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Riding a white horse is not necessarily the same as a prince, a flash of sparkling crystal is not necessarily a star, hello, everyone, I am Jesse, today I’ll share a glittering gadget, the last time I said it’s a pity that the vaporizer didn’t flash, and made me lose face. SMOK’s TFV12 BABY PRINCE vape has greatly made up for my traumatized mind, and the nebulizer has other black technology, and let’s take a look at the vape.

1. Packing

Well, it’s still the packaging we are still familiar with, the familiar taste, drawing type + space cover paper box, the front is the SMOK brand LOGO, looking at the picture and color of the nebulizer on the box, I know the nebulizer is absolutely purple before unboxing, below is the nebulizer name, the back is some products information and accessories, the side are some anti-counterfeit letter. The same packaging style hasn’t been changed for 10 thousand years, if I said I did not see the above picture of the above introduction,no one will believe it. Haha, then the familiar actions: tear film, open the box.

2. Structure

Like the previous SMOK products, the main body is the body of the atomizer, the manual, the warranty card, the spare glass bin (thin warehouse), the apron, the spare atomizer, and so on. There are 2 spare atomizing cores, and there is one in the atomizer. This time SMOK actually gave three atomizing cores, and I was scared. The big smoke pressed the shock. The main body of the atomizer is stainless steel material, high 53.7mm, base diameter 22mm, thin warehouse diameter 22mm, fat bin diameter 26mm, bare weight 55g, fat storage capacity 4.5ml, thin warehouse capacity 3ml. You see, I said it was purple, and I predicted it. Please call me the wizard.

The disassembly of the atomizer is really simple, mainly the 5 parts of the base, the atomization core, the fat glass bin, the drop mouth, the integral oil injection top cover, and the novice can easily complete it. In order to prevent the scratching hands from making the design of chamfering or curling, there was no hair removal and no hand cutting in the process of disassembly

In the most concerned oil leakage problem of the newbies, it can be said that the treatment is quite good, in every need to seal the parts, all have a rubber ring seal, the rubber ring material is very wide and thick, especially the base of L type rubber ring, not only prevent side leakage and leak proof, I have used for two days, no leakage of oil.

The TFV series representative revolving top cover structure, the small button that prevents misopening through the inner clasp on the oil cover. When pushing the top cover, it is necessary to press the button to push the cap open. In the position of the injection hole, a rubber pad is used to prevent the oil leakage. A small modification is used to prevent the rotary junction very effectively. It is easy to be mistaken for oil. The drop mouth is still a snakes drop mouth with a 510 universal interface with a rubber ring with a smooth touch. The inside of the mouth is a funnel – like structure that prevents condensation from being sucked directly into the mouth. Of course, if you don’t like or don’t worry about this structure, you can change the other 510 drops with a rubber ring.

3. Atomizing core

It says the nebulizer is in addition to a 4 – hair 0.4 – European nebulizer core, and there are 2 other atomizing cores. Before the core has been built, many people have used it. We look at the spare core, which is the 12 core of 0.15 o, and the 12 hair sounds scary, but it is also a common atomizer for the SMOK brand. What’s the difference between this one?

Did you see? This is a luminescent core, matching the luminescent host, is not more forced, this is still in the light of the situation is not too obvious, if it is in the case of weak light, such as the X store, the effect will not need me to say it? This is the core of the red light. It is said that there are green light and orange light core, which can be purchased separately.

In addition to the luminous atomization core, another spare atomizer is not simple, 0.15 European net nebulization core, the net nebulizer has several products, like CETO, MESH, but these are all DIY nebulizer, I used in the finished product for the first time, I heard there is another finished nebulizer called the Skynet, but I did not use After a while, I’ll try the taste of the net nebulized core.

4. Use

First from the 12 emitting 0.15 European core of luminescence, the best power recommended by the official is 60-80W, and then we push it directly by 80W. The smoke and oil are my favorite red wine ice. My grain grade tobacco oil is basically used on all my atomizers. The taste is very familiar to me and the main flavor is the strong flavor of the grape. Medium cool, like drinking a cold grape juice, no wine taste, of course, I did not feel the taste of alcohol on the other atomizer, and I was satisfied with the degree of reduction, the power of the 12 core 80W is still less than 528, but it is more than the amount of oil and oil smoke in my hand. Big, of course, big smog means fuel consumption is just the same.

The final show is the net nebulization core, 0.17 o official recommended the best power is 60-70W, according to the usual use of 70W to push, heat quickly, feeling faster than that 12 hair fever, smog is delicate, grape flavor is slightly lighter than 12 hair, cool taste is similar, the sweetness is a bit heavy, in general, I’m satisfied, smog The quantity is almost the same as that of the 12, but it is still stronger than the ordinary single drop oil. The fuel consumption is still moving.

Well, it’s time to sum up again. Through the experience of a few days, SMOK TFV12 BABY PRINCE nebulizer set up all the advantages of SMOK in front of the nebulizer, no oil leaking, excellent technology, simple and convenient way of refueling, high reduction, big smoke, and now add the more forced light fogs. The black technology of the core, and the nebulization core of the net, is more playable, and the nebulizer can give you the desire for the taste and the smoke performance you want, whether it’s entering a pit or a step. Finally, thank you for your view and support, bye bye.

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