SMOK Indonesia flagship store grand opening

Although the global economy is still affected by the epidemic, SMOK has bucked the trend and accelerated the pace of global expansion. On the afternoon of March 27, local time, the SMOK flagship store in Jakarta, Indonesia officially opened. The store is located in Golf Island, a high-end business district on the coast of Jakarta. The decoration and exhibition are designed in accordance with the global unified store style required by the headquarters, with a high-end atmosphere and high brand recognition. On the opening day, local industry leaders and fans came here, and a number of Indonesian Internet celebrities came to help out. The scene was crowded and lively.

As the world’s leading e-cigarette brand, SMOK has now entered more than 70 countries and regions in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, etc., serving hundreds of millions of e-cigarette users, and its e-cigarette products have been favored by overseas consumers. Recognized and loved, it has unparalleled influence in the global market.

With mature experience in North American and European markets, SMOK has accelerated its expansion in Southeast Asia in recent years. At present, SMOK’s sales network covers more than 90% of Indonesia’s electronic cigarette terminal stores and some key sales chain channels, and will open brand stores one after another to strengthen the brand’s comprehensive service capabilities.

In 2022, SMOK will continue to implement its global expansion plan step by step, allowing consumers in more regions around the world to enjoy SMOK’s high-quality products and services.

MINIONE from Smok – First Look, Over & What to Expect

The Minione from Smok is one of their latest product offerings to consumers looking for a better alternative. What’s interesting about the Minione is the level of power it produces, most disposable counterparts don’t have this much power for the price and the sustained flavors that are rich from start to finish make this a very enticing product for anyone who uses vape devices.
For business inquiries and collaborations feel free to send an email to the following: [email protected]

Smok N18 and R22 Tandem Review – Improved For Better Performance

The N18 and R22 are some of the few latest offerings from Smok made available to consumers. Both the N18 and R22 are designed to give consumers a much better alternative in which the experience is a lot more seamless but with less charging time due to its massive battery and faster-charging speeds.

The RPM 4 Quick Unboxing – Portable, Compact and Premium

The RPM 4 was first released early in 2021 giving consumers a powerful yet compact device that comes packed with a ton of power. The RPM 4 comes in a variety of color options to choose from making it one of the most flexible devices both for the casual and heavy users in the market.



Thiner is the New Portable

The Thiner kit is one of the most compact and portable devices in the market for consumers looking towards eliminating the habit with a better alternative. The Thiner kit is portable and easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to charge making it the perfect travel companion or for those quick sessions to satisfy that urge.

SMOK Aurora pod vape review: e-liquid and heating core separation design for better taste – DirtyCheck No.136

SMOK has produced some classic models of pod kits for the past two years.
For example, the Nfix Kit is used by some vapers as a convenient tool for 6mg e-liquid vaping.
Today Captain received Smok’s new product Aurora, which is also a test of the SMOK for pod market. Let’s see how it performs.

SMOK Aurora pod vape review

SMOK Aurora features and parameters

The 0.69 screen displays detailed information, including battery power, power, number of suction ports, etc.
Equipped with 8-13w power adjustable system.
The cartridge adopts an asymmetrical air intake design, and the positive and negative plugs are inserted to adjust the air intake changes.
The product adopts an aviation aluminum anodizing process and nano-level 180# sandblasting process。

SMOK Aurora pod vape review

SMOK Aurora pacakge content

Atomizing device*1, Type-C charging cable*1, manual*1
The product takes the use a simple package, convenient and cost-saving.

SMOK Aurora pod vape review

12 colors in total.

SMOK Aurora pod vape review

SMOK Aurora pros

1. The pod adopts the oil core separation design, which avoids the oil leakage and oily problems caused by the non-separation of the pre-filled oil
2. Adjustable power, compared with the conventional non-adjustable pod, Aurora is indeed more practical
3. The 400mAh battery seems to be relatively small, but in fact, it is enough to meet the daily usage, and it is durable
4. The capacity of the 3.5mL cartridge is quite large for better endurance.
5. The asymmetrical design of the cartridge realizes the choice of air intake and adapts to the experience of more smokers

SMOK Aurora pod vape review

SMOK Aurora pod vape review

SMOK Aurora pod vape review

SMOK Aurora cons

1. Single air tunnel, vapers would easily block the air intake hole and make the experience bad.
2. The adjustment of the pod should be more detailed, although the small air intake is set, it feels a little empty when vaping.

SMOK Aurora pod vape review


In terms of overall performance, this Aurora gives me a very luxurious experience.
Whether it is battery life or personalized configuration, it is very user-friendly.
If the details can be adjusted slightly, it would be very pleasant to use.
Another good thing is that there are many colors for choosing.
Meanwhile, there are very few manufacturers making use of oil-core separation design at present, but it is indeed a trend.
In terms of taste, they are all pre-filled. I don’t know if empty cartridges will be launched in the later stage. I look forward to it.
It is very good for flavor reduction when using. Personally, I prefer the pineapple flavor, which is very nice.
Okay, this SMOK model shows up for the first time, hopefully, it gets popular later.
I think it’s a product you can give it a try.

