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Hello everyone, this is Captain Dirty. After a period of reviews, did everyone start to feel a desire but do not know what device to buy? It doesn’t matter, today Captain Dirty brings you ALIKE KIT from SMOK. When it comes to SMOK, I have to say that its speed of updating its products has always been the industry’s leading level, and SMOK products have the most color choices. Not much to say, Let’s Go!

Manufacturer introduction

SMOK, as a first-class international electronic cigarette brand under Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co., Ltd., has a full range of electronic cigarette products, covering entry-level to expert-level products. The brand focuses on the mid-to-high-end market and is committed to creating excellent products with stable performance, stylish shapes and good quality for global e-cigarette players. With its excellent product experience and perfect after-sales service, the SMOK brand has been well received in the industry!

SMOK logo

Product Introduction

SMOK launched a tri-proof pod system this time, the waterproof grade is IPX7, the concept of IPX7 Captain Dirty brief here, means the waterproof grade of the product is 7, which means that the product is placed 1 meter water depth, soak for 30 minutes, the product can be used normally without being affected.

Product Packaging

The product packaging has continued the classic lazy packaging of SMOK, and the combination of drawer and cover is indeed relatively simple and elegant. Anti-counterfeit codes, product features, and product configuration lists are all reflected on the box, and what you see is what you get.



1*ALIKE device(1600mAh)

1*ALIKE empty Pod(5.5mL)

1*RPM Mesh 0.4ohm Coil

1*RPM DC 0.8ohm Coil

1*USB Cable

1*User Manual

From the content point of view, there are no problems, and there are everthing needed. Whether it is Direct to Lung or Mouth to Lung, it can be easily controlled. The 5.5mL oil tank is indeed more realistic and has a superior fuel supply capacity. The 1600mAh built-in battery device is relatively durable and can be used for about 1.5-3 days. This is based on the usage habits of most vapers. Here is a reference.

Device introduction

Because of the tri-proof pod system, the shape of the device is very tough and very outdoor. The weight of 120g and the size of 77mm * 43.2mm * 23.4mm give users a very comfortable grip. The material is solid, most of the body is wrapped in leather material, and the feeling of holding is very good. And the device has a total of 5 colors for us to choose.


What Captain Dirty likes is REPLACEABLE 510 DRIP TIP, why? Wait a moment and Captain Dirty will answer this.
The screen of the device is really very colorful, very technical, and also has the feeling of outdoor style.


To tell the truth, this device is not so attractive to me, until an accessory touched my heart, that is RPM RBA Coil, friends who are familiar with the Captain Dirty know that Captain Dirty likes DIY things, this RBA accessory is simply magical. Although it is a pre-installed 0.8ohm loosely wound heating wire, it is indeed able to do DIY, so Captain Dirty likes the REPLACEABLE 510 DRIP TIP. The draw is very good, plus some 510 DRIP TIP to enhance the taste, it is great.


User Experience

RPM Mesh 0.4ohm Coil

The standard mod Coil, the overall taste is relatively thick, it is not recommended to smoke high concentrate nicotine vape juice, 0-3mg e-liquid is more suitable, the device ignition feedback is fast, it quickly gives us feedback, this experience is very good, the heating core service life is relatively long, while the performance of carbon deposition is average.

RPM DC 0.8ohm Coil

Mouth to Lung or Direct to Lung, the processing details are slightly inferior, while the sweetening part is well done. The overall upper and middle levels of the user experience can meet daily use. When using the highly sweet e-liquid, it is necessary to replace the atomizing core in time, suitable for 3-6mg e-liquid.



Since the body of the atomizing core is not too big, it is not recommended to make a densely entangled atomizing core. Captain Dirty recommends the 0.8ohm heating wire mode pre-installed with this RBA. The second point is that the experience from loose winding is much better than dense winding. It’s not recommended to use RBA accessories for beginners.



This ALIKE KIT produced by SMOK is strictly an innovation and a personality. Among the various devices produced by the industry, ALIKE KIT is undoubtedly the best. Whether it is the product design sense, or the product concept, or the product feedback, it is very good. What attracts the team more is the combination of the REPLACEABLE 510 DRIP TIP and RBA, which is full of delicate details.

Finally, quote ALIKE KIT’s slogan, “ALIKE is an advanced tri-proof pod system that maximizes device performance and optimizes user experience. It makes the best of ergonomics with a compact body for portable carry and comfortable grip. Powered by the high-capacity of an internal 1600mAh battery, ALIKE can fire up to 40 watts of maximum output. It’s equipped with two RPM coils offering the best flavor and excellent vapor production. Great minds think alike, and how do you think of ALIKE? Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!”

Where to buy SMOK ALIKE KIT

Ok,vape how we roll,all in truetoy

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

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