RELX was invited to participate in the legislation of e-cigarettes in New Zealand and the Philippine Parliament

According to New Zealand media Scoop, on April 10, RELX appeared in the New Zealand Parliamentary Health Special Committee’s review of the law on e-cigarettes.

As an industry representative, RELX and its New Zealand partner Mission Limited were invited to participate in the 7th review meeting and gave a video speech and participated in the discussion of e-cigarette related regulatory policies.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the Special Health Committee of the New Zealand Parliament considered the e-cigarette bill in a video conference. RELX’s Director of External Affairs Jonathan Ng said in a video statement that the draft bill is very correct to find a balance between supporting smokers to switch to less harmful products and protecting minors.

The regulation and legislation of electronic cigarettes is a global issue. RELX is introducing a number of standardized measures actively adopted globally into New Zealand.

Wu Wenhao introduced that RELX has established strict corporate standards, standardized production standards, and continuous investment in research and development to ensure the provision of quality and safe products to consumers around the world.

In order to protect minors from e-cigarettes, RELX has consciously explicitly banned the use of minors in all product packaging and related materials without requiring explicit regulations.

During the meeting, Louisa Wa, Chairman of the Special Health Committee, expressed great interest in RELX’s measures to prevent minors from being exposed to electronic cigarettes.

Wu Wenhao introduced the child lock function and age authentication system built in RELX i’s products, so that the product must pass strict age verification before it can be used. In the case of Bluetooth connection, users can also use the app to remotely locks the i device to prevent unauthorized use of the product.

Relx Alpha vs Relx Classic, which is better?

Let’s talk about Relx Alpha vs Relx Classic in this article. Following are the comparisons:

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RELX Classic is better than [eafl id=”15127″ name=”RELX Alpha” text=”RELX Alpha”] for bigger pod & battery capacity, better vaping experience and cheaper price. All the functions of RELX Classic are essential and better than Alpha. Though RELX Classic had lots of leakage problems, it has been improved now.

If I were the customer, I would choose [eafl id=”15485″ name=”RELX Classic” text=”RELX Classic”] between the two.

RELX i won German Red Dot Award

Recently, the German Red Dot Awards 2020 announced the winner list. RELX i stood out from more than 6,500 works worldwide and won the Red Dot Design Award.

RELX i is the first new product released in January this year in 2020. It adopts the Super Smooth’I energy index system independently developed by RELX, to create a better user experience.

In terms of charging, RELX i has designed a supporting portable charging bin, so users can carry it and charge the device.

RELX i was born after 380 days of research and development. 12000+ cartridge tests, 59 creative iterations, 13-dimensional system analysis, 53 intellectual property applications at home and abroad.

Before winning the Red Dot Design Award, the RELX design team also won international awards such as the European Design Award and the IDA Design Award.

Currently, RELX i is not widely sold, only available in Canada & Newzealand. It’s seemly a product designed for the award especially. According to Gewu report, major dealers feel indifferent to the award.

About the Red Dot Award
The Red Dot Award emphasizes the importance of product original creativity and stimulates the speed of innovation. It is one of the internationally recognized global industrial design awards. It is called the world’s three major design awards together with the German “IF Award” and the US “IDEA Award”.


reddot winnter 2020

RELX vape starts a new retail plan in China

On January 11, RELX announced that the world’s first flagship store was officially opened in Shanghai’s Wujiang Road Pedestrian Street. It is located in a prime location in Shanghai, with a black and white frame and transparent style store design, supplemented by the embellishment concept of green plants, and conveys the technology + health sensory experience to consumers.

The opening of the flagship store marks that RELX’s new retail business has achieved a comprehensive upgrade from the 1.0 era to the 2.0 era. Next, here will also be the first place for RELX to continue to explore smart retail empowering store owners and implement the “Guardian Plan”. It is understood that various smart retail applications created by RELX are fully implemented here. Smart cameras will determine the age of shoppers. Only consumers who have passed the triple inspection of “Name + ID + Face” can purchase products.

