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FLOW has completed ten million dollars financing led by Matrix Partners


FLOW, the influencer vape brand, has completed ten million dollar financing on May 22 . This round of investment is led by Matrix Partners, while other participants are not known yet.

FLOW was founded by former Hammer 0001 employee Zhu Xiaomu in January 2019. It first appeared at a press conference on January 15th of Hammer. A number of social influencer brand vapes were released successively, including YOOZ founded by Cai Yuetong, Linx founded by Zhang Jinyuan and so on.

flow vape

According to the previous statistics, FLOW operating company Beijing Feather Technology has applied for 40 trademarks and a patent, but they are currently under review.

Zhu Xiaomu did not confirm that the financing, but Vapehk has basically confirmed that this financing has now been completed according to insiders in the investment circle.

According to the incomplete data on the Internet, Vapehk has announced that 20 e-cigarette brands have been financed, with an admission fund of more than 1 billion yuan.
According to the current public information, there are many old-fashioned funds such as IDG and Sequoia, as well as active venture-making organizations such as Matrix Partners and Zhen funds.

According to the data of vape industry of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, the global output value of electronic cigarettes in 2018 is nearly 110 billion yuan, and the domestic market consumption scale is 4 billion yuan.

In the global e-cigarette sales market ranking in 2018, the United States led by $8.5 billion, Britain ranked second with $2.1 billion, France and Germany followed by $76 million and $720 million respectively, and China ranked sixth with $580 million.


At present, there are nearly 100 million smokers in the United States, and the penetration rate of e-cigarette users is 13%, and that of Chinese smokers is nearly 350 million, whose penetration rate of e-cigarette is less than 1%.


In addition, Juul has now set out to form a Chinese team to enter China, and is expected to start expanding the Chinese market soon.

Vapehk believes that the large market size and wide user base have attracted many start-ups and institutions to start businesses targeting the vape industry. And the vape industry will grow wildly in the near future.


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