TESLACIGS INVADER GT AIO review – DirtyCheck NO.53


TESLACIGS, a brand that was very popular in the era of mod vape.

Old friends won’t forget that Tesla devices have always been fans of violent aesthetics,

Whether it is a tough design device, or its explosive output,

All impressive.

Especially in the era of box mod, the device “INVADER” (intruder),

It became a must-have mod at the time.

The topic is cut aside, in this day and age,

Will Tesla’s INVADER GT win everyone’s hope?

Captain Dirty believes that everyone has their own judgment.



After opening the packaging, it was amazing to me,

Is the matrix of INVADER GT products, which is very well done,

The color and atomized core are unobstructed, and the choice is given to the consumer,

This brand did better in this than other brands



Device*1 (7W-50W)
Size: 43mm*19.1mm*68mm
Tank*1 (3mL)
Power 1200mAh
Type-c interface charging cable*1
0.2ohm T-P1 atomizing core
0.6ohm T-P2 atomizing core

It can be seen from the previous product matrix
There are three types of atomization cores in the value-added atomization configuration at the back
0.8ohm T-P3 atomizing core
0.3ohm T-P4 atomizing core
RBA-1 COIL atomizing core



INVADER GT still continues a design of the previous Intruder


The device uses a zinc alloy, which has a taste like the previous Invader 3
Ignition key, with classic gear adjustment, a total of five gears can be adjusted
There are three gears below
They are A, A&P, P


Static atomizer

Two important points

1. Although the mouthpiece of the atomizer is a flat mouth, it can move 360 degrees around without dead angle

Suitable for users to use a variety of grasping gesture.

The shortcomings are also obvious, there is no extra caliber or other appearance of the mouthpiece configuration

Leading to insufficient optimization experience of the product’s atomizing core

2. The nebulizer compartment and the airway are separate

That is, L-shaped intake, which is equivalent to an external intake

The advantage is to avoid vape juice leakage and condensation to the greatest extent

The disadvantage is that the air intake will be slow (because the burst is too strong, you can actually ignore this problem)


Static atomizing core

There are two cores as standard

0.2ohm T-P1 atomizing core and 0.6ohm T-P2 atomizing core

The atomizing core adopts cotton and mesh core design

Everyone knows the advantages, it improves the richness of the vapor and prolongs the service life

The shortcomings are also obvious, the mesh core is not suitable for smoking high-sweetness vape juice


User experience


On the taste, I only recommend this,

Use T-P3 atomizing core and RBA-1 COIL atomizing core

This kind of atomizing core is relatively partial analysis, and it can vape some composite e-liquid

It relatively achieves a good taste experience

It won’t be very smokey

Pure play can use the other three models plus RBA-1 COIL

An ultimate vaping experience

Regardless of the amount of vapor and the rich taste of e-liquid

There is basically a relatively invincible piece of AIO device


Device operation

The operation of the mod is the conventional 5 times of button presses

There are 1-5 gears

7W-50W, you can correspond to the gear

Use a suitable core with the right power to experience

The bottom gear is as follows:

A: air switch mode

A&P gear: dual mode, air switch, manual ignition switch

P: manual ignition switch



The performance on this INVADER GT can be said to be quite violent

There is nothing surprising about the expected things

The feeling of ignition is still so familiar

Because of the small design of the L intake, it greatly avoids the embarrassment of condensation

The combined feeling is that it’s stable and fierce, and it can be soft and comfortable

Numerous choices of atomizing cores give consumers more choices



Tesla has been silent for so long while this product that just comes out is not up to my satisfaction

AIO, POD market share is basically stereotyped, even if there is some ambiguity,

Still the original violent output and extreme vapor of Tesla make me happy,

With the development of market technology, taste experience is not a problem,

So, in the end, are you willing to experience the fun that VAPE was supposed to have for the past happiness?

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.


BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review – the best RTA ever – DirtyCheck NO.52


Hey, everyone, I’m Captain Dirty.

Bruce brought you a soap box and a precision RTA atomizer last year,

as an old gay in the China vape circle, this year will definitely be a year to launch new products,

So, Pioneer RTA Pioneer Atomizer is produced in this way,

In countless pressures and customers’ crusades, Captain Dirty was fortunate enough to purchase such an atomizer from Bruce,

So, what is the difference and breakthrough of this atomizer and precision?

Last year, Bruce released a precision, and the market responded well.

Later it also launched some accessories to DIY vapers,

Once the braised egg head is full of carvings, the diamond tank and the like were once in short supply,

With the advent of Pioneer RTA, the precision atomizer was discontinued.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review

Dig into BP VAPE Pioneer RTA


Now it’s upscale. Is this Hermes color?

