Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Flow vape will be sold in Wal Mart, gas station and duty-free shop


E-cigarette enterprises in the Middle East market ushered in good news. Flow vape announced that it has been certified by the Standardization and Metrology authority of the United Arab Emirates (hereinafter referred to as Esma) and will be fully sold in its territory. This is the first Esma certification for domestic e-cigarette brands. In the next few weeks, UAE consumers will see e-cigarettes from China for the first time in large supermarkets such as gas stations, duty-free stores and Wal Mart.

In April this year, ESMA announced the new electronic cigarette policy, which issued business licenses to enterprises meeting the standards. It is reported that the ESMA standard has made clear provisions on the production, packaging and sales of electronic cigarettes, mainly including: the nicotine content should be less than 2%, there should be significant health tips in Arabic and English on the package, and it is not allowed to sell to minors.

The news caused a stir as soon as it came out. As the outpost of the Middle East and Africa, UAE has entered the era of e-cigarettes legalization, indicating the opening of an emerging industry in the emerging market. According to the data of the World Health Organization, the United Arab Emirates has about 10 million smokers, which, together with neighboring countries such as Egypt and Iraq, constitutes a tobacco consumption market in the Middle East and North Africa with an annual market value of hundreds of billions and a high dependence on imports.

As the first Chinese brand, Flow vape will directly compete with industry giants such as Juul in this land. “China’s e-cigarette industry has accumulated strong technical strength and competitiveness, and we will continue to take innovation as the fulcrum to reach a wider consumer demand.” Said Zhu Xiaomu, co-founder of flow. He also disclosed that Flow’s self built factory is developing regional customized tastes according to the preferences of users in different overseas markets.

Recently, the hidden dangers caused by the irregular use of electronic atomizer have been discussed all over the world. The British Ministry of public health has repeatedly pointed out that e-cigarettes containing nicotine are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes, and vigorously promoted as a substitute for cigarettes. Ash research results confirm that more and more traditional cigarette users in the UK are turning to e-cigarettes, with the proportion in 2019 12% higher than in 2018. It can be seen that scientific and rigorous regulation and management is the key to the positive value of e-cigarettes.

In May 2018, Canada officially implemented the Tobacco and Electronic Atomizing Products Act. In its next three months, sales of e-cigarettes rose instead of falling, reaching a record of $ 1 billion. The opening of the UAE, a heavy market, is undoubtedly more promising.

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