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Shenzhen Ai Wei Pu Si Technology Co., Ltd., referred to Ai Wei Pu Si (New Third Board Code: 834285), was founded in 2010. The company is a professional electronic cigarette manufacturer and brand operator integrating R & D, production, sale and service. The company adheres to the “leading” model of the development of vape kits, focuses on the development of electronic cigarette brand and the pursuit of the independent personality of vape products. It strives to dominate the vape market and succeeds in leading vape consumption behavior. SMOK and KOOPOR are all the subsidiary brands of Ai Wei Pu SI.

The products of the company are exported to all parts of the world, targeting the developed countries such as the United States, Britain and France as main markets, enjoying a good reputation among the international market. The company has a very stable customer base through distribution channels. The company attaches great importance to network marketing, and has established a strategic cooperative relationship with the world-famous e-cigarette sales website.

In addition, the company takes the use of well-known foreign social network Facebook, Twitter and other brand publicity, collaborate with well-known influencers to promote the product, and run the big well-known industry forum advertising and other measures to establish a very mature and perfect network marketing model. Smok and Koopor has been adhering to the customer demand oriented creed, the goal of health management and the pioneering marketing,  product in the first place conception to improve sales and market share, in the future will be dedicated to create a world – class brand SMOK, investment in large research and development funds, leading the future intelligent vape in the big data age.

At present, Ai Wei Pu Si’s independent research and development of vape intelligent management and social platform SmartBEC has more than 60 thousand users. SmartBEC can automatically match vape devices through Bluetooth, control equipment and manage smoking data online, and it can also make friends, share and communicate with all SMOK users around the world through topic discussion.  Next year, the revised SmartBEC will introduce more social and information exchange functions, and strive to become a well-known vertical community in the electronic cigarette industry.

koopor smok

The development of Ai Wei Pu Si

In 2010, the Ai Wei Pu Si Technologies Inc was founded in Shenzhen, and its electronic cigarette brand SMOK was founded.

In 2011, we first developed and launched a dual product disposable atomizer, leading the electronic cigarette market into a double generation era.

In 2012, the design and production of adjustable voltage products VMAX and its upgraded version ZMAX series, full output mechanical NATURAL, scalable mechanical Telescope electronic vape rod was developed successfully and successfully obtained the utility model patent certificate, vape products enter the voltage and power adjustable times.

In 2013, the whole vape industry ushered in the development of product innovation and development: nebulizer without cotton upgrading, bottom heating atomizer, smart magnet switch technology, adjustable EGO series products and other research and development success. Representative products include: Magneto, PYREX ARO, TUMBLER and so on.

In 2014, product design and research and development intelligent development, representative works of BEC Pro, X CUBE BT50, at the same time, research and development of intelligent equipment control APP-Smart BEC and successfully on-line.

In 2015, IVP SMOK brand products again led the industry changes: 160 watts X CUBE II and the revolutionary 4 generation (TFV4) nebulizer. In July of the same year, under the banner of the young people group, the main cost-effective electronic cigarette brand KOOPOR came into being, launched KOOPOR mini and KOOPOR Plus two products.

In November 30, 2015, the Ai Wei Pu Si Technologies Inc of Shenzhen (abbreviated: abbrevition securities code: 834285) was publicly transferred in the national share transfer system (New Third Board) through the transfer of agreement.

In 2016, the TFV8 atomizer was sold again. It has sold over one million units in half a year, and is well received by the European and American markets. The Alien special-shaped package breaks the sales record of the electronic cigarette industry, and has sold over one million sets in just 3 months, becoming an industry myth. The success of the Alien special-shaped package has greatly promoted the industry’s thinking on the innovation of electronic cigarette.

In 2017, TFV12 atomizer hit the market and received a great response from the market. With good word of mouth, it set the benchmark for the big smog atomizer. The strength of the rookie – a whirlwind atomizer, the route of the mouthfeel, opened the new field of the atomizer. The success of the whirlwind nebulizer makes the industry refocus and attach importance to the market of the mouthfeel nebulizer.

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5 years ago

my smok mico not firing how to repaired

5 years ago

It’s broken, need to contact its official:

5 years ago

It’s broken, need to contact its official: