RELX to defeat brand and product design infringement

RELX is actively taking actions in cracking down on various vape brands that conduct infringement on RELX brand in China since June 2021.

On the one hand, RELX has recently won two lawsuits against similar trademarks.  The two infringing trademarks are REIX and RELOOX.

The decision of Shenzhen Wuxin Technology Co., Ltd. to object to RELX’s similar trademarks announced by the State Intellectual Property Office showed that the result of the judgment was that both REIX and RELOOX constitute similar trademarks to RELX, and both were disallowed to be registered.

The State Intellectual Property Office determined that the registration of the disputed trademarks REIX and RELOOX belonged to similar products and constituted similar trademarks, and could easily cause confusion among consumers. Their application damaged RELX’s prior trademark rights and interests, so RELX’s trademark right claim was protected by the Property Office. While REIX and RELOOX constitute similar RELX trademarks, they’re not allowed to be registered.

On the other hand, RELX has started a litigation battle against three vape brands that produce RELX compatible cartridges. These 3 infringing brands include SP2S, VEEX and MAX.

The SP2S operating company was fined 200,000 yuan by the Shenzhen Market Regulation and Administration Bureau in May this year. The basis for the punishment shows that it may be suspected of illegally publishing advertisements.

From the information that has been disclosed so far, RELX has launched this year’s encirclement and suppression of RELX compatible cartridge vape brands. This is not the first time that RELX has sued a compatible vape brand for trademark infringement.

On June 16, VEEX, another RELX compatible cartridge brand, was sued by RELX for alleged unfair competition. RELX suing VEEX has not yet undergone a formal trial because VEEX filed a jurisdictional objection.

On July 2, RELX sued MAX in Hangzhou, claiming that it infringed its patent rights.

4 reasons why RELX vape is fast-growing in China

RELX vape is getting more and more popular in China, owing to the following 4 factors.

First, high repurchase rate;

It is reported that RELX’s cartridges have the advantages of a large number of new and fast consuming speeds, which attract more consumers’ attention. In addition, the different series of RELX cartridges are not compatible, which ultimately makes RELX cartridges a very high repurchase rate.


Second, follow the market trend;

It is reported that e-cigarettes are an innovative electronic consumer product because it comes with high repurchase rate and convenient e-liquid and pod replacement. The current e-cigarettes on the market are mainly rechargeable.

RELX follows the market trend and takes the reloadable electronic cigarette as the key direction of its products, which also makes RELX more popular among merchants and consumers.

4 reasons why RELX vape is fast-growing

Third, be close to the needs of consumers;

Since its establishment, RELX has been continuously deepening scientific research, improving technology and product development.

It is reported that RELX has successively launched a variety of e-cigarettes such as RELX Classic, REXL Alpha, and Relx, each of which has at least a dozen flavors, which can meet the needs of different consumers. At the same time, the product prices of RELX electronic cigarettes also cover different price ranges.


Fourth, strong retail network;

In addition to products, RELX’s retail network is also very powerful. At present, the number of offline stores in China has exceeded 4,500, covering 310 cities. In addition, RELX’s offline network is still accelerating its expansion. In addition, as of 2020, RELX has 110 dealers.

It is precisely under the superposition of the above multiple factors, RELX Technology maintains its fierce development momentum, while still facing the threat of industry regulation.

RLX Technology Published Latest Finding in Journal of Applied Toxicology on the Inhalation Safety Assessment of the Cooling agent WS-23 in E-Cigarette

29 March, 2021—RLX Technology(RELX)’s latest peer-reviewed study published in Journal of Applied Toxicology showed the cooling agent WS-23 widely used in e-cigarette has limited impact on the experiment animals at the tested dose.

The study showed that there were no deaths in any of WS-23 treated groups in the acute and subacute inhalation studies, with no remarkable changes occurred in body weight, organ weight, hematology, and serum biochemistry, and no toxic effects in the histopathologic analysis.

It was the first study published on the Science Citation Index (SCI) indexed journal conducted by Chinese e-cigarette industry.

WS-23 is a well-known artificial synthesis cooling agent widely used in foods, medicines and tobaccos. As a commonly cooling agent in e-cigarette liquids, WS-23 has led to concerns about the inhalation toxicity with the prosperous of e-cigarettes in recent years. The study shows that at the tested dose level, inhalation of WS-23 will not bring toxic side effect to test animals.

“Product safety has always been RLX’s top concern, and it is also the direction and commitment in our research and development,” Xingtao Jiang, head of RELX Lab. Before the study was published, RELX Lab has conducted vitro tests to prove the aerosol containing WS-23 is safe to use in the products. The latest assessment has further discovered the inhalation toxicity of WS-23 used in the product. Jiang said RLX will continue to conduct more studies to improve RELX products’ quality.

The study was led by RLX science team and part of the experiment were conducted in its physiochemical lab.

In the experiment, Specific-pathogen-free (SPF) SD rats were used to inhale the diluted aerosols of WS-23 with different concentrations and blank solvent by a nose-only exposure system, taking clean air as the control group. After the administration period and the recovery period, the researchers evaluated the acute and subacute inhalation toxicity of the cooling agent WS-23 by comparing key indicators with control groups.

In the acute inhalation study, the appearance, behavioral activities, feed intaking and excreta of all rats seemed to be no obvious abnormalities in the recovery period. In the subacute inhalation toxicity study, there was no significant difference observed in the body weights, feed consumption and relative organ weights. Hematological, serum biochemical, urine and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid analysis also revealed the non-adverse effects after 28-day repeated WS-23 inhalation.

In conclusion, the maximum tolerated dose for WS-23 acute inhalation is not less than 340 mg/m3 , and the No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL) of WS-23 subacute inhalation was determined to be over 342.85 mg/m3 .

In September 2020, RLX has announced its plan to conduct strict product quality study, physiochemical study, pathological, clinical study and the evaluation of long-term use of e-cigarette. The WS-23 study was the first publicly published scientific achievement.


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RELX confirms the safety of cooling agents in vapes

On March 24, the scientific team of WuxinTechnology (RELX) published a scientific paper in the global toxicology SCI journal Journal of Applied Toxicology, pointing out that no experimental animals were found to be related to the cooling agent WS-23 Changes in physiological, biochemical and pathological indicators have verified the inhalation safety of the cooling ingredient under the test dosage conditions.

Cooling agent WS-23 is an additive widely used in food, beverage, medicine, electronic atomization and other fields. Previously, research on it has focused on the field of oral use. This study proved for the first time that at the test dose, the aerosolized inhalation cooling agent WS-23 will not bring toxic side effects to experimental animals.

According to reports, this research fills the gap in global toxicology research and is the first time that China’s vape industry has published a paper in an SCI journal (Science Citation Index, Science Citation Index).

Jiang Xingtao, head of the Wuxin Technology Laboratory, said: “Product quality and safety is the biggest concern of Wuxin Technology, and it is also our constant direction and commitment in technology development and scientific research.” Previously, Wuxin Technology Laboratory passed in vitro toxicity tests. The safety of products containing cooling agent WS-23 was verified. This study further explored the inhalation toxicity of specific ingredients. Jiang Xingtao said that in the future, relevant research will be continued to improve the safety standards of RELX’s products and protect the rights and interests of consumers.

RELX confirms the safety of cooling agents in vapes

The research was led by the Wuxin Tech scientific team, and part of the experiment was completed in its physical and chemical laboratory. In the experiment, rats used a special oral and nasal exposure system to inhale and administer solvents and blank solvents in groups, and clean air was used as a blank control group. After the administration period and the recovery period, the researchers evaluated the acute and subacute inhalation toxicity of the cooling agent WS-23 by comparing key indicators.

The acute inhalation toxicity assessment showed that during the administration period and the subsequent 14-day observation period, rats exposed to the limit test dose level (340 mg/m3) had no signs of poisoning; the subacute inhalation toxicity assessment showed that the dose was given on 28 days. During the drug period and the subsequent 28-day recovery period, there were no statistically significant differences in the weight, food intake, organ weight and other data of rats in different groups. Blood, urine, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, histopathology, etc. were examined None showed abnormal changes related to the test substance.

“Studies have confirmed that the maximum tolerated dose for acute inhalation of cooling agent WS-23 in rats is not less than 340 mg/m3, and the NOAEL dose for subacute inhalation is higher than 342.85 mg/m3. After conversion, the safe dosage is much higher than the actual dosage in the RELX electronic atomizer.

This paper is one of the latest achievements of Wuxin Tech’s “1+4” scientific research path. In September 2020, Wuxin Tech announced that it will advance the scientific exploration of electronic atomization through strict product quality + physical and chemical research, toxicological research, clinical research, and long-term impact assessment. This paper is the first publicly published scientific research result in the field of “toxicology research”.

According to reports, Wuxin Tech is advancing a number of basic scientific research work such as the construction of an electronic atomization risk assessment system and clinical safety research. The specific results will be announced in the future.


RELX releases herbal portable disposable vape

On March 5th, Wuxin Tech (RELX parent company) released the disposable herbal portable atomizer named “Grass Valley”.