RELX also announced the launch of the new retail “361 plan”. It will invest a total of 600 million in the next three years to help 10,000 RELX STORE stores open. Through precision marketing, intelligent upgrades, opening of dealer universities, city image stores, etc., optimization store operation efficiency improvement, it is consolidating the position of the in the vape industry. RELX founder and CEO Wang Ying said: “In the future, while accelerating the expansion of offline channels and creating consumer stickiness, we will spend more energy to develop new technologies to empower shopkeepers, and continue to improve store operations and profitability. Technology to revolutionize the industry. ”

According to reports, the “new” of new retail is not limited to space. In the view of RELX, the future breakthrough point lies in the in-depth transformation of offline operations with digital technology. At the beginning of RELX STORE’s business expansion, the company tried to empower shopkeepers through data operations by building a data center, laying the foundation for accurate operations. RELX co-founder and head of channel sales Jiang Long revealed that RELX is continuing to build functional integration of sales front desks and centralization of central and Taiwan data. Relying on digital technology to open up the full link data of people, goods and markets, RELX’s retail system will be smarter and better understand consumer needs.

Taking the intelligent operation of the flagship store as a starting point, RELX plans to launch the store management system in 2020, to realize the digital upgrade of all stores, and to achieve intelligent advancement of stores by 2022, and gradually to unmanned stores and intelligent supply chains and change of direction. Jiang Long said,

“We are very looking forward to the future: based on the longitudinal data analysis of the complete data flow of the people and goods yards, to understand consumer behavior portraits, management terminal channels, and product production and logistics; meanwhile, the connection of horizontal data can achieve RELX’s overall business efficiency great progress.”

“The development of the new retail business in the past year has given us a boost.” Jiang Long said that next, RELX will launch a new retail “361 plan” and will invest a total of 600 million in 3 years to help 10,000 RELX STORE Open stores and drive the upgrade of retail terminals at all levels in depth and breadth.

In terms of breadth, RELX will increase investment in key cities and channels to build urban image stores in core cities and regions. At the same time, RELX will continue to expand channels around consumer demand and start the pace of sinking market penetration. In terms of depth, in addition to helping stores achieve digital operations, RELX will continue to invest funds, improve subsidies for franchisees and partners, and optimize partners through precision marketing, optimization of operating efficiency, and opening of dealer universities. Experience to build a solid distribution system. “The most correct thing for RELX is to choose to drive the brand with mission and values.” Wang Ying said, “In the future, we will adhere to the principle of product first, more firmly innovate in products and digital operations, and respond to the changing markets and challenges. ”

Since the beginning of 2019, RELX STORE has covered more than 300 cities, with a total of more than 1,500. In terms of retail formats, the company has also explored multiple business models including specialty stores, shop-in-shops, smart vending machines, and flagship stores. At present, RELX flagship stores are successively landing in the core business districts of cities such as Beijing 798 and Shenzhen Coastal City, and are constantly exploring new retail innovations in scene, experience, and social responsibility, and playing a benchmark role.

RELX releases Sunflower system to prevent minors from contacting electronic cigarettes

On December 18th, the Chinese electronic cigarette brand RELX (Yue Ke) officially launched the intelligent system for the protection of minors, Sunflower, which will ban all minors from purchasing electronic cigarettes offline.

RELX releases sunflower system to prevent minors from contacting electronic cigarettes

Sunflower intelligent system was independently developed and implemented by RELX, RELX called it the world’s smartest and most stringent adolescent protection technology.

RELX releases sunflower system to prevent minors from contacting electronic cigarettes

Sunflower has six major application scenarios, including AI + strong verification age verification in specialty stores, site selection and opening electronic fences, the overall product circulation is implemented with human-code-shop-goods traceability systems, and intelligent face recognition vending machines are used in smart retail. Smart product RELX i and smart age locks for age verification are used in vaper communities.

RELX releases sunflower system to prevent minors from contacting electronic cigarettes

According to RELX’s plan, 1,000 RELX specialty stores will be deployed, 100 benchmarking stores will be built in three months, all specialty stores will be covered in seven months, and 100,000 non-specialty stores will also be deployed.

RELX releases sunflower system to prevent minors from contacting electronic cigarettes

Sunflower System 1.0’s AI partner is Megvii, and the hardware partner is Samsung.

