Flow vape will be sold in Wal Mart, gas station and duty-free shop

E-cigarette enterprises in the Middle East market ushered in good news. Flow vape announced that it has been certified by the Standardization and Metrology authority of the United Arab Emirates (hereinafter referred to as Esma) and will be fully sold in its territory. This is the first Esma certification for domestic e-cigarette brands. In the next few weeks, UAE consumers will see e-cigarettes from China for the first time in large supermarkets such as gas stations, duty-free stores and Wal Mart.

In April this year, ESMA announced the new electronic cigarette policy, which issued business licenses to enterprises meeting the standards. It is reported that the ESMA standard has made clear provisions on the production, packaging and sales of electronic cigarettes, mainly including: the nicotine content should be less than 2%, there should be significant health tips in Arabic and English on the package, and it is not allowed to sell to minors.

The news caused a stir as soon as it came out. As the outpost of the Middle East and Africa, UAE has entered the era of e-cigarettes legalization, indicating the opening of an emerging industry in the emerging market. According to the data of the World Health Organization, the United Arab Emirates has about 10 million smokers, which, together with neighboring countries such as Egypt and Iraq, constitutes a tobacco consumption market in the Middle East and North Africa with an annual market value of hundreds of billions and a high dependence on imports.

As the first Chinese brand, Flow vape will directly compete with industry giants such as Juul in this land. “China’s e-cigarette industry has accumulated strong technical strength and competitiveness, and we will continue to take innovation as the fulcrum to reach a wider consumer demand.” Said Zhu Xiaomu, co-founder of flow. He also disclosed that Flow’s self built factory is developing regional customized tastes according to the preferences of users in different overseas markets.

Recently, the hidden dangers caused by the irregular use of electronic atomizer have been discussed all over the world. The British Ministry of public health has repeatedly pointed out that e-cigarettes containing nicotine are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes, and vigorously promoted as a substitute for cigarettes. Ash research results confirm that more and more traditional cigarette users in the UK are turning to e-cigarettes, with the proportion in 2019 12% higher than in 2018. It can be seen that scientific and rigorous regulation and management is the key to the positive value of e-cigarettes.

In May 2018, Canada officially implemented the Tobacco and Electronic Atomizing Products Act. In its next three months, sales of e-cigarettes rose instead of falling, reaching a record of $ 1 billion. The opening of the UAE, a heavy market, is undoubtedly more promising.

Reasons why vvild CEO Luo Yonghao broke up with FLOW CEO Zhu Xiaomu

On September 17, Luo Yonghao suddenly posted a micro-blog status that he drew a clear line between Zhu Xiaomu and FLOW electronic cigarettes, stating that he had nothing to do with the above two, only with vvild electronic cigarettes and Peng Jinzhou.

Following are the possible reasons why they broke up:

1. FLOW has announced the construction of its own factory before, and we have also reported this. It is said that the incident was related to the factory, which was made by a partner of FLOW. Later, Luo asked for an order from vvild. Then Luo gave some overseas orders to the factory for they were old friends. Zhu Xiaomu knew about it and asked the factory not to do OEM for vvild. Then Luo freaked out.

The reason for Luo’s anger is very simple. I would have liked the bright moon, but the bright moon shone on the ditch. Obviously, I gave you the order to take care of your business, but you stopped the order because of the so-called competitive relationship. To put it mildly, you should be shameless.

If there are contradictions, it may be better to communicate in private, but Luo’s announcement to the world is basically described by turning hostile publicly.

2. It is said that FLOW agents are fighting with vvild to attract investment under the banner of Luo. Luo and Peng Jinzhou are ready to clear up their relationship.

3. It is said that FLOW has outstanding debts. Luo is afraid of involving himself, so he quickly declares that he has left the relationship behind.

