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FLOW vape was awarded the Most Valuable Enterprise for Investment of China Golden Fingertip Award in 2019


FLOW vape was awarded the Most Valuable Enterprise for Investment of China Golden Fingertip Award in 2019.

On July 12, the winner list of the China Golden Finger Award 2019 sponsored by iiMedia Research, the world’s leading data mining and analysis organization in the new economy industry, were solemnly unveiled at the Global Conference on Future Science and Technology 2019.

After more than two months of competition, FLOW electronic cigarette has won the award among nearly 700 enterprises.

We see the word on paper says that the award of The Most Valuable Enterprise/brand for Investment in 2019 for Flow vape is valid from 2019.07 to 2020.06.

iiMedia award

In the point of view of, the China Golden Fingertip Award is not well known in China. And Flow should be the customer of iiMedia. It’s a win-win collaboration between the customer and iiMedia itself.


About iiMedia

(1) Basic introduction

iiMedia Research is a world-renowned third-party data mining and analysis organization for new economic industries. It was born in Guangzhou in 2007 and has operations and analysis facilities in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Silicon Valley. The research services area covers new economic fields such as artificial intelligence, new retail, sharing economy, online education, biotechnology, online games, e-commerce, advertising and marketing, culture and entertainment, publishing media, and knowledge payment.

iiMedia Research (艾媒咨询) is committed to exporting research reports with opinions, attitudes and conclusions. iiMedia has great experiences in big data consulting in the areas of industrial data monitoring, survey analysis, trend development, etc., with the strength as authoritative third-party that has its own big data decision-making and intelligent analysis system and professional analysts with international visions. Every year, iiMedia publishes more than 2,000 frontier reports related to new economy, covering artificial intelligence, new retail, e-commerce, education, video, biology, medical, music, travel, real estate, marketing, entertainment, media, finance, environmental protection, public governance, and so on. Through in-depth data mining, mathematical modeling, and combining analytical reasoning and scientific algorithms, iiMedia produces big data analysis results supported by data and theories. The data reports and analysts’ opinions from iiMedia Research, which cover around 20 types of mainstream official languages such as Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Italian, German and Russian, etc., are widely quoted by more than 100 mainstream media and 1,500 We-Media and industrial KOL every day.

iiMedia is also known as a big data backbone-cultivating enterprise in Guangdong Province, an innovative benchmarking enterprise in Guangzhou, the first batch of artificial intelligence warehousing enterprises in Guangzhou, and a “two high and four new” enterprise in Guangzhou. Based on the “China Mobile Internet Big Data Mining and Analysis System (CMDAS)” (Guangdong Province Science and Technology Plan Major Project) that was independently developed by the present company, iiMedia has established multi-dimensional data monitoring systems, such as Internet operation data, corporate public opinion and business conditions, user attributes and behavior preferences, retailing data mining, advertising effects, and business models, and has successfully provided more than 1,000 organizations and enterprises with big data consulting services. In 2017, the “Investigation and Research on Using Mobile Terminals and New Media to Connect Scientific and Technological Workers” project, in which the experts of iiMedia Research Institute participated, won the title of “Excellent Research Project of 2016-2017 by the Nine Representatives of China Association for Science and Technology”. The “New Media Content Recommendation Engine Based on Context Awareness” dependently developed by iiMedia was selected for the 2017 Guangzhou Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Development Project. In 2019, the “Industrial Research on the Development of IAB and NEM Industry in Guangzhou Based on Big Data” project of iiMedia Research Institute was included in the research project of building a national science and technology think tank in Guangzhou.

(2) Corporate culture

1. Mission: Use data to make all decisions based

2. Vision: The world’s most trusted data service organization

3. Values

Customer first: Always stand on the customer’s side, solve problems for customers and create values for customers!

Honest and trustworthy: Open-minded, honest, and committed

Pragmatic and rigorous: Pay attention to reality, seek truth from facts, be serious and cautious, and pursue perfection

Passion and innovation: Eternal enthusiasm, continuous learning, courage to be first and innovative

Brand history

iiMedia is a rare “unicorn” enterprise in China’s mobile Internet and big data industry in recent years. The company’s “monitoring + analysis + marketing” business model innovation based on big data has broad market prospects and is highly recognized by industry and capital markets. In addition, while the performance maintained a high-speed development trend, iiMedia has also won many honors.

(1) In January 2015, iiMedia won the “China Brand Model Enterprise” award jointly issued by People’s Daily, Asian Brand Association, Asia Television, Global Times, Dagong Net and Asia Pacific Satellite TV;

(2) In August 2015, iiMedia became the new media transformation consultant unit of People’s Daily. With excellent data mining and integrated marketing capabilities, iiMedia was awarded the honorary title of “Excellent Brand Planning Strategy Partner” by Guangdong Internet Society;

(3) In September 2015,iiMedia given the honorary title of “Guangzhou’s Most Investing Enterprise in 2015” by Guangzhou City;

(4) In November 2016, iiMedia was awarded “Top10 Internet Innovation Enterprises in Guangdong in 2016”,by Yuan Baocheng, the Vice Governor of Guangdong Provincial People’s Government, Zhang Feng, the Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Zhou Yawei, the member of the Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal Committee;

(5) In January 2017, the company was awarded “Guangzhou’s Top Ten Internet Innovation Enterprises”in the Internet Corporation Awards Ceremony hosted by the Guangzhou Internet Society ,which is directed by the Guangzhou Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Guangzhou Municipal Industry and Information Technology Commission, the Haizhu District Committee of the CPC, the Haizhu District People’s Government;

(6) In March 2017, the company was awarded the title of “Top 30 Panyu High-growth Enterprises”. The award was selected by the Panyu District Science and Technology Industry Business and Information Technology Bureau, Panyu District Science and Technology Association, Panyu District Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Panyu District Productivity Promotion Center;

(7) In June 2017, the company was assessed by Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce as the “Contract-honoring and Credit-Reliable enterprise in 2016 in Guangzhou”;

(8) In September 2017, it was awarded the “Model Innovation Enterprise” of “ Guangzhou Innovation Benchmarking 100 Enterprises in 2016” by the Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Committee;

(9) In October 2017, it was awarded “ Hurun Report Guangzhou TOP50 of China Top 100 Most Valuable New Star Enterprises in 2017”;

(10) In November 2017, it was awarded the “Most Innovative Enterprise”by the 2017 Guangzhou Internet Enterprise List;

(11) In November 2017, the company was selected as “Guangdong Big Data Backbone Cultivation Enterprise in 2017” which is assessed by the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Commission;

(12) In December 2017, Guangzhou Panyu District Science and Technology Industry Business and Information Technology Bureau awarded Mr. Zhang Yi with the honor of “Panyu District Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Leader Award in 2017”;

(13) Industry Association: The company is also the vice president unit of Guangdong Internet Association, the executive director unit of Guangzhou Internet Association, the director unit of Guangzhou Advertising Industry Association, and the director unit of Digital Advertising Branch of Guangzhou Advertising Industry Association.

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