The data released today shows that RELX currently has a 60% market share, more than 100,000 offline retail stores, 43 overseas markets, and more than 170 patents.

RELX disposable nano vape pen review – NAKED IN ICELAND

It’s surprising to meet RELX nano disposable vape at a small booth shop in the Futian District, Shenzhen. Yesterday, the author went to meet a customer. Unfortunately, his cell phone ran out of power and was off, so he couldn’t call a taxi home. And he went to a small booth at the roadside and asked the shopkeeper to charge his phone for a while. The shopkeeper’s kind and warm-hearted and promised to charge it for free. The author felt a bit awkward and wished to buy something there in return. Unexpectedly, a RELX disposable vape was just right there, then he bought it for 39 yuan.

The RELX disposable vape we review today is a tiny size one-off vape pod compared to the RELX starter kit and SNOWPLUS starter kit. It’s called NAKED IN ICELAND.


Product model: RNMTH50

Nicotine strength: 5%

Puff numbers:200

E-liquid volume:1.2 ml

Battery capacity: 270 mAh

Manufacturer: ALD

[eafl id=”15092″ name=”Where to buy RELX nano” text=”Where to buy RELX nano”]

RELX won the annual award – Deloitte’s 2019 China Tomorrow Star

On November 20, Deloitte‘s 2019 Top 50 High Tech Growth Companies in China and China’s Tomorrow Star Award winner was announced in Chengdu. RELX was rated as “2019 China’s Tomorrow Star” and the only e-cigarette brand on the list by virtue of its global high growth and innovation in the e-cigarette industry.

Photo: China Tomorrow Star Award in 2019
Photo: China Tomorrow Star Award in 2019

The selection is a growth enterprise selection activity sponsored by Deloitte China, aiming to recognize the early enterprises that are in the leading position in the subdivision field and have great growth potential. In 1995, the event originated in Silicon Valley of the United States, and is held in dozens of countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and China. The selected enterprises are praised as “the benchmark of global high growth enterprises” by the mainstream media.

RELX is awarded China Tomorrow Star 2019
RELX is awarded China Tomorrow Star 2019

With the rapid outbreak of China’s e-cigarette industry, improving solid product quality control and supply chain R & D is the core competitiveness and value of the enterprise, which is also the key reason why RELX is recognized. Among the numerous independent e-cigarette brands in China, RELX first established a laboratory, mainly engaged in the safety detection and innovation research related to e-cigarette. At present, the laboratory is also the only one of the independent e-cigarette brands in China, which has invested more than 20 million yuan since its establishment. Relying on the laboratory, RELX has established the industry’s most stringent standards for e-liquid enterprises to ensure product quality and safety. In addition, RELX’s investment in technology R & D and innovation has also been highly recognized by review experts. As of October 16, RELX has applied for more than 170 patents in the world, of which more than 50% are classified as “invention patents”, becoming the independent e-cigarette brand with the largest number of patent applications in China. In the aspect of supply chain, different from the pure OEM “single production” mode of most e-cigarette brands, in September this year, RELX, on the basis of ensuring its original supply chain system, opened the world’s largest exclusive e-cigarette factory, realized the integration of internal and external advantages and resources in the production and manufacturing process, and more closely integrated the design, research and development, production and other processes to ensure the product progress The bank’s most effective quality control, at the same time, this initiative has also formed a new demonstration role in the industry. According to public information, the factory covers an area of more than 20000 square meters, has more than 4000 workers and can produce 50 million pods per month at its peak. The quality supply chain team with more than 150 people controls each process of incoming materials, production and finished products, 58 inspection processes, and implements the most strict sampling process in the industry.