4. After vvild signed Edison Chen’s endorsement, e-commerce sales started rapidly and offline channels developed rapidly. After vvild developed, Luo faced a problem of standing in line. Are you related to Zhu Xiaomu or Peng Jinzhou? As a result, it is the most important issue to get rid of the relationship as soon as possible.

5. It is said that when FLOW was founded, Luo thought that he would have a lot of shares and interests in FLOW, but it is said that Zhu Xiaomu was only willing to give up to five points. Luo was furious again. The basic meaning is that even if I were Ma Yun, I had at least seven points after Alibaba went public. Help you stand on the platform, but you only have five points to send me, this is not sensible, but also put the old boss aside.

6. More to be discovered.

FLOW vape launched watermelon flavor disposable pod at RHBVE

FLOW electronic cigarette was invited to participate in the RHBVE China (Shenzhen) International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition on August 29, 2019. At the e-cig expo, FLOW launched the watermelon flavor pod.flow vape

FLOW disposable vape pen with watermelon flavor has 0 nicotine content, which is suitable for starter and non-smokers.

More flavor choices like watermelon make the e-cigarette enthusiasts happier. This new watermelon disposable vape pen is easy to use as well. It has no switch button, no charging and pod replacing process to bother the vaping experience. Just vape on once unbox it. And it’s more portable and cost-effective.

flow vape

In terms of product design and technology, the flagship mobile phone level is still used in the vape – FLOW vape CEO was a mobile phone designer. The whole product conforms to the streamlined design of ergonomics. The main material is a rare two-material injection process in the market. The transparent food-grade ABS plastic and dazzling PC are carefully blended, which makes the disposable e-cigarette of FLOW a delicate candy-like appearance. The texture and taste match well.

flow vape

FLOW disposable vape also has an independent PCTG material storage tank, which can be more corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, and effectively prevent the e-liquid from being polluted, more secure. In terms of battery capacity and e juice storage, it also reaches 280 mAh and 1.4 mL respectively, and can absorb at least 300 mouthfuls. According to the traditional cigarette, 1 cigarette supports 15 puffs, 300 puffs are equivalent to 20 traditional cigarettes, that is to say, one disposable cigarette is equivalent to the amount of a pack of traditional cigarettes.

According to the users, FLOW watermelon flavor is sweet and refreshing, soft and smooth.

flow vape

After more real user feedback and more market demand severe test, FLOW disposable vape will continue to develop and improve, and more users will try and fall in love with it. Let’s wait for the next quarter of FLOW electronic cigarettes to bring us new surprises.

FLOW builds its own factory for electronic cigarettes

It was reported on 29th July that FLOW, the online influencer/ celebrity vape brand, had built its own factory reaching up to the supply chain and has started trial production.

This is also the first self-built supply chain for new brands in the industry in China, which means that consumer brands begin to penetrate upstream to occupy the initiative of R&D and production.

FLOW was founded by former Smartisan 0001 employee Zhu Xiaomu in January 2019. It appeared at a press conference of Smartisan on January 15.

It is reported that FLOW self-built factory has started production, but at the same time, it also works with other OEM factories. Two production model work together.

flow factoryThis is a new thing.

Most brands in the vape industry adopt the OEM model. The team with design ability will design separately and then make it produced in the supply chain. If they have no design ability, they will choose the public mold of the supply chain to produce, and then tag their own brand.

This also gives rise to the view that the entry threshold of vapeo industry is low and the ability of product innovation and R&D is insufficient. Although 30 vape brands have been financed since 2019, the low entry threshold is still criticized by the outside world.

FLOW wants to break the manufacturing mode of most electronic cigarette brands. It has built an electronic cigarette factory of more than 10,000 square meters in Shenzhen, becoming the first electronic cigarette brand with its own factory among the new brands.

FLOW announced in May that it had completed the investment of US$10 million led by MatrixPartners China. It belongs to the first round of relatively large-scale start-up brand with a certain financial strength, but it is not known whether it is strong enough to build its own factory alone.