The simple design and the egg design of the braised egg head are so pleasing,

However, in terms of product packaging design, it is a little sloppy.

The overall packaging of the atomizer in the box is not so harmonious.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA reviewBP VAPE Pioneer RTA review

Instructions for use continue the simple style of the beard,
Picture shows everything.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review


The size still maintains a size of 22mm in diameter
Suitable for popular or high-end boxes on the market, just right.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA reviewBP VAPE Pioneer RTA review


Many friends see Pioneer as if they have known each other,

Similar to K5K atomizer,

In essence, it is very different, K5K reasonablely belongs to RDTA, Pioneer is RTA,

The design of the mouthpiece and the selection of materials, domestically, I think the beard Bruce is the most attentive now,

The design of the heat sink cover is a highlight of Pioneer’s overall appearance,

It abandoned the conventional thread lock and adopted a more convenient twist lock,

Refilling is really convenient and easy, you can rest assured about it,

The most important highlight is the halogen egg logo on the top, but it is also a little weird,

I can’t tell what’s strange, maybe it’s a layout problem,

The air inlet can be adjusted, and the bottom air ring can be switched freely by twisting,

On one side, it is a multi-point air intake, and on the other side, it is a long one-hole intake.

More suitable for you to switch between mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review


The ultimate bottom layout coupled with super long airways has made this atomizer successful,

Relative to the precise foolproof silk making cotton, the operation of Pioneer is more complicated than the precision.

As to the operation, Captain will come back to explain,

I have to say that the beard is really something in growing the economy.

For example, this screw is really too small, so I bought a screwdriver (comical)

Hahaha, just kidding, as opposed to some wild screwdrivers,

Pioneer’s screws are indeed one size smaller than the atomizer screws on the market.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review

In the air intake, this time Pioneer also used the more popular places on the market,

It can replace the new bottom screw air intake, that is, the air intake needs to be affected by the bottom screw,

DIY air intake design

In other words, it gives the experiencer an ultimate vaping experience,

Inside the packaging is 0.8 0.9 1.0mm bottom screw of the air intake hole.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review


A product’s success lies in its quality and customer experience,

Another thing is the continuous playability,

In this regard, Bruce attracted me deeply making me become an unknown bragger to it.

I can’t help but praise.

There are currently two airway accessories,

One is the standard dome section accessories, suitable for mouth to lung vaping,

The other is the dome accessories that need to be purchased, suitable for direct-to-lung vaping,

Direct-to-lung vaping, is also equipped with a large airintake screw.

And a direct-to-lung vaping mouthpiece is carefully placed in the box.

You can compare it yourself.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review

There are certainly a lot of playable materials,

Currently only stainless steel silver and DLC black,

Later Bruce also revealed that there will be a pioneer of all-titanium material,

This is the real thing for players, much better than other products that sell emotions and dreams.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review

Compared with the extend package part, Chinese ones are not as good as foreign ones.

Of course, foreign ones are much more expensive than domestic ones,

You don’t have to talk about it,

Like that part, Bruce will also launch a single product for everyone,

Spend less money and spend money on the right point.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review


To do silk and cotton, Captain Dirty said earlier that, compared to precision, the pioneer will be more difficult,

After summing up the feedback, basically it is oil leakage and vape juice spitback,

The most serious thing is that the resistance is very low.

Pioneer does not need to make too fluffy cotton, it needs to use suitable cotton to press the e-juice guide holes on both sides, to solve the problem of leakage,

Most of the reason for the vape juice spitback is also because there is no pressure on the oil guide hole, so that too much vape juice runs in,

The reason why the resistance is extremely low is because it is raised too high when making the coil, which exceeds the top of the electrode column,

It’s caused by the contact of the heating coil and the air ways,

Friends who want to play is recommended to join the beard Bruce group to take a look,

“Friends who can play are always players,
Friends who can’t play always pretend to be players
Understand and applause”

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review

As to setting up the coil, Captain Dirty think it is not appropriate to make an overwhelming low resistance heating coil,

Originally it’s just atomizer for taste, there is no need to play too fancy.

The instructions inside the Pioneer atomizer can be seen,

The suggestion is, use a heating coil with relatively high resistance for a good experience


We don’t brag it, just talk about feelings

Of course, here will be compared with the previous precision, after all, it is a “Bruce”

Compared with precision, Pioneer’s atomizing is definitely stronger than precision

Let’s take an example:
Same vape juice (JAGO milk tea and JAGO winter)
Same resistance (within ±0.02ohm)
Same machine
Same power

JAGO milk

Pioneer’s taste will be much stronger and mellow than precision

The details give me more feedback on tea,

It’s not too sweet,

In precision

The taste is relatively light, and it looks very light.