“Valley of Grass and Trees” adopts RELX’s unique extraction technology, which users can carry with them and are convenient to use. Extraction TechnologyTM is one of the core technological innovations of the RELX atomization technology platform. It matches the extraction device and the extraction liquid through three dimensions to ensure user experience.

“Grass Valley” extracts polygonatum, tangerine peel, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, licorice and other medicinal and edible herbal raw materials. With the help of a new generation of atomization technology, ultrasonic extraction technology is used to purify traditional herbal raw materials and retain small molecular active ingredients. , And dissolved in the atomizing liquid; according to the chromatographic fingerprint similarity evaluation system, the research and development personnel will accurately compare the component indicators, so that the effective component atomization remains stable.

RELX releases herbal portable atomizer
RELX releases herbal portable vaporizer

This product not only continues the high requirements of the RELX comprehensive quality supervision system, but also refers to the control of the production process of medical supplies to ensure the integration of product experience, quality and safety.

Atomization is an important platform technology in the field of health. At present, medical nebulizers and nebulized inhalation preparations including traditional Chinese medicine have become conventional tools for the treatment of diseases such as the respiratory tract. However, due to the size of the equipment and the way of operation, the application of atomization technology is still rare in the field of health. The new atomization technology will use modern methods to help traditional Chinese medicine revitalize in a larger field.

In the past three years, RELX has established moats in the fields of scientific research, hardware R&D, atomization liquid R&D and inspection, and has the foundation for exploring the application of atomization technology in this field.

In terms of scientific research, RELX has established a physical and chemical laboratory and a life science laboratory to systematically study the degree of harm reduction of electronic atomized aerosols at the level of human cells and animals. In terms of hardware R&D, the RELX R&D module has covered the fields of temperature control technology, new materials, atomization calculation and simulation.

RELX releases herbal portable atomizer
In the “Healthy China 2030” Planning Outline released in 2016, it is proposed to “explore and promote the development of wearable devices, smart health electronic products, and health medical mobile application services.” In 2019, in the “Healthy China Action (2019-2030)”, the Healthy China Action Promotion Committee once again proposed to “play the role of market mechanisms and encourage the development and promotion of health management artificial intelligence and wearable devices.”

The emergence of the “Valley of Grass and Trees” is precisely the beginning of RELX’s response to the call with technology and innovation to explore new areas of health. If the existing atomization technology is applied to improve the industrial design and atomization method of medical atomizers, and different atomization liquids are matched for different purposes, so that they are “available at any time and everywhere”, it is very likely that this category will become “Platform” tools for health management benefit more people.

It is understood that RELX is currently working with a number of pharmaceutical companies to initiate technology and product evaluation cooperation to explore the development of new aerosol inhalation drugs.

Former Citi executive Lu Chaoyue serves as CFO of RELX vape

Netease Finance learned today that Lu Chao, who was previously the head of Citigroup’s Asian medical and health industry investment bank, will serve as the CFO of Wuxin, the parent company of RELX vape, which has just been listed in the United States.

According to the data, Wuxin Technology was founded by Wang Ying in January 2018. Before founding the company, Wang Ying was the head of Uber China. After the merger of Didi and Uber in October 2016, Wang Ying became the general manager of Didi’s Uber business unit. After that, Uber App was closed. The Youxiang business led by Wang Ying was taken over by Didi, who subsequently resigned from Didi and founded Wuxin Technology At present, Wuxin Technology is the largest electronic cigarette manufacturer in China.

The prospectus shows that Wang Ying, the founder, chairman and CEO of Wuxin Technology, and the team hold 58.7% of the shares. The other two founders, Jiang Long and WEN YILONG, hold 9.9% and 6.5% respectively. In terms of institutional shareholders, Deep Technology Linkage, a subsidiary of Source Code Capital, holds 10.7% of the shares, and Sequoia China holds 4.9%.

On January 22 this year, Wuxin Technology was listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock code “RLX”. The issue price was set at US$12, and approximately US$1.4 billion was raised. The stock price of Wuxin Technology has increased by more than 75% in the listing, and the company’s market value is about 32.7 billion US dollars.

A source close to Wuxin Technology revealed to NetEase Finance that Lu Chao will join Wuxin Technology as early as March this year. “He will help Wuxin Technology expand the application and investment opportunities of atomization technology in the medical and health industry.” (Chen Junhong)

RELX Phantom pod system review: a decent pod for real vaping

RELX Phantom pod system is a 5th generation product from RELX official after RELX Infinity, RELX i, RELX Alpha and RELX Classic. Because this product is not on sale on global market yet, we translated its name from Chines”幻影” directly. How is the experience with RELX Phantom vape? You’ll see it in the following review.