There may be several possibilities, one is that the first round of financing and new financing of FLOW may not be fully disclosed, the current exposure of the MatrixPartners’s $10 million is likely to be only part of it, and the other is that FLOW has adopted the acquisition mode for the self-built factory , which is not yet confirmed.

FLOW’s investment institutions include a well-known US dollar investment institution in addition to MatrixPartners, but the official statement has not yet been made.

flow factory

Building a supply chain requires money, talent and strong ability to integrate the whole industry chain. It is a huge test whether the newly established online celebrity brand FLOW can not only focus on production and research, but also on brand and sales channel.

Once the FLOW model is established, the traditional electronic cigarette supply chain will be threatened with a wave of mergers and acquisitions. With the development of the industry, the weaknesses of consumer brands are exposed, such as uncontrollable quality, limited production capacity, long iteration cycle of products and serious leakage. In these key links, the brand has little control, which may restrict the development of the brand in the long run.

From the second point of view, the national standard of electronic cigarettes and the legislative supervision of electronic cigarettes are getting closer and closer, and the industry will eventually usher in supervision. The introduction of the national standard means that the cost of compliance will increase. Instead of being led by the supply chain at that time, it is better to start trying to build a self-built supply chain.

Beginning with the brand of celebrity, strengthening R&D and supply chain, and finally survive in the battle of sales channels.

flow factory

This is probably FLOW’s future development plan.

It’s a complete plan with brand voice and industry chain control. If the self-built factory is successful, then the production capacity will not be constrained by the technical level and production capacity of the agent factory, and the product update iteration cycle will also be shortened.

That’s a good thing.

On the other hand, FLOW may need to consider whether the timing, financial strength and talent reserve are adequate.

In addition, the involvement of consumer brands in the supply chain means that brands need to diversify their efforts from studying only consumers to studying both consumers and supply chains, which is also a challenge.

Anyway, FLOW’s attempt deserves some praise. Whether it’s a pit or a blessing, FLOW’s not only exploring for itself, but also helping the industry.

FLOW vape was awarded the Most Valuable Enterprise for Investment of China Golden Fingertip Award in 2019

FLOW vape was awarded the Most Valuable Enterprise for Investment of China Golden Fingertip Award in 2019.

On July 12, the winner list of the China Golden Finger Award 2019 sponsored by iiMedia Research, the world’s leading data mining and analysis organization in the new economy industry, were solemnly unveiled at the Global Conference on Future Science and Technology 2019.

After more than two months of competition, FLOW electronic cigarette has won the award among nearly 700 enterprises.

We see the word on paper says that the award of The Most Valuable Enterprise/brand for Investment in 2019 for Flow vape is valid from 2019.07 to 2020.06.

iiMedia award

In the point of view of Vape.hk, the China Golden Fingertip Award is not well known in China. And Flow should be the customer of iiMedia. It’s a win-win collaboration between the customer and iiMedia itself.


About iiMedia

(1) Basic introduction

iiMedia Research is a world-renowned third-party data mining and analysis organization for new economic industries. It was born in Guangzhou in 2007 and has operations and analysis facilities in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Silicon Valley. The research services area covers new economic fields such as artificial intelligence, new retail, sharing economy, online education, biotechnology, online games, e-commerce, advertising and marketing, culture and entertainment, publishing media, and knowledge payment.

iiMedia Research (艾媒咨询) is committed to exporting research reports with opinions, attitudes and conclusions. iiMedia has great experiences in big data consulting in the areas of industrial data monitoring, survey analysis, trend development, etc., with the strength as authoritative third-party that has its own big data decision-making and intelligent analysis system and professional analysts with international visions. Every year, iiMedia publishes more than 2,000 frontier reports related to new economy, covering artificial intelligence, new retail, e-commerce, education, video, biology, medical, music, travel, real estate, marketing, entertainment, media, finance, environmental protection, public governance, and so on. Through in-depth data mining, mathematical modeling, and combining analytical reasoning and scientific algorithms, iiMedia produces big data analysis results supported by data and theories. The data reports and analysts’ opinions from iiMedia Research, which cover around 20 types of mainstream official languages such as Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Italian, German and Russian, etc., are widely quoted by more than 100 mainstream media and 1,500 We-Media and industrial KOL every day.