RELX is awarded China Tomorrow Star 2019
RELX’s exclusive factory in Shenzhen

According to reports, the number of pods and cartridges consumed by RELX in one year for quality sampling is more than 2 million, which alone has exceeded the total number of pods sold by many e-cigarette brands in one year. Thanks to in-depth management and control on quality and supply chain, since the formal mass production of RELX in April 2018, the production of pods of RELX has increased by more than 160 times. According to Euromonitor Euromonitor, a well-known market research organization, RELX occupied 44% of the market share of the domestic pod system market in the first half of this year, far exceeding the total of 2 to 10. According to the internal estimation of RELX, the domestic market share of RELX in August has exceeded 60%. Since October 2018, with the development of overseas market, the global business of RELX has grown rapidly. Relx RELX products have entered 43 countries including Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, etc. In 2019, overseas business accounts for 25% of the company’s overall revenue, which is expected to increase to 50% in the next two years.

RELX's marketing in Canada
RELX’s marketing in Canada

At the same time of building hard strength, RELX requires itself to practice social responsibility with a “real responsibility” mentality. Since its establishment in 2018, it has taken the lead in launching the “Guardian Plan” aimed at protecting minors from e-cigarettes. After the announcement issued by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the State Administration of Market Regulation and Administration on November 1, RELX took the lead in responding to the requirements of the announcement. By the middle of November, the national store Guardian plan of RELX had basically completed the upgrade, and the guardian plan logo show up accounted for more than 30% of the total store poster area. On November 5 this year, RELX announced that it would invest 700 million yuan in the next 18 months to launch the second phase of the “Guardian Plan”. Kate Wang, founder and CEO of RELX, said that the core task of this stage is to empower social responsibility with technology and build a “Sunflower” system aimed at protecting minors. This set of “industry strictest” barrier system will be applied to all offline retail outlets of RELX one after another, to prevent minors from buying e-cigarettes in stores through a comprehensive intelligent verification scheme.


RELX is one of the best vape brands in China.

Where to buy RELX vape

RELX was criticized by Xinhua News Agency for online Wechat sales

At the end of last week, Xinhua News Agency wrote an article entitled “A fish escaped through the seine of the online vape ban? RELX and other e-cigarettes are hidden in social network platforms”, which are reposted by major websites and local network information offices.

Several well-known e-cigarette brands, led by RELX, were criticized directly, saying that under the national vape sales ban, there are still some missing fish left for online sales.

According to the article, there is no result in QQ group search with “e-cigarettes” as the keyword, but with “RELX” or “FLOW” as the keyword, there will be multiple QQ groups of dozens to 500 people. In addition, Wechat, Microblog and other social platforms have also become an important lead channel for e-cigarette sales to offline.

An agent advertised in an electronic cigarette exchange QQ group: “RELX, FLOW, vvild, YOOZ, ammo wholesale and retail, no quantity requirements, provide you with different price experience.”

RELX was criticized by Xinhua News Agency for online Wechat sales

In addition, the chao of Wechat sales channels is also the focus of this article, including whether the buyer is an adult, offline channel regulation and other aspects.

A provincial general agent who claims to be vvild e-cigarette said on Weibo that Weibo and Wechat can wholesale or retail e-cigarettes, especially after the large platform is banned from sales, the agent will become the most important shipping channel. This agent reassures the followers who intend to wholesale e-cigarettes. The brand of e-cigarettes he wholesale has covered more than 1000 convenience stores, KTV, milk tea shops and other business areas. “Don’t worry about the license, the Tobacco Bureau won’t check it, it’s no different from selling drinks. The retail price is 39 yuan. We can offer a wholesale price of 25 yuan here. ” No matter which social platform, when consulting to buy e-cigarettes, they won’t ask whether the buyers are adults.

RELX was criticized by Xinhua News Agency for online Wechat sales

According to the data released recently by the tobacco control office of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of people aged 15 and over vaping in China is about 10 million. Young people are the main users of e-cigarettes. The age group of 15-24 years old has the highest vaping rate. The access to e-cigarettes is now mainly through the Internet, accounting for 45.4%.

The laws and regulations such as the tobacco monopoly law of the people’s Republic of China, the law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the protection of minors and other laws and regulations that Protect Minors from the Infringement of Traditional Tobacco do not involve e-cigarettes, which also causes that this notice has not received the first response from the social platform.

Li Ziwei, a lawyer from Tianyang (Beijing) law firm, and others believe that the legislative and regulatory authorities need to make clear the legal definition and production standards of e-cigarettes, and guide the manufacturers