SMOK Aurora pod vape review

SMOK Aurora pod vape review

SMOK Aurora pod vape review

Slogan time,
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy SMOK Aurora pod system

Acro Kit by Smok Review- The Future of Pod devices

The Acro Kit is one of the latest products from Smok. The Acro Kit is designed to provide vape users a more minimalist approach but with more power giving a new definition to pod vaping, taking it to a new level.


Size: 30.2 x 11.2 x 103mm

Weight: 48g

Output Wattage: 5w-25w

Battery: 1,000 mAh with support for Quick Charge

Dual operation

Adjustable Air Inlet

LED screen for accurate data

To get your own Acro Kit:

SMOK ACRO KIT review: A power adjustment pod vape – DirtyCheck No.115

Nowadays vapers have higher and higher requirements for pod vapes,
It must have good taste and a good appearance,
It must have superior portability and compatibility with various e-liquids,
Under such circumstances, some big brands still can’t be stumped.
Today, Captain brings you such a pod kit,
ACRO KIT produced by SMOK.



ACRO KIT brief

Breaking through itself to explore more possibilities, the ACRO elevates the pod system to the next level of performance, functionality, and portability. It perfectly combines draw-activation and button triggering to provide you with a more preferred starting mode. This max 25W pod device comes with two meshed pods, which work in conjunction with adjustable air inlets, allowing you to obtain satisfying flavor and vapor at will. Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!

ACRO KIT package content

1 * ACRO Device
2 * ACRO Meshed 0.8ohm PODS


ACRO KIT parameters

Size: 30.2mm * 11.2mm * 103mm
Weight: 48g
Power: 1000mAh
Bomb capacity: 2ML


ACRO KIT parameters

ACRO Meshed 0.8ohm PODS
Single meshed coil
Large heating area
Excellent flavor and dense vapor
Suitable power: 12W-15W

ACRO KIT features

Ultra-light and portable,
superior materials and a choice of must-have colors will make ACRO your go-to device.
It is specially designed for novices to get started with a splendid vaping experience,
witnessing an amazing leap from fresh to senior.

ACRO KIT colors



Still the old rules, let’s talk about the appearance first.
The flat design improves the portability of the product,
The size and weight are very scientific,
No matter where it is placed, it will be very convenient and ergonomic.
The material gives people a very business feel,
Simple but splendid, no extra decoration.
It’s very suitable for business people.


In terms of design, an external adjustable air intake is used this time.
This is a bit like a device from another brand.
While it’s a pity that it feels not so good in the hand.
It feels too smooth to adjust,
And the damping feel is not good, this slot design is bad.


Power adjustment, this is my favorite design,
It is very scientific and ingenious.
Everyone knows that such a device rarely has adjustment functions,
Basically, all the devices are all-in-one without adjustment function.
Such a design is definitely the finishing touch of a masterpiece.
It satisfies vapers’ different needs to experience a variety of tastes
This is very worthy of recognition.
Hope the later pod could catch up the pace,
Otherwise, always staying on 12W-15W will cause taste fatigue and experience limitations
I hope that a multi-material cabin can be produced later.


The battery life of 1000mAh is basically at the upper level.
For this size device,
Already quite scientific and reasonable.


I think the condensate part is doing a good job.
Basically, it’s hard to taste condensation in mouth with this kit.
In terms of taste, the sweetening effect is serious, while it is acceptable.
It’s not suitable for heavy desserts flavor,
Okay for single dessert flavor,
Like ice cream, salty butter and so on, will bring good experiences.
But as to the toffee compound like red velvet cream, it will be very sweet and greasy.

In summary, I recommend this device strongly.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy SMOK ACRO KIT @ $39.99

Wotofo Manik Mini Pod Kit review

SMOK RPM2 Kit review – DirtyCheck No.87

Many friends joking that there is no all-in-one mod device recently.
So today it is coming, still an old friend from Captain Dirty.
It’s RPM2 kit produced by SMOK
As an upgraded product of RPM, what’s different in it?

SMOK RPM2 Kit review

Check it

SMOK RPM2 Kit parameters/ specifications

The overall shape still maintains the style of the RPM series,
Compared to the previous RPM series, the shape of this one is relatively sleek.
The size is 108.5mm x 31mm x 28.5mm,
Very portable.

SMOK RPM2 Kit review

The 1.14-inch display of the device is splendid.
Compared to the previous RPM series screen, this UI design is beautiful as well.

SMOK RPM2 Kit review

80W power better meet the requirements of box mod vapers,
2000mAh with type-c interface, high battery endurance.

SMOK RPM2 Kit review

The standard 7mL e-liquid tank is also a guarantee of endurance.