iiMedia is also known as a big data backbone-cultivating enterprise in Guangdong Province, an innovative benchmarking enterprise in Guangzhou, the first batch of artificial intelligence warehousing enterprises in Guangzhou, and a “two high and four new” enterprise in Guangzhou. Based on the “China Mobile Internet Big Data Mining and Analysis System (CMDAS)” (Guangdong Province Science and Technology Plan Major Project) that was independently developed by the present company, iiMedia has established multi-dimensional data monitoring systems, such as Internet operation data, corporate public opinion and business conditions, user attributes and behavior preferences, retailing data mining, advertising effects, and business models, and has successfully provided more than 1,000 organizations and enterprises with big data consulting services. In 2017, the “Investigation and Research on Using Mobile Terminals and New Media to Connect Scientific and Technological Workers” project, in which the experts of iiMedia Research Institute participated, won the title of “Excellent Research Project of 2016-2017 by the Nine Representatives of China Association for Science and Technology”. The “New Media Content Recommendation Engine Based on Context Awareness” dependently developed by iiMedia was selected for the 2017 Guangzhou Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Development Project. In 2019, the “Industrial Research on the Development of IAB and NEM Industry in Guangzhou Based on Big Data” project of iiMedia Research Institute was included in the research project of building a national science and technology think tank in Guangzhou.

(2) Corporate culture

1. Mission: Use data to make all decisions based

2. Vision: The world’s most trusted data service organization

3. Values

Customer first: Always stand on the customer’s side, solve problems for customers and create values for customers!

Honest and trustworthy: Open-minded, honest, and committed

Pragmatic and rigorous: Pay attention to reality, seek truth from facts, be serious and cautious, and pursue perfection

Passion and innovation: Eternal enthusiasm, continuous learning, courage to be first and innovative

Brand history

iiMedia is a rare “unicorn” enterprise in China’s mobile Internet and big data industry in recent years. The company’s “monitoring + analysis + marketing” business model innovation based on big data has broad market prospects and is highly recognized by industry and capital markets. In addition, while the performance maintained a high-speed development trend, iiMedia has also won many honors.

(1) In January 2015, iiMedia won the “China Brand Model Enterprise” award jointly issued by People’s Daily, Asian Brand Association, Asia Television, Global Times, Dagong Net and Asia Pacific Satellite TV;

(2) In August 2015, iiMedia became the new media transformation consultant unit of People’s Daily. With excellent data mining and integrated marketing capabilities, iiMedia was awarded the honorary title of “Excellent Brand Planning Strategy Partner” by Guangdong Internet Society;

(3) In September 2015,iiMedia given the honorary title of “Guangzhou’s Most Investing Enterprise in 2015” by Guangzhou City;

(4) In November 2016, iiMedia was awarded “Top10 Internet Innovation Enterprises in Guangdong in 2016”,by Yuan Baocheng, the Vice Governor of Guangdong Provincial People’s Government, Zhang Feng, the Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Zhou Yawei, the member of the Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal Committee;

(5) In January 2017, the company was awarded “Guangzhou’s Top Ten Internet Innovation Enterprises”in the Internet Corporation Awards Ceremony hosted by the Guangzhou Internet Society ,which is directed by the Guangzhou Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Guangzhou Municipal Industry and Information Technology Commission, the Haizhu District Committee of the CPC, the Haizhu District People’s Government;