RELX 5th Generation pod vape Phantom is released

RELX Phantom pod system parameters:

Device size and overview:

RELX Phantom pod system review
RELX Phantom starter kit overview

Model: P53a

Battery capacity: 380 mAh

Pod capacity: 1.9 ml (Larger than 1.45ml RELX i pod )

Pod nicotine content: 3%

Pod e-liquid ingredients: Glycerin, propylene glycol, fragrance, nicotine

Maximum charging current: 700 mA

Charging port: Type C

RELX Phantom pod system package content

Because the device and pods are separately packaged, so there are 2 packages in total:

Device package

1 device, 1 type C charging cable,1 user manual

Pod package

3 pods in a pack/box.

Observing from the appearance of the pod, it’s still made with FEELM atomizing core(SuperSmooth Technology), with QR code for product genuineness checking.

RELX Phantom pod system user experience

This starter kit from RELX is almost perfect for vaping. The following are the reasons.

1, The taste of RELX Phantom is perfect. The flavor I tried is Strawberry Ice and Peach Tea (13 flavors available for choosing). It’s delicious and fragrant, smooth and silky, consistent vaping experience from first puff to last puff. It’s impressive and outstanding among so many pod vapes.

You just can’t stop vaping it for its excellent taste so the biggest downside of RELX Phantom to the author is unintentionally overdosing. However, most other adult vapers could take good care of it, it’s not a big deal.

2. The 360mAh battery capacity is larger compared to the classic device. It’s more durable to support a whole day’s vaping need.

3. The vape body is sleek and smooth. Comfortable on hand.

4. There is an indicator LED while charging and vaping, looking beautiful and intuitive.

5. Appropriate vaping resistance and vapor amount. The vapor amount is not too large, nor too small, it’s just right.

6. No Leakage or condensation during use.

7. Its pod is compatible with RELX infinity. Convenient for switching devices from RELX i.

8. Fast charge type C port. About 10 minutes for a full charge.

Where to buy RELX Phantom pod system:

Not on sale: ask the RELX official for preorder


At the beginning of 2021, the author is busy selling vapes and barely have time to do reviews, sorry about the delay. There is still a mountain of vapes waiting in line for reviews for VAPE HK. Please hold on and we’ll soon review them one by one during the Chinese New Year holiday.

RELX vape officially listed in USA stock market

The vape company Wuxin Technology (RELX) officially landed on the New York Stock Exchange today, with the stock code “RLX” and the issue price of US$12/ADS. The opening price of Wuxin Technology today is $22.34, an increase of 86% from the issue price, and its market value is $34.6 billion. As of the close, RELX’s stock price has soared 145.92% to US$29.54, with a market value of US$45.8 billion.

RELX vape officially listed in USA stock market

Wuxin Technology was established in early 2018, with Wang Ying, the former head of Uber China, as the CEO. According to CIC report data, in 2019 and the nine months ending September 30, 2020, Wuxin Technology’s market share in China was 48% and 62.6% respectively, ranking first in terms of retail sales.

On December 31, 2020, Wuxin Technology formally submitted a prospectus to the US Securities Regulatory Commission. The lead underwriters of the IPO are Citigroup and China Renaissance Capital. Wuxin Technology’s initial IPO pricing range was 8-10 US dollars per share, and the final IPO issue price was higher than the pricing range, reaching 12 US dollars per share. Wuxin Technology will issue 116.5 million ADSs through this IPO, raising approximately US$1.4 billion.

The prospectus shows that in 2018, 2019 and the first three quarters of 2020, Wuxin Technology’s revenue was 133 million yuan, 1.549 billion yuan and 2.201 billion yuan respectively; net profits were about -287,000 yuan, 47.748 million yuan and 1.09 respectively. 100 million yuan.

In 2018 and 2019, the company mainly sold e-cigarette products through two major channels, e-commerce + offline. In the fourth quarter of 2019, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and the State Administration for Market Regulation jointly issued an online e-cigarette sales ban. In 2020, Wuxin Technology will mainly rely on offline channels for sales.

According to the prospectus, as of September 2020, Wuxin Technology has cooperated with 110 authorized distributors and has over 5,000 specialty stores and over 100,000 retail stores.

In terms of shareholding structure, CEO Wang Ying holds 58.7%, the two founders Jiang Long and Wen Yilong hold 9.9% and 6.5% respectively; Source Code Capital holds 10.7% and Sequoia China holds 4.9 %. (Zhang Jun)