JAGO Dragon Winter

On the Pioneer, the cold mint coldness of winter came out more directly and strongly

While I don’t feel too much coldness in precision

Some friends said that the heat is a serious problem,

I will not make any explanation here,

Just say that this is a physical phenomenon, there is nothing to complain about

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review


The settings are really different from each other.

Why do old friends go back and try to find out something on the data, I really don’t understand

Other people’s vape juice, equipment mix, air intake requirements, favorite power,

The selected heating coil will not be the same as yours,

Even if it is the same, the experience of others may be invincible, so your experience will be just so-so with the same setting,

Understand me?

Thought to pursue your so-called Big God setting? Then you should really find some prefilled pod vapes.

There is no fun of DIY at all like that, the fun of DIY lies in discovering and experiencing by yourself,

What DIY to play?

Of course, Captain Dirty will also write his own data for your reference.

A. The original packaged heating coil, more than half a circle
Resistance is around 0.8ohm
0.8mm air intake
Full-bodied and sweet
Suitable for compound vape juice with strong taste

B. Ni80 28ga 8 rounds, 2.5 rounds diameter, about 1.4ohm
1.0mm air intake
Relatively sweet, the vapor output is average, suitable for small mouth to lung sips
Suitable for vaping compound-type strong mainstream e-liquid

C. A1 26ga 6 circles, semi-loose, around 0.9ohm
0.9mm air intake
Relatively lower sweetness,
Using the characteristics of the A1 heating wire and the curve mode of the voltage regulator box, the power should not be too high, the peak value is about 15w,
Slow heat concentrated taste, increase ignition time
Suitable for vaping some compound dessert flavors

For your reference, there is no so-called setting, these settings are only for Captain Dirty.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review

Comprehensive summary

Bruce, as one of the big gay(guy) in China, has always been focusing on vapers,

And as a pioneer, such a time-tested device,

Overseas users are almost unanimously praising it, then we can’t deny that Pioneer is a good product,

Whether a good product can become an evergreen product, it depends on the development of Bruce,

At present, the current expansion parts plan is almost enough to meet the needs of current customers,

With the accumulation of time, can Pioneer produce more expansion accessories?

Let’s draw a question mark first?

Pioneer, a product for China vaper’s welfare, has no change in price.

I have to say that it is really conscience, the design is already a high-end layout,

Such a reward is equal to a benefit,

As for the dissatisfaction of some layout design and packaging design that Captain Dirty said,

In fact, it can basically be ignored,

Its taste and vaping experience make it one of the best atomizers I have ever used.

Finally, look forward to more expansion/extend accessories of Pioneer,

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy BP VAPE Pioneer RTA

VAPORESSO TARGET PM80 SE review – DirtyCheck No.52


Hello friends of TrueToyVape, I’m Captain Dirty.

I introduced VAPORESSO TARGET PM30 to you previously,

Did anyone who likes it buy it?

Today I will bring you an advanced version of TARGET, TARGET PM80 SE

Are you looking forward to the performance of this device?

Let’s continue.



Device *1
Vape juice tank *2
GTX 0.2ohm Mesh Coil *1
GTX 0.6ohm Mesh Coil *1
USB charging cable *1
And various paper instructions


Device parameters

Size: 121.3mm*33.8mm*24.8mm
Tank capacity: 4mL
Endurance: 18650 battery
Power: 5W-80W voltage regulatable



Mottled blue, blood red, solution purple, carbon black, tiger green, wire frame silver



Vaporesso had a PM80 model before, this one is SE.

In essence, there is only a difference in size and power.

This SE comes with a removable 18650 battery, and the power has been expanded.

It can also intelligently identify the best resistance of the atomizing core to achieve a relatively excellent experience.

I have also explained the GTX atomization core technology to everyone before, so I will not repeat it here.


Compared with the previous PM80 screen, this SE screen feels more atmospheric.

The length is longer than PM80 by nearly 2CM. I feel that the size of SE is not as good as that of PM80.


The SE is equipped with GTX 0.2ohm Mesh Coil and GTX 0.6ohm Mesh Coil,

From this point of view, SE is undoubtedly a box mod device, and friends who like box mod would like it much.

In terms of vaping experience, the 0.2ohm core is more delicate than the 0.6ohm core.

It is recommended to use a 0.6ohm core, so that smoke and taste would be better.

It’s not recommended to use 0.2ohm because there is too much condensate, which makes it very uncomfortable to take draws.