(6) In March 2017, the company was awarded the title of “Top 30 Panyu High-growth Enterprises”. The award was selected by the Panyu District Science and Technology Industry Business and Information Technology Bureau, Panyu District Science and Technology Association, Panyu District Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Panyu District Productivity Promotion Center;

(7) In June 2017, the company was assessed by Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce as the “Contract-honoring and Credit-Reliable enterprise in 2016 in Guangzhou”;

(8) In September 2017, it was awarded the “Model Innovation Enterprise” of “ Guangzhou Innovation Benchmarking 100 Enterprises in 2016” by the Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Committee;

(9) In October 2017, it was awarded “ Hurun Report Guangzhou TOP50 of China Top 100 Most Valuable New Star Enterprises in 2017”;

(10) In November 2017, it was awarded the “Most Innovative Enterprise”by the 2017 Guangzhou Internet Enterprise List;

(11) In November 2017, the company was selected as “Guangdong Big Data Backbone Cultivation Enterprise in 2017” which is assessed by the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Commission;

(12) In December 2017, Guangzhou Panyu District Science and Technology Industry Business and Information Technology Bureau awarded Mr. Zhang Yi with the honor of “Panyu District Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Leader Award in 2017”;

(13) Industry Association: The company is also the vice president unit of Guangdong Internet Association, the executive director unit of Guangzhou Internet Association, the director unit of Guangzhou Advertising Industry Association, and the director unit of Digital Advertising Branch of Guangzhou Advertising Industry Association.

FLOW developes the international market – Russia’s monthly sales amounting to US$1 million

Recently, according to insiders, FLOW Electronic Cigarette has recently set up an office in Dubai. This is an important measure to aim at the international market after FLOW electronic cigarette occupied an important position in the domestic market.

From the global distribution network to the establishment of overseas office locations, FLOW electronic cigarettes are accelerating the process of brand globalization strategy, deepening the distribution of overseas electronic cigarette market, and constantly improving the brand’s overseas visibility.

FLOW’s global market layout is also an important measure for FLOW to take root in the domestic market and establish a leading brand in the electronic cigarette industry.

flow vape

It is reported that FLOW electronic cigarette products have been exported to the United States, Canada, Russia, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries. In the Russian market, in a short month, the market sales reached US$1 million, which laid a good start for its development of the international market.

FLOW insiders mentioned that in the future FLOW international market sales will account for 30% of total sales, focusing on the layout of the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Italy and other major e-cigarette market countries. FLOW will study the international market in depth, face the different needs of different regions, increase investment in R&D, constantly improve the appearance and internal structure of electronic cigarettes manufacturing process, adjust the taste of e-liquids, to show the world smokers the exquisite technology and excellent quality of Chinese electronic cigarettes products, to show the spirit of Chinese craftsmen, to transmit the pursuit of health and fashion lifestyle.

Why do vape brands prefer the model of social media new retail?

After the online sales of domestic electronic cigarettes reached its peak at the beginning of 2019, the growth began to stop and keep stable, and there was no obvious rising trend. Therefore, solving the problem of building sales channels and promoting sales has become the major concern of brand owners.

There are three main reasons for the decline in online sales: first, after the “3.15” party criticized e-cigarettes, e-commerce channels reduce the advertising intensity of e-cigarettes; second, social platforms control all content of e-cigarettes and restrict online marketing channels; third, the mainstream media strengthens the pressure of public opinion that vapes are harmful, and the public’s understanding of e-cigarettes is misled;

The current promotion of electronic cigarette brand in China is a great problem. Limited online promotion channels and slow penetration of brands have led many enterprises to make preparations in advance and shift their focus to the offline channel development.

However, does this mean that the online channel is dead for vapes in China?

The answer is uncertain.

Although the tightening of Internet policy will have a certain impact on online sales and promotion of vape brands, the uncertainty of vape industry and the characteristics of products in line with fast consuming categories may make online marketing gradually turn to the social media new retail mode of O2O or OMO. In addition, some new e-cigarette brands have the capital and online influencer KOL support, and they are very skilled in online marketing adaptability and strategic planning, which will also become one of the reasons for accelerating the integration of online and offline platforms.