SMOK RPM2 Kit review

The atomizer core is standard here,
RPM2 Mesh 0.16ohm Coil adapted to PRM2 cabin,
And PRM Mesh 0.4ohm Coil.
All mesh cores ensure the ultimate mod vaping experience

SMOK RPM2 Kit review

In terms of color, SMOK is always reassuring,
There are 6 colors for vapers to choose.
And there are panels with corresponding colors on the back,
It looks really pretty。

SMOK RPM2 Kit review SMOK RPM2 Kit review

SMOK RPM2 Kit user experience

RPM2 gave me many surprises.
The first is the feeling on hand.
Solid weight and texture.
Very advanced, the craftsmanship is indeed a benchmark position in the industry,
The button feedback is very fast,
The trigger speed of 0.001s makes it easy to use

SMOK RPM2 Kit review

RPM2 Mesh 0.16ohm Coil vaping experience

Because it is a mesh core, Captain suggests to give up the dessert compound e-juice.
It is better to choose a single flavor or a complex fruit flavor,
Captain here uses 0mg elemental blood orange.
The smoke explodes, while ensuring the mellow taste,
The feeling is great, and the sound after ignition is not as loud as the previous RPM
This is very good.

SMOK RPM2 Kit review

PRM Mesh 0.4ohm Coil vaping experience

Vaped with CherryFizzle 3mg anti-riot force e-liquid,
The sweetness and slightly sour cherries behave very well.
It’s a little sweeter because of the mesh core,
But does not affect the overall experience,
The smoke is still pretty good,
The vaping details are slightly better than the 0.16ohm core.

SMOK RPM2 Kit review


As an upgraded version of the PRM series,
Naturally, it won’t disappoint friends who love mod vaping.
Captain personally feel that in the same type of machines,
This RPM2 is undoubtedly the most powerful competitor.
Whether it is material, appearance, or processing, it’s at a high level.
Do you like this mod kit?
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time~

Where to buy SMOK RPM2 Kit 

SMOK RPM2 Kit review NEVOKS VEEGO pod mod review

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH pod review – DirtyCheck No.62

Dear TrueToyVape fans, the high-yield SMOK comes again.
SMOK and OFRF jointly launched the nexMESH pod this time.
Will it be your loved one?

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

nexMESH kit content:

1 x nexMESH Pod host
1 x nexMESH tank
1 x SS316 0.4ohm cellular core
1 x DC 0.4ohm MTL coil core
1 x USB charging port
1 x Instructions for use

nexMESH specifications

Size 80.5mm*45mm*175mm
Power 5W-30W
Battery capacity 1200mAh
Aluminum shell

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review


SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

nexMESH operations

Press power button 5 times to turn on/off,
Display side key to adjust power,
Press simultaneously to lock the power button,
Up key plus power key and the display flips left and right

nexMESH first impression

Let’s look at the whole first,
The overall shape is relatively small, with aluminum alloy material, it looks very brilliant.
On the design, the left side is a pierced silk screen,
Font design with smok, ofrf and product name on it.

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

The right side is the OFRF logo
Ingeniously, the power key is in the “O” of OFRF’s logo

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

Both atomizing cores are 0.4ohm resistors,
The difference is that one is a mesh core and the other is a coil,
In other words, this machine is capable of being a mod vape and pod vape,
Very practical.

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

The power of 1200mAh can basically meet the charge of one day.
Personally I think that it should be upgraded to an interface of Type-C,
Compared to current design, Type-C will be more practical.
However, there is no need for a 1200mAh battery to be charged every day.
So I don’t think it matters anymore.

The capacity of the tank is relatively small,
Unfriendly to friends who consume a lot of vape juice daily.
There is a more troublesome thing,
The tank’s shell is too dark.
It’s not easy to watch the volume of left e-juice.
The same problem when filling e-juice.
This is an urgent need for improvement.
Adjustable air intake brings more possibilities for taste.
This is very good

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

nexMESH user experience

Atomizing core

SS316 nexMESH MESH 0.4ohm Coil

Strong vapor, not suitable for vaping too complicated vape juice.
Simply vaporizing some fruit-flavored vape juice, food-flavored vape juice will be OK.
The user experience is good.
It is not recommended to vape on compond vape juice that are companied with desserts and highly minty.
It performs poorly when vaporizing desserts flavors. Mint flavor on it is just so so.
Some of them can’t produce the taste of mint.
It is estimated that it is also a cotton core problem.
Suitable for vaping 3mg and 0mg of e-liquid.

nexMESH DC 0.4ohm mtl Coil

I thought that the resistance of 0.4ohm will stimulate throat badly with 6mg or 25mg vape juice. Luckily, nothing happened,
So friends who vape nic salt can try this.
The vaporizing of 6mg dessert is very good.
It’s not so sweet or so greasy.
Very soft,
Suitable for vaping 6mg and 25mg e-juice.

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

Friendly reminder, there are positive and negative sides of the tank,
The blue picture below shows the correct insertion;
Black is the wrong insertion.
Pay attention to it.

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review


This SMOK and OFRF jointly launch nexMESH Pod,
It’s easy to operate, with good taste,
But the vaporizing function still needs to improve.
Whether it is a timely upgrade or a subsequent upgrade of the atomizing core,
Are both important.
It is a device suitable for novice vapers to play with.
I believe that the only shortcoming is the design of the color of the tank,
It brings a very big drawback to use.
While the texture of the material is very good.
Do you like this pod?
I’m Captain Dirty. See you next time.

Where to buy SMOK&OFRF nexMESH pod

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review