Relative to such device, a range of products known as SE,

It is quite disappointing not to have certain upgrades in some parameters,

The first is that the mouthpiece should be expanded to a suitable range for producing large vapor,

The second is that there is no DIY atomizing core to support the fun of a box mod vapers,

The third is the device has no airhole adjustment function.

The choice of plating is not very good, normal use of 3 days make the paint of my device drop.

Very sad, the manufacturer needs to upgrade the level of craftsmanship.



Only the size of the design cannot be the best selling point of a product. Since it is the embodiment of the box mod vape, the brand should try to understand what kind of device the mod vapers need. Obviously, the positioning of Vaporesso is still a bit erratic. If it is a novice mod vape device, I give it a high score here, after all, it has done a very good job in all aspects, with more advantages than disadvantages.

The color of the tiger skin pattern on the color is the favorite color of Captain Dirty. If it is used as a novice training device, Captain Dirty feels it’s good enough.

Where to buy TARGET PM80 SE @$39.9


MOTI vape new flavor reivew – Passion Fruit & Drunk Mojito – DirtyCheck No.51


Speaking of MOTI, Captain Dirty has reviewed it not long ago, not to call it a review. It should be called experience precisely.

So let’s go and find out how are these two new flavors

MOTI vape new flavor reivew


This time we received MOTI “passion fruit” and “drunken mojito” flavor

MOTI vape new flavor reivew

Passion Fruit flavor

This flavor comes with tropical sunshine

The rich fruit aroma makes you seem to jump into a fruit carnival in no time

Captain Dirty experience:

I have vaped all kinds of pod vape passion fruit flavor before, and MOTI’s performance is actually average

The degree of coolness is above average, and the degree of passion fruit flavor reduction is still good.

Throat hit is OK.

The downside is that the fruit acidity of passion fruit is not shown well
While the fruit fragrance has been done very well.

MOTI vape new flavor reivew

Drunk Mojito

With a little faint rum,

There is also a bit of a clear Caribbean breeze

Captain Dirty experience:

The light wine aroma is very well prepared

The fresh feeling is also done just right, the overall feeling is indeed very fresh

I personally feel very disappointed with the degree of sweetness. I didn’t find any sweetness in it


The two flavors from MOTI this time are remarkable,

It’s not the best, nor the worst,

The overall experience is up to my satisfaction, suitable for daily vaping,

Not to the extent of long-term vaping,

Suitable for friends who need some daily episodes in vaping.

Where to buy MOTI vape new flavors

Marsupod pcc kit review – business-oriented style to capture your heart – DirtyCheck No.47


Hey yo This is your Captain Dirty, I am very happy to share the product with you again
Today I bring you the Marsupod pcc kit from Uwell
Familiar friends call him Ma Su Box, Cari Jump 5th generations
What is it worth saying, let’s continue to talk.

Marsupod pcc kit review


Shenzhen Uwell Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UWELL) is a brand operator of health fashion electronic consumer products integrating R & D, production, sales and service, and is also a leader in the new generation of China vape industry. The company has always been adhering to the corporate philosophy of “integrity, diligence, innovation, and experience”, and is committed to promoting the brand in a more diversified form, delivering products to consumers through more convenient and efficient channels. Its service has won the trust and praise of many users worldwide. Now UWELL has gradually grown into the backbone of the vape industry, and has attracted much attention in the market with its excellent design concepts and excellent quality, leading the development direction of the industry.

PS: Because this is the first cooperation, let me talk about it a little bit.

Content in box

1 * Marsupod pcc device
1 * Charging storage box
1 * Manual
1 * USB charging cable


Marsupod pcc kit review

The product is divided into two parts, charging box and device
Charging box parameters:
Material: Polycarbonate, PC + ABS, POM
Dimensions: 25.2mm x 43.0mm x 76.5mm
Battery capacity: 1000mAh
Device parameters:
Material: PCTG, Polycarbonate, Silicone
Dimensions: 10.6mm x 18.4mm x 65.4mm
Tank capacity: 1.3ml
Maximum output oagiuz: 11 W
Resistance: 1.2Ω
Battery capacity: 150 mAh

Marsupod pcc kit review

Captain Dirty says:
The overall feeling is that the material is light
Although there is a charging case, the whole is still relatively small
The only drawback is that the texture doesn’t feel very good
Something is absent in texture, also because of the material
I feel that the whole is not so delicate

Marsupod pcc kit review


Let’s split the experience into 2 parts

Touching experience

Above box and device match well and are very delicate
The match of various links works perfect
Including the connection of the device in the charging case when the device is inserted
And after inserting the device
The battery box can automatically close, every detail of the tank are very good.
The small size of the pod vape device is highly recognizable
Don’t worry about the power, it’s stable for two to three days.
It’s okay to work 4 or 5 days for folks with less frequent vaping.

