SMOK Indonesia flagship store grand opening

Although the global economy is still affected by the epidemic, SMOK has bucked the trend and accelerated the pace of global expansion. On the afternoon of March 27, local time, the SMOK flagship store in Jakarta, Indonesia officially opened. The store is located in Golf Island, a high-end business district on the coast of Jakarta. The decoration and exhibition are designed in accordance with the global unified store style required by the headquarters, with a high-end atmosphere and high brand recognition. On the opening day, local industry leaders and fans came here, and a number of Indonesian Internet celebrities came to help out. The scene was crowded and lively.

As the world’s leading e-cigarette brand, SMOK has now entered more than 70 countries and regions in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, etc., serving hundreds of millions of e-cigarette users, and its e-cigarette products have been favored by overseas consumers. Recognized and loved, it has unparalleled influence in the global market.

With mature experience in North American and European markets, SMOK has accelerated its expansion in Southeast Asia in recent years. At present, SMOK’s sales network covers more than 90% of Indonesia’s electronic cigarette terminal stores and some key sales chain channels, and will open brand stores one after another to strengthen the brand’s comprehensive service capabilities.

In 2022, SMOK will continue to implement its global expansion plan step by step, allowing consumers in more regions around the world to enjoy SMOK’s high-quality products and services.

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