading position in the industry in the manufacturing process; In the core aspect, the device also has a brand-new design of Mesh core, and the standard traditional Nord core; In the battery durability aspect, its delicate and compact appearance matches 1200mA fast-charging battery, enough to support two days of normal use; After the conference site fans experience, they praised Fetch mini one after another. In order to alleviate the consumer’s worry about the glass screen being easily damaged, SMOK has offered a “30-day worry-free purchase” scheme. Within 30 days of purchasing the device, SMOK will provide free exchanging service in case of accidental damage. Boss Xie introduced the service at the launch meeting, which immediately caused a full house of cheers. The launch of this service, not only shows SMOK’s care for consumers, but also shows SMOK’s confidence in the quality of this product.

smok hollywood

As we all know, SMOK’s classic vape product MAG is an industry legend, which has been popular all over the world since its listing. And MAG P3 came back with the gene of MAG as the king, upgraded to a brand-new three-proof product on the basis of classical MAG; its appearance at the conference was also very clever arrangement, Xie took MAG P3 out of a fish tank filled with water, handed it to fans on-site for trial, when the smoke sprayed out, it aroused endless applauds. Xie said that the product waterproof grade reached ip67, the normal use can be ensured after immersing for 30 minutes in the 1 meter of deep water.

smok hollywood

SMOK new product launch was specially scheduled to be held at Beverly Hills, Hollywood Holy Land. The three new breaking products are as bright as Hollywood Star Avenue, which implies that the new products presented at this conference will win the best product Oscar of the electronic cigarette industry of the year in their respective subdivisions.

smok hollywood

More than 200 SMOK dealers, vape shop owners, in Los Angeles, e-cigarette celebrities, veteran fans and industry media attended the new product launch.

smok hollywood

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SMOK Set up New Building to Upgrade Industrial Competitiveness

On the morning of June 2, 2019, SMOK building’s grandstone laying ceremony was held at its base in Guangming District, Shenzhen. More than 200 attendees, including special guests, shareholders and executives of SMOK, came to witness this historic moment. The successful launch of this high-end project by SMOK, which is the leading company of the e-cigarette industry, indicates another leap of Guangming District in the industrial capacity and economic development.

The SMOK building project, with a total construction area of 38,000 square meters and a gross investment of 870 million yuan ($125.95 million), covers an area of 6,400 square meters. It is a vital engineering project which is in line with the development goal of Guangming District to build “a  strong region of quality-oriented and innovation-oriented manufacturing”. It’s also an important project to promote the industrial upgrading of Guangming District, as well as to cultivate high-end manufacturingindustry with high added value. The completion of the project will upgrade the entire e-cigarette industry to a high-end manufacturing industry, integrate the upstream and downstream resources, improve product and services, and therefore enhance the competitiveness of the company and its brands, and create an advanced form of industry. Meanwhile, the project has received strong support from Guangming District governmentand has gained wide attention from all related industries.

At the beginning of the stone laying ceremony, Mr. Ouyang Junwei, CEO of SMOK, delivered an impressive speech to the audiences. Firstly, he expressed his gratitude to the guests, the partners of the company, as well as all the staffs. In addition, he shared the history of SMOK, and also put forward expectations for the future growth: the establishment of SMOK Building is a milestone, which stands for a new starting point for the company to embrace a brilliant future. SMOK will further expand R&D input, increase its speed in running projects, continuously improve the scientific and technological level of its products, raise output efficiency, and keep making progress as the leading player in the electronic cigarette industry.


Mr.Ouyang’s delivering speech

SMOK executives dotting the eye of the Chinese lion

Lion plucking the greens

Lion dancing

The enthusiasm of the audiences reached a peak after Mr.Ouyang’s eloquent speech. SMOK executives and guests grabbed the golden spades, and finished the soil-shoveling ceremony in a round of rapturous applause and gun salute. SMOK Building will rise here, as a 38,000-square-meter high-tech building, it will inspire the Shenzhen city with its high-level, high-standard, and industry-leading status.

Later on, the stone laying ceremony was ended by a wonderful lion dance performance, which also preluded the construction of the SMOK building project. SMOK, an e-cigarette manufacturer with magnificent vision, will continue to make greater contributions to the industry guided by the slogan of “innovation keeps changing the vaping experience”.