Marsupod pcc kit review

User experience

UWELL’s Pro-FOCS technology, let’s talk about it without understanding this technology
In the opinion of Captain Dirty, in addition to some harder techniques for regulating the box
Pod vape’s technology is an empty talk
The feeling of Marsupod pcc here is indeed very good.
Such a small size with such vapor amount, awesome
But the consumption speed of the pod is too fast
When I run out of 3 pods, I tell me directly that it was time to change pods
The best taste is the first pod, after the second pod
Whether it is consumption speed or condensation comes too fast

Marsupod pcc kit review


In the 200-300 yuan pod vape range, Captain Dirty feels that Marsupod pcc kit has his advantages and too many disadvantages (is this not nonsense?)
The advantage is that the overall experience of the product is better than that of the single pod on the market.
Taste and DIY are also one of its advantages. Although it is not obvious, we still have to admit this thing
The disadvantage is that the product material is not so fine. However, it reduces costs and brings everyone good things.

Marsupod pcc kit review

I understand so
So, is Marsupod suitable for our purchase?
Captain Dirty recommend this, if you are a player, please give up, because Marsupod may not be able to meet your requirements to show off,
If you are a newbie, you know little about pod vape, it’s OK.
Marsupod’s style is particularly business-oriented, and the black-blue gradient is fashionable
Okay, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time

Where to buy Marsupod pcc kit

Marsupod pcc kit reviewMarsupod pcc kit review Marsupod pcc kit review

FUSH NANO refill pod vape review – a starter kit that lights you up in dark – DirtyCheck No.46


Electricity: 550mAh
Cartridge capacity: 1.8mL
Atomizing core resistance: 1.0ohm
Atomizing core structure: vertical net
Color: black, red, gold

FUSH NANO refill pod vape review


I think 550mAh battery is medium in this grade,
But combined with the volume of the product itself, I think it is not enough,
Taking mine as an example, the 750mAh pod vape battery can meet my demand
Fortunately, an interface of tpye-c can quickly charge it,
The 1.8mL cartridge capacity belongs to the middle level at the same grade,
If possible, it should develop about 2.5mL of cartridges,
The resistance of 1.0ohm is a scientific value,
The focus is on the vertical net core. According to friends and their own use,
Taste is good in 1-10 refills, subsequent taste experience decreases,
Change a cartridge in an average of about 18 refills, the cartridge utilization rate is really very good,
Black and red are more versatile, gold is more selective,
The color of the cover of the pod is transparent

Product Highlights

The highlight of the product is the RGB lighting display anytime, anywhere
Various modes allow you to show off on various occasions

FUSH NANO refill pod vape review

Operation details

Because the operation is really more complicated than other foolproof pod vapes,
So I still need to talk,
Five key presses to turn on / off,
Shake twice to turn on the breathing lamp mode, vape on and the lamp off,
Shake to change the color, and similarly shake twice to turn off the breathing light.
Press the button three times in the power-on state or other light modes to turn on the constant light mode,
Shake once to change the light, and press the same button three times to turn off the steady light,
Press the button four times to turn on the most beautiful mode of the marquee enter the dashing state.
At this time, you can jump to the steady light by pressing the button three times,
Press the key twice to turn off all lights under the power-on state,
No lights can be turned on at this time.
When the light is turned on, press twice to lock the current light without shaking,
Are you dizzy? Actually it ‘s okay, it ’s OK after a few simple attempts

Friendly reminder

1. No pod or poor contact flashes green light 2. Short circuit flashes red light 3. Low battery flashes yellow light 4. High temperature alarm flashes blue light

FUSH NANO refill pod vape review
How to use FUSH NANO refill pod vape

Product experience

Let ’s talk about everyone’s most concerned point,
Friends who are used to Mouth-to-Lung can vape directly,
Friends with light Direct-to-Lung can press the key below to take draws,
Power difference, press and hold the power key to make the power greater, you can use according to your preferences,
Followed by the mystery of the cartridge,
There are two air intake holes,
One side is thin, the other side is thick, the corresponding air intake is different,
Only need to select 180 degrees when the device is not locked in the pod to experience,
Thickness means tighter drag resistance, suitable for nicotine salt vape juice,
Thinner means less draw and resistance, suitable for 3/6/9 traditional e-liquids,
Of course, it’s your own choice leaving alone my advice, choose it freely.

