SMOK MICO 700mAh Pod System Kit Review – A Mini Portable Vape Device Worth Buying

This is Jesse from Today I’m introducing a special product named Smok Mico. A tiny but strong vape device.

Smok Mico is a new product from Smok featured for its small body size as only 56.3*46.5*14.8mm(meatball size) which means you can hold 5 Smok Mico in 1 hand palm. It saves your space in your pocket. Let’s watch the review video first.

SMOK Has Done It Again! The MICO Pod Kit!

The author got sick today for vaping too much and will update the article tomorrow with photo details. To be continued…

You’ll see the red one tomorrow:

This compact and exquisite MICO is perfect for holding in the palm of your hand with delicate texture and soft touch, especially the classic resin patterns on the two sides are a feast to your eyes. MICO is available of 7 colors to match your own personal preference.

I’m back now. Yesterday, I tried to vape the red one sent from vape sourcing. It’s really really strong. The author is an old smoker of a traditional cigarette but when it comes to this one, I found I’m just a primary student.

I unbox the package, then see this

smok mico

Taking it out of the package box, feeling excited. And I know why it’s named Mico, it means the tiny size.

backside of the mico kit package box

The backside of Smok Nico 

unboxing smok mico

Wonderful like a beautiful marble stone.

smok mico size

The most important moment, I’m showing the size of Smok Mico compared to my hand, is it tiny enough? And the holding feel is comfortable like touching silk.

mesh regular

This piece I’m holding is the Pod which is for filling in the e-liquid to produce the vapor.


Now the lanyard show. I’m wondering why it has such long lanyard.

lanyard mico smok

It’s long enough for 2 men wearing it as a necklace at the same time.

Rectangle and slim design makes thevapinge device look extremely cute. Maybe it’s designed for some little girls.

smok mico manual

The User Manual

smok mico manual

The charging lights instructions, the one sent to me is fully charged so I needn’t charge it at the moment.

“The Smok Mico is not a bad vape, it’s a powerful tiny vape with 26 working watts. And the vape juice decides the vaping taste, you need some other e-liquid.” Said the author’s friend. After changing another kind of juice, the vaping experience is just as smooth as smoking or even better like butter. It’s a joyful thing smoking in a creative way, worth trying.

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vapesourcing logo

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PS: It’s a sponsored post by Vapesourcing, but the author had tried to be as objective as possible while showing thanks to Vapesourcing.

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