What is the social media new retail model of O2O and OMO?

o2o online offline social media marketing

O2O, or Online To Offline, refers to the combination of offline business opportunities and the Internet, making the Internet a front desk for offline transactions. The concept of O2O is very broad. As long as the industry chain can involve both online and offline, it can be called O2O.

In the early days, the main use of O2O was to take the use of the convenience of online promotion, so as to gather the relevant users, and then lead the online traffic to offline. The main areas were focused on online group buying and promotion represented by the early Meituan. Generally speaking, enterprises use the high dissemination of the Internet to publish product information to consumers on the Internet and guide consumers to the offline shop to be served. In this process, there are unidirectional and low adhesion characteristics.

At the later stage of the development of O2O, it has basically possessed the elements that we all know and understand at present. The main feature of this stage is to upgrade to a service-oriented e-commerce model: including commodities (services), orders, payment and other processes, to transfer the previous simple e-commerce module to a more high-frequency and daily life scenario.

Because the traditional service industry has been in a state of low efficiency and insufficient digestion of labor force, there has been a carnival booming growth of O2O model business under the promotion of the new model and the catalysis of capital. so door-to-door massage, door-to-door meal delivery, door-to-door fresh food, door-to-door makeup, Didi and other O2O models began to emerge in endlessly. Due to the maturity of mobile terminal, Wechat payment, data algorithm and other links, as well as the catalysis of capital, their user group grew explosively, the frequency of use and loyalty began to rise, and the integration of O2O and users’daily life began to become an inseparable part of life.

Let’s take a look at the retail model of OMO then, OMO business model is an industry platform business model, referred to “Online Merge Offline“.

Through the effective aggregation of online sharing commerce, mobile e-commerce and offline commerce, enterprises adapts to changes of experience economy development ables the users to simplify the way to obtain physical goods and services, and build an online, mobile and offline three-in-one full-time experience marketing system, so that enterprises and users conduct transactions and consumption through various kinds of carriers and terminals.

Enterprises with such a unified platform-based business model can rationally allocate enterprise resources, formulate corresponding business strategies, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation between brand communication and actual transactions, combining their own product and service characteristics.

Simply put, online is a product line supporting mechanism, offline is another product line supporting mechanism, online channels achieve team fission through the rapid spread of the Internet, offline physical stores do local in-depth marketing through offline product line. At the same time, local offline physical stores are used as business incubation bases to provide business guidance, training and replication to the surrounding entrepreneurs, so as to promote the continuous growth of online channels.

So why put the word “social” before “new retail”? The great reason is that the success of the two retail modes of O2O and OMO is closely related to the practice of social media platform. Perhaps such an explanation is confusing, but if we take the “Wechat business” that has been rising year by year as an example, maybe everyone will understand it immediately.

Wechat business has been developing for seven years since 2012. The greatest advantage of Wechat business is to precipitate users and realize the complete aggregation of team flow fission. Although Wechat’s original intention is to be used as a social tool, marketing is not its main focus, but it also means that Wechat is more accurate than traditional e-commerce to find user groups and interconnected large data, thus greatly improving the scope of business services and orders.

Early Wechat business merchants were simply selling goods in friends circle. They were almost zero guarantee in terms of product quality, category selection, logistics, rights protection and so on. It was full of a large number of counterfeit and defective products. Because of the fission effect of agency distribution mode and viral marketing with low threshold and zero cost, Wechat merchants are springing up in the circle of friends.

During this period, Wechat merchants almost made consumers hate Wechat merchants’ advertising activities, but it is also this fast-growing social medial retailing that enables enterprises that want to get more traffic and sales to introduce the mode of O2O and OMO into Wechat merchants, and to achieve the comprehensive interchange of brand channels, decentralized traffic aggregation and user precipitation.