FUSH NANO refill pod vape review

Folks report that VGPG is easier to burn out than 7: 3,
Although Captain Dirty didn’t encounter this, it may also be the proportion of some individual e-liquid,
Suggested 5: 5, which is a more scientific point (traditional e-liquid only)

FUSH NANO refill pod vape review

To sum up

It’s not a surprise, not annoying, not mediocre, not amazing,
This is one of my ideas, the advantage of FUSH NANO lies in the unparalleled variety of shiny,
As to the experience of e-liquid, whether it is nicotine salt or traditional e-liquid, is competent,
Less condensate, due to its cartridge design, but it is not without, very little,
Perhaps it is such a product that breaks the tranquility of traditional pod vape,
It allows you to have a little more color than others, so that you become more shining,
FUSH NANO, worth trying,
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time

Where to buy FUSH NANO refill pod vape

FUSH NANO refill pod vape review FUSH NANO refill pod vape review

Moti mojo disposable vape review – unique appearance to grasp eyeballs – DirtyCheck No.45


In the era of pod system, every brand meets the needs of various customers with excellent taste, flavors and beautiful appearance. Is this in line with the essence of electronic cigarettes, no matter what, the fittest brand survives.

The following is today’s protagonist, Moti mojo disposable vape.

Moti mojo introduction

The definition of disposable vape is nothing more than: taste, convenience
This time Moti broke the rules and made an appearance that is alien to the industry
Whether it can be loved by people, let’s find it out later.

Moti mojo disposable vape review

The material on the packaging is very solid, splendid
Compared with other brands of disposable e-cigarettes in carton boxes, they are dazzling

Captain Dirty feel kind of puzzled about the appearance,
It looks like shoe support, it’s something creative.

Moti mojo disposable vape review

There are 5 flavors this time,
Reasonably speaking, it is relatively monotonous, and the flavors are conventional,
They are: mung bean ice, popsicles, iced pineapple, classic tobacco, ice cola

Vaping experience

As to experience
Captain Dirty thinks that coke and pineapple flavor are the first choices,
Followed by tobacco and popsicle flavors,
Finally, green bean ice.
Captain Dirty doesn’t like mung beans, which is more subjective,
Coke performs best here on Captain Dirty, different from other brands of Coke,
This one is very special, the sweetness is also mixed just right.

Moti mojo disposable vape review

The whole process of vaping is very smooth. Just don’t take draws too hard, which is a common sense.
Although its appearance is grotesque, I fall in love with it soon.
Moreover, it looks more and more beautiful after a while.

Moti mojo disposable vape review

The only drawback is that the vaping process is not ergonomic,
The air inlet is set at the bottom,
When Captain Dirty takes it, the little finger will block this hole
So it’s embarrassing, keep an eye on it when you vape it.

Inner structure

Structurally a standard disposable vape,
The bead things are reasonable,
The selected pseudo-pod design is also hygienic and clean, which is more scientific than the unwrapped tank,
Neat design, neatly placed,
Perfect workmanship

Moti mojo disposable vape review


The taste is smooth, pure and soft, and friends who want to experience can choose cola and tobacco. I personally think it’s the best.
Pineapple is mediocre. This flavor is very new and that’s why it’s listed as the first choice.
The disposable vape is rarely made with pineapple flavor.
Captain Dirty knows that the price of this disposable pod isn’t very expensive, and friends who want to experience it can take a try.

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Moti mojo @$6.99 only 

Moti mojo disposable vape reviewBilletBox 2020 review BilletBox 2020 review

BilletBox 2020 review – professional vaper’s ultimate vaping device – DirtyCheck No.44


When it comes to BB boxes, many people will say it’s classic. After the first generation came out, it is almost popular all the time. You can picture how popular it is. In the opinion of Captain Dirty, the BB box is almost the master of the electronic cigarette industry. The combination with the DNA chip is basically one of the vapers’ graduation products.

Whether it is a variety of accessories, including buttons, mouthpiece, covers, or the DIY of the atomizer kit, it is worshipped and respected by vapers around the world.

At the same time, the excellent vape juice storage capacity is also deeply loved by vapers. Some of the limited editions released by BB boxes before are in short supply.

So, let’s take a look at today’s protagonist, how does BilletBox 2020 perform?

Brand Introduction

BilletBox doesn’t even need my introduction, it’s the old OG in the e-cigarette industry, only one bb box product is almost the entire history of the e-cigarette industry.

Product Introduction


Its packaging has always been a point I want to criticize, whether it is the kraft paper-colored top cover, or the current black heaven and earth cover, such a classic product, shouldn’t the brand do a good job in packaging, at least for consumers to make it look more luxury? Let me put it in perspective, the subtext of BilletBox is “My stuff is so good that it doesn’t need a fancy appearance”, okay, not a big deal.

