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SMOK new headquarters marketing base is found and celebrated


The ribbon-cutting celebration ceremony of SMOK Headquarters Marketing Base foundation was held on the afternoon of May 30, 2019, in Shenzhen Bay Eco-Science Park. SMOK executives, shareholders and staff representatives, guests and more than 100 people witnessed this wonderful moment.

smok marketing base operation center

SMOK headquarters moved to Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Eco-Park since September, 2017. In less than two years, the company’s business has developed rapidly and the number of team talents has doubled. The original office space has been unable to meet the growing demand of R&D and global marketing business.

smok marketing base operation center

SMOK said that the new marketing base of SMOK headquarters is now put into use, which is a milestone for SMOK’s development and growth. It is also a new starting point for SMOK to create new brilliant achievements. It symbolizes that SMOK has taken a new step towards the direction of enterprise refinement, specialization and high-end.

smok marketing base operation center

SMOK’s original office will also be transformed to further increase R&D investment and recruit R&D talents. In addition to the existing WTDP eyewitness laboratory, the e-liquids laboratory and the atomization core laboratory will also be built. The brand-new image, spacious space and perfect facilities will be beneficial to further enhance the innovative R&D capabilities and brand image of SMOK.

smok marketing base operation center

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Ouyang Junwei, CEO of IVPS Shenzhen, first expressed heartfelt thanks to the leaders, shareholders and guests who participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Ouyang Junwei said that in less than two years, the company has made rapid progress, made breakthroughs in many technological research and development, further consolidated SMOK’s leading position in the U.S. market, and SMOK products have become the benchmark to lead the industry.

smok marketing base operation center

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