Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Smok Launched the Voice Control Vape – I – PRIV


SMOK launched a high-power electronic cigarettes on its blog—-the “I – PRIV”.It’s time for the ai smart mini-cigarette.

The most amazing specialty is that the I – PRIV electronic suit has the voice control function. It was equipped with 16 instructions words, and each instruction corresponds to a specific action. In the state of power-on, it can not only understand instructions,but also talk with us after receiving instructions words. Consequently, On the official poster, as their slogan, we can see the words “Just Obey you”.

Looking at this kind of electronic cigarette, (we) exclaim for the speed of electronic cigarette innovation! From touch screen to full screen, and then to the AI, this vape is more and more similar to the smart phone in function.

In the introduction, as the official propaganda saying, “covered with the exoskeleton armor from the future science and technology”, I – PRIV is made of the new type of alloy, and  the whole body seems to be full of power. From the photos, it really looks like iron man, and especially, the HD-TFT screen inlaid into the body,is so similar to the energy ball in the chest of iron man, which is full of sense of science and technology

Besides, the UI is replaceable. I – PRIV design has the new dynamic user interfaces. You can see the output from the interface mode, smoke effects, working voltage, battery, resistance, etc., the steam data becomes more intuitive. Three models: the model of power (W)/memory (M), temperature control mode, six kinds of display colors.


It is understood that besides the voice intelligent identification function, the electronic cigarette can perfectly hold 20700, 21700 batteries, but if you don’t want to let the 18650 abandoned in the home, you can get directly the section double batteries of 18650 adapter in the negative direction, then the adapter into the host cell slot!


The function of the electronic cigarette equipment also gradually become abundants nowadays with the vape industry development. Though the intelligent voice control function of I – Priv  isn’t like SIRI as you think, it’s regarded as a big step forward in the development of the industry. The future of the electronic cigarette industry will be developed toward the direction of more intelligent, more convenient in life for consumers.

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Voice Control Vape - I - PRIV is a smart new design AI vape, a great gadget for tech lovers.Smok Launched the Voice Control Vape - I - PRIV