BilletBox 2020 review

Open the package, we can see the device itself and some various kits and manuals and the like.

BilletBox 2020 review

It’s still a familiar taste, a familiar recipe, and it’s really something that doesn’t improve, okay, not a big deal, too.

Open the console panel, we can clearly see the “usa2020” and “BilletBox” LOGO words, this design would not only be scolded by the boss but also criticized by the vaper. Buttons and charging holes are here, nothing has changed.

BilletBox 2020 review

On the other side is the console, including the battery level and the voltage adjustment key and voltage adjustment panel.

BilletBox 2020 review


The accessories are still the same. Kanger’s tank RBA and Nautilus RBA. To be honest, they are really classic. I personally prefer tank RBA. Now some manufacturers ’RBAs almost copy the Kanger’s tank RBA.

A big smog and a tasteful configuration are also reasonable.

BilletBox 2020 review BilletBox 2020 review

Atomization core

The original atomization core is really not very easy to use. It still uses the design of 4 or 5 years ago. The sliding glass sliding position of the panel is relatively on a low level. Now we have a frequent rate of vape juice change. It is much more frequent than it was 4 or 5 years ago. If the e-liquid has not been used up when the atomizing core is changed, it will be very embarrassing, and it wastes the e-liquid indeed.

BilletBox 2020 review


In fact, the workmanship of BilletBox is sometimes a contradiction. The small details are in place and can be described with exquisiteness. However, the planning and exposure of the small parts will make me give it a bad review. The size of 88mm * 54mm * 24mm seems to be out of tune with the current market demand. For example, the size control of Patri and Elf that imitate it is very in line with the current era. Of course, classics are classics. The combination of DNA chips gives this device a strong advantage, and it is also the king of all DIY accessories.

BilletBox 2020 review

Product DIY

The DIY body of the product is the soul of BilletBox and the biggest advantage at present.
All brands of electronic cigarettes can find the matching point on BilletBox regardless of material, process, and structure. On this point, Captain Dirty don’t think it’s a big deal, and it is invincible.
The customized color schemes of all parties are vividly displayed on this device.
(The picture below is from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please inform Captain Dirty to deal with it, thank you)

BilletBox 2020 review BilletBox 2020 review BilletBox 2020 review BilletBox 2020 review BilletBox 2020 review


Today, Captain Dirty also got the currently hot four-box shell Vape atnizoo, which is also a classic accessory.

BilletBox 2020 review BilletBox 2020 review

It’s a little obvious that the combination of gas and vape juice injection are better than the original configuration, which is why the I like BilletBox. As for what setting is needed, it’s about personal preference, how do you think?

In the case of membranes, the interface of a net heating wire has also come out recently. It is really a variety of diamond. How can you not love it?

BilletBox 2020 review

To sum up

For the previous product, the high price has stopped players. Now the price of about 700 is acceptable. I feel that it is the best time to buy in BilletBox. Such a device that can cover the entire history of e-cigarettes is already rare, Captain Dirty can be very responsible to say that this is a vaper’s ultimate device.

As a friendly reminder, you must master the mode of the case when matching a variety of cases. The loose-wound heating wire must be loosely wound, and the cotton must be repaired, so as not to experience the unsatisfactory experience.

In terms of hands-on, the operation & process of using BilletBox is indeed more complex than that of other boxes. Friends who do not like tossing around should retreat from it, because this is originally a device for players, which is the fun of hands-on and the infinite experience of DIY.

Have you fallen in love with such a device?
OK, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time

Where to buy BilletBox 2020BilletBox 2020 review BilletBox 2020 review


VAPORESSO OSMALL reivew – a nic salt e-juice good companion -DirtyCheck No.41


Hi, everyone, I’m Captain Dirty. In the last issue, I recommended good vape juice to everyone. Today I will share with you the osmall produced by VAPORESSO. Seeing this shape, many people would say why they look so like ZERO? Is this nonsense? Isn’t IphoneSE like iphone6? OK, let’s get back to business, let’s take a look at the difference between this osmall and the previous ZERO.

Brand Intro

We are not simply serving, we are creating services. Vaporesso is a subsidiary under the name of Smoore: Smoore was established in 2006, is an industry leader, and is the earliest and largest OEM / ODM vape manufacturer, they working with Ruyan and many well-known global brands.




This vape uses a relatively simple and clear packaging, and the product can be seen at a glance, which is intuitive.
Simple design, typesetting and color selection. I think it’s relatively good in the industry, and it feels very comfortable.



