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SMOK&OFRF nexMESH pod review – DirtyCheck No.62


Dear TrueToyVape fans, the high-yield SMOK comes again.
SMOK and OFRF jointly launched the nexMESH pod this time.
Will it be your loved one?

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

nexMESH kit content:

1 x nexMESH Pod host
1 x nexMESH tank
1 x SS316 0.4ohm cellular core
1 x DC 0.4ohm MTL coil core
1 x USB charging port
1 x Instructions for use

nexMESH specifications

Size 80.5mm*45mm*175mm
Power 5W-30W
Battery capacity 1200mAh
Aluminum shell

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review


SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

nexMESH operations

Press power button 5 times to turn on/off,
Display side key to adjust power,
Press simultaneously to lock the power button,
Up key plus power key and the display flips left and right

nexMESH first impression

Let’s look at the whole first,
The overall shape is relatively small, with aluminum alloy material, it looks very brilliant.
On the design, the left side is a pierced silk screen,
Font design with smok, ofrf and product name on it.

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

The right side is the OFRF logo
Ingeniously, the power key is in the “O” of OFRF’s logo

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

Both atomizing cores are 0.4ohm resistors,
The difference is that one is a mesh core and the other is a coil,
In other words, this machine is capable of being a mod vape and pod vape,
Very practical.

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

The power of 1200mAh can basically meet the charge of one day.
Personally I think that it should be upgraded to an interface of Type-C,
Compared to current design, Type-C will be more practical.
However, there is no need for a 1200mAh battery to be charged every day.
So I don’t think it matters anymore.

The capacity of the tank is relatively small,
Unfriendly to friends who consume a lot of vape juice daily.
There is a more troublesome thing,
The tank’s shell is too dark.
It’s not easy to watch the volume of left e-juice.
The same problem when filling e-juice.
This is an urgent need for improvement.
Adjustable air intake brings more possibilities for taste.
This is very good

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

nexMESH user experience

Atomizing core

SS316 nexMESH MESH 0.4ohm Coil

Strong vapor, not suitable for vaping too complicated vape juice.
Simply vaporizing some fruit-flavored vape juice, food-flavored vape juice will be OK.
The user experience is good.
It is not recommended to vape on compond vape juice that are companied with desserts and highly minty.
It performs poorly when vaporizing desserts flavors. Mint flavor on it is just so so.
Some of them can’t produce the taste of mint.
It is estimated that it is also a cotton core problem.
Suitable for vaping 3mg and 0mg of e-liquid.

nexMESH DC 0.4ohm mtl Coil

I thought that the resistance of 0.4ohm will stimulate throat badly with 6mg or 25mg vape juice. Luckily, nothing happened,
So friends who vape nic salt can try this.
The vaporizing of 6mg dessert is very good.
It’s not so sweet or so greasy.
Very soft,
Suitable for vaping 6mg and 25mg e-juice.

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

Friendly reminder, there are positive and negative sides of the tank,
The blue picture below shows the correct insertion;
Black is the wrong insertion.
Pay attention to it.

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review


This SMOK and OFRF jointly launch nexMESH Pod,
It’s easy to operate, with good taste,
But the vaporizing function still needs to improve.
Whether it is a timely upgrade or a subsequent upgrade of the atomizing core,
Are both important.
It is a device suitable for novice vapers to play with.
I believe that the only shortcoming is the design of the color of the tank,
It brings a very big drawback to use.
While the texture of the material is very good.
Do you like this pod?
I’m Captain Dirty. See you next time.

Where to buy SMOK&OFRF nexMESH pod

SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review SMOK&OFRF nexMESH Pod review

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nexMESH pod is very friendly to new users with good taste, while its tank color and vaporizing function need to be improved for pro users.SMOK&OFRF nexMESH pod review - DirtyCheck No.62