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FLOW vape launched watermelon flavor disposable pod at RHBVE


FLOW electronic cigarette was invited to participate in the RHBVE China (Shenzhen) International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition on August 29, 2019. At the e-cig expo, FLOW launched the watermelon flavor pod.flow vape

FLOW disposable vape pen with watermelon flavor has 0 nicotine content, which is suitable for starter and non-smokers.

More flavor choices like watermelon make the e-cigarette enthusiasts happier. This new watermelon disposable vape pen is easy to use as well. It has no switch button, no charging and pod replacing process to bother the vaping experience. Just vape on once unbox it. And it’s more portable and cost-effective.

flow vape

In terms of product design and technology, the flagship mobile phone level is still used in the vape – FLOW vape CEO was a mobile phone designer. The whole product conforms to the streamlined design of ergonomics. The main material is a rare two-material injection process in the market. The transparent food-grade ABS plastic and dazzling PC are carefully blended, which makes the disposable e-cigarette of FLOW a delicate candy-like appearance. The texture and taste match well.

flow vape

FLOW disposable vape also has an independent PCTG material storage tank, which can be more corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, and effectively prevent the e-liquid from being polluted, more secure. In terms of battery capacity and e juice storage, it also reaches 280 mAh and 1.4 mL respectively, and can absorb at least 300 mouthfuls. According to the traditional cigarette, 1 cigarette supports 15 puffs, 300 puffs are equivalent to 20 traditional cigarettes, that is to say, one disposable cigarette is equivalent to the amount of a pack of traditional cigarettes.

According to the users, FLOW watermelon flavor is sweet and refreshing, soft and smooth.

flow vape

After more real user feedback and more market demand severe test, FLOW disposable vape will continue to develop and improve, and more users will try and fall in love with it. Let’s wait for the next quarter of FLOW electronic cigarettes to bring us new surprises.

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