On the one hand, due to the early environmental impact, Wechat business practitioners need more brands with high prestige to enter the market, while consumers need products with mouth-to-mouth credibility; on the other hand, brands need to spread quickly to achieve user fission, interact directly with consumers, so as to establish brand awareness in the market. Therefore, in the context of both buyers and sellers’demand, a “new social retail” in O2O or OMO model gets favored by consumers gradually.

At present, there is no OMO’s social retail model in the electronic cigarette industry. After all, you should not have heard of such services like “sharing electronic cigarettes” or “electronic smoke cloud data” appearing on the market. But when it comes to social media new retail outlets of the type of O2O, online channels of some enterprises have begun to shift in this direction according to the surveys.

First of all, YOOZ, an electronic cigarette brand created by Uncle Cai Yuedong, was taken as an example. After its previous achievements in Taobao, Jingdong and Xiaohongshu, YOOZ is planning to make efforts in the private domain to solve the pain points faced by traditional Wechat merchants with brand-new categories and innovative models, to use traffic fission to play new retail.

YOOZ’s team includes several top Wechat business executives to improve the disadvantages of the Wechat business agent team system. For example, there are only two levels of agency sales. Flattened agency team can help YOOZ really approach the market and help agents get more product revenue. In addition, unlike traditional retailers, the quality, logistics and rights protection of electronic cigarette products are handed over to YOOZ.

When consumers use YOOZ products, they find that the product price and performance are good. They can apply to become agents through the unified entrance of Wechat built by Yooz. Agents can share products and link to social media such as friends circle, China twitter, QQ space, and realize fissile prodcut distribution based on acquaintance recommendation.

Remember the “YOOZ e-cigarette online 24 hours to get 5 million sales” incident at the beginning of this year? This is Cai Yuedong, who is well versed in Internet marketing, who demonstrates the social media new retail is best with a strong team of Internet foundations.
Look at another brand case of realizing new retail fission. It is also a popular electronic cigarette brand, FLOW, which was launched almost at the same time as YOOZ.

FLOW’s recently adopted FLOW Partner Scheme, similar to YOOZ, is a new retail model that uses social media as a channel for sales agents to achieve user fission. However, it is worth noting that FLOW’s method of becoming a distributor is simpler than YOOZ’s. It only needs to register through an entry link set up by the official Wechat account to become the brand general partner after being audited.

After becoming a partner, you can enter the Partner’s Center through the official Wechat account to check your shop situation, and share links to other consumers to earn commissions. If you become a general partner, you can get a 10% Commission on any order, and if you become a partner’s friend and successfully promote it to his friend, you can also get an additional 2% second-level invitation award.

In addition, as the amount of accumulated orders continues to rise, your partner rank will also rise. When you exceed 5000 yuan, you will be promoted to an intermediate partner with a corresponding increase of 15% and 3% in commission. When you accumulate more than 10000 yuan, you will become a senior partner with the highest commission ratio of 20% and 5%.

vape girl

Does FLOW seem to have a similar partnership plan? In fact, Airscream Bubble, an emerging e-cigarette brand, launched its Distributor Program earlier this year, along the same path. The brand has raised a lot of topics at Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Exhibition with the “99 yuan pod vape starter kit”. Later, Bubble set up the “Bubble Ambassador” distribution officer program on Wechat, which became the first echelon for domestic e-cigarette brands to step into social media new retailing.