Cartridge capacity 2mL
Resistance: 1.2ohm
Battery: 350mAh
USB cable and manuals


Product details

Atomizing core
Let ’s talk about the atomizing core first. From the perspective of the shape of the atomizing core, it is basically not much different from zero.
Make it longer than zero, adapt to all kinds of lips
The content inside the atomizing core is the cotton core
Compared with the so-called various ceramic atomizing core black technologies, the taste of the cotton core is relatively solid.
The volume of the pod is still at 2mL
I think it can be improved properly. At 2.5mL, I think it will be more scientific.
The shape of the atomizing core is still a familiar lip shape, which really fits
Hygiene protection is done very well



The material of the device shell is a plastic material
The advantage is that such a product will be ridiculously light, even lighter than our conventional lighters
The disadvantage is that it has less texture than the previous zero
It is worth saying that the carvings on the shell
Both improved the stress surface and hand feel
The most important thing is to look better than glossy
I am very dissatisfied with the power of 350mAh
If the power is low, we use the type-c interface to maximize the utilization rate
I charge 3 times a day, which is frustrating
There is a small hole in the back, there is an indicator light, you can observe the electricity consumption at any time



The osmall produced by VAPORESSO this time is full of sincerity, using the previous zero technology, and then upgraded to a new level. The 1.2ohm atomizing core is matched with an output of about 10-12w. It is very good to smoke nicotine salt vape juice or 6-12mg e-liquid, and the taste is relatively outstanding. However, when smoking dessert e-juice, its sweetness is too strong, it is recommended not to try it on dessert flavor vape juice, so as not to damage the teeth. The overall weight is more convenient for us to carry, and the excellent workmanship is indeed worthy of the content of the big factory. Regrettably, the electricity and e-liquid volume is not up to our satisfaction. But overall, osmall is indeed a very cost-effective device, have you been tempted this time?
I’m a Captain Dirty, see you next time.




Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review – is it an upgraded osmall? – DirtyCheck No.43


In last DirtyCheck NO.41, I just finished talking about the osmall pod vape produced by Vaporesso, and soon it launched a refillable pod. We know that there are many brands of refillable pods at the moment, but few really pass our test. And today, let’s see how is XTRA.

Product Introduction


The packaging does not follow the osmall simple style. The cover box shows XTRA at a glance. The whole is still atmospheric, and the materials are very solid.
The contents are simple and clear. Vaporesso has a series of instructions in it.

Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review

Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review


XTRA comes with 6 color, which is relatively rich.
It is worth mentioning that the color panel of the device uses a material with a leather feel, which is very soft and comfortable to touch. Needless to say, the shortcomings are less resistant to dirt, and I mean oily liquid stains.

XTRA comes with 6 color, which is relatively rich.

The size is 73.9mm * 38.8mm * 16.7mm, which is almost the size of the 18650 battery box, which is a little flatter than the battery box.

The power of 900mAh is obviously enough and sufficient on such a device, which is equal to the power of two pod vape. We’ll talk about the actual test result later.

Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review


XTRA device * 1
2mL 0.8ohm atomizing core with tank * 1
2mL 1.2ohm atomizing core with tank * 1
USB cable * 1

User Experience

In my use process, the battery is indeed more durable, and there is no big problem when I charge it once 1 day. Later I noticed that there is a switch button at the bottom of the device. 5 times to power on or off. No gears adjustment function.

If there is no other function, why not make a one-key switch? It’s really a bit tedious, for such a pod vape.

Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review

Some friends are more concerned about the service life of the atomization core. I actually measured here that the 1.2ohm atomization core has no burnt core or burnt smell when I take 7 tanks of draws continuously. It is really excellent. 0.8ohm atomizing core clearly felt the state of the burnt core when drawing the fifth tanks. Of course, the data here is only for your reference.

In terms of taste, XTAR’s core is not so sweet like osmall. And my sweet flavor on it is just right. I have to say that the details are really in place. The performance of the two types of atomizing cores is satisfactory. 0.8 is mesh cotton and 1.2 is conventional cotton. You can try it yourself according to your preferences or the characteristics of the e-liquid.

Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review

We only need to remember the red color of the light on the side, which is basically a indicate to charge, but I hang in there for an hour after the red, which is good.

Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review


I have seen some colleagues say that it is an upgraded version of osmall, and they say XTRA is a replica of a certain brand. In any case, XTAR is an independent product in my mind. There is no need to imitate anyone. The research and development capabilities of VAPORESSO in the electronic cigarette industry are well known to everyone. Things with good looks are always liked, and its taste is really good. The setting of independent refilling is the most scientific setting I think. You can try this kind of good performance vape.

I’m a Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Vaporesso XTRA

Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review