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SMOK Nfix Kit review – High-end pod vape with a display – DirtyCheck No.60


As the industry leader, SMOK never worries about the production of new products.
Regardless of any device related to vape, SMOK can handle it with ease.
Before a new product is officially launched, another one comes out.
The production of its new products is well received in the industry.
So, today let’s take a look at a different kind of pod product from SMOK, Nfix pod vape. And see how it differs.

SMOK Nfix Kit review

Nfix kit content

1 NFIX device
2 NFIX DC0.8ΩMTL boxes
1 x Type C cable
1 x user manual

Nfix device

Size: 110.5mm x 21.5mm x 13mm
Weight: 32g
Battery capacity: 700mAh
Resistance range: 0.6Ω-3.0Ω
Power range: 1-25W

Nfix pod/cartridge

NFIX DC0.8Ω MTL double coil
Recommended power: <25W
Capacity 3mL

SMOK Nfix Kit review

Nfix color

SMOK Nfix Kit review


Few pod vape comes with a display, even fewer with voltage regulation,
Nfix is a portable multi-functional pod vape,
700mAh with type-c charging interface is very scientific,
The 3mL fuel tank also brings great convenience to battery life,
Dual coil NFIX DC0.8Ω MTL can easily control a variety of vape juice flavors.

SMOK Nfix Kit review

Nfix operation

The functional area above the display is divided into
Power display, resistance display, voltage output, power display, puff display,
I believe that everyone will do the operation of the switch with 5 times of pressing.
Press it three times to adjust the wattage. Due to single-key control, it can only be incremented. When it reaches 25W, it will be adjusted back to 1W.
The number of puffs will return to zero after re-plugging the atomizer.

SMOK Nfix Kit review

Nfix user experience


NFIX DC0.8Ω MTL double coil,
PS: As the current SMOK official only has this one,
There will definitely be many resistors and materials for everyone to choose in the future,
Taste and experience may appear slightly limited.

Jago breakfast 6mg vape juice (power 14W)

The overall feeling is relatively full and rich, the overall taste is well shown,
Compared with other types of pod, SMOK’s resolution will be thicker,
It’s not greasy, so the taste is good.

Jago special for Longdong 6mg vape juice(power 17W)

The details are quite good, and the dragon fruit and milk taste can be well reflected,
The only downside is that the feeling of ice is not so obvious,
You can even say no refreshing feel,
The sweetness is appropriate, and the final experience is average.

Viper 3mg vape juice (power 22w)

Strawberry jelly feels very clear,
The fruit acid of strawberry is also just right,
The only shortcoming is that it doesn’t relieve addiction, which may be due to the 3mg nic strength.

ASVAPE mango

The taste of mango comes out very well, the sweetness does not come out too prominent,
I felt it ordinary and plain in the end,
But it’s still pretty good and strong.

SMOK Nfix Kit review


After a while of experience, Nfix is undoubtedly an excellent product of the same type for smart operability and device practicality. The airtightness of the cartridges and the details of handling condensation are well in place. Captain Dirty experienced a little condensation in the morning in the past few days. No condensation during the daily trial.

After a trial of e-liquid, I personally feel that the current NFIX DC0.8Ω MTL double coil is more suitable for vapers who like slight direct-to-lung or mouth-to-lung at about 6mg. It is very good. The only deficiency is due to the atomization core of the pods. The fullness of cotton leads to a significant loss in the mint flavor, and it is not friendly with mint flavor vape juice. I can only look forward to the subsequent development of SMOK for various types of Nfix atomizing cores.

The adjustment of the air hole of the cartridge is very good, neither tight nor empty, and meets the tune of MTL.

Good products can withstand precipitation, especially for big brands like SMOK. Later upgrades and updates must also be on their agenda. I’m not worried at all. Nfix is a good product.

OK, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

SMOK Nfix Kit review

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SMOK Nfix is a pod vape with a display and voltage regulation function. It works poorly with mint flavor while it's overall experience is good.SMOK Nfix Kit review - High-end pod vape with a display - DirtyCheck No.60