In the case of electronic cigarette companies, social media new retail seems to be a trend of many opportunities, although many market analysts say that the trend of bubbles has always existed because of the closeness of WeChat platform and the fact that third parties can not see the true marketing effect, and what commission system is and the two level reward. However, it is worth noting that electronic cigarette products, different from traditional consumer goods, are a “addictive” consumer market. And the marketing model of Wechat businesss + O2O has great potential to accelerate the “stickiness” and “penetration” of electronic cigarette brands to consumers remaining nontransparent.

vape girl

Generally speaking, the transition to social media new retail, a large-scale, high-precision sales channel, just meets the convenience of e-cigarette users’ demand for products. Through the direct purchase of Wechat micro APP, fixed-point transportation, at least one layer of wholesalers is removed, which not only greatly improves the convenience of consumers, reduces the problem of middlemen, but also reduces the cost of brand promotion and expands the margin space of profits. Therefore, online channel  transformation is the general trend of the future.

However, the transformation of online channels can bring considerable fission results, but at the same time, it also tests the ability of enterprises to expand offline, capital, resources, product quality and other issues. After all, once the online channel grows, it will inevitably become the opposite and competitor of the offline channel. If the market cannot be perfectly integrated and well controlled, it will easily lead to the revolt of the agents and the collapse of the hard-built offline sales channel.

FLOW has completed ten million dollars financing led by Matrix Partners

FLOW, the influencer vape brand, has completed ten million dollar financing on May 22 . This round of investment is led by Matrix Partners, while other participants are not known yet.

FLOW was founded by former Hammer 0001 employee Zhu Xiaomu in January 2019. It first appeared at a press conference on January 15th of Hammer. A number of social influencer brand vapes were released successively, including YOOZ founded by Cai Yuetong, Linx founded by Zhang Jinyuan and so on.

flow vape

According to the previous statistics, FLOW operating company Beijing Feather Technology has applied for 40 trademarks and a patent, but they are currently under review.

Zhu Xiaomu did not confirm that the financing, but Vapehk has basically confirmed that this financing has now been completed according to insiders in the investment circle.

According to the incomplete data on the Internet, Vapehk has announced that 20 e-cigarette brands have been financed, with an admission fund of more than 1 billion yuan.
According to the current public information, there are many old-fashioned funds such as IDG and Sequoia, as well as active venture-making organizations such as Matrix Partners and Zhen funds.

According to the data of vape industry of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, the global output value of electronic cigarettes in 2018 is nearly 110 billion yuan, and the domestic market consumption scale is 4 billion yuan.

In the global e-cigarette sales market ranking in 2018, the United States led by $8.5 billion, Britain ranked second with $2.1 billion, France and Germany followed by $76 million and $720 million respectively, and China ranked sixth with $580 million.


At present, there are nearly 100 million smokers in the United States, and the penetration rate of e-cigarette users is 13%, and that of Chinese smokers is nearly 350 million, whose penetration rate of e-cigarette is less than 1%.


In addition, Juul has now set out to form a Chinese team to enter China, and is expected to start expanding the Chinese market soon.

Vapehk believes that the large market size and wide user base have attracted many start-ups and institutions to start businesses targeting the vape industry. And the vape industry will grow wildly in the near future.

What did FLOW’s flavor product manager say about its durian e juice?

FLOW is a product of a Chinese new brand. It has a new Durian flavor e liquid launched recently. And let’s have a look what did the FLOW product manager say.

“Scientists have used steam distillation to extract and capillary gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to analyze the chemical constituents of durian pulp and peel. A total of 120 compounds have been detected. More than 120 compounds are found in skunks, metals, rubber, garlic, cheese, onions, honey, fruits, cooked beef, yeast, dried squid, etc. Among them, it is precisely 120 kinds of flavors that work together to create a super strong Durian flavor.” Expressed, Lee, Flow product manager.

Durian e juice flow

“From an evolutionary point of view, it may be related to the self-protection mechanism of organisms. Durian is actually a kind of hallucinogenic taste. Some people think that the odor is bad because a small number of people carrying the mutant gene do not have odor receptors, which can make durian hallucinate them, and self-protection mechanism makes them stay away from durian.”

“Now the Flow Durian flavor e liquid is on sale at Tmall and Youzan mall in China, welcome to order from Flow”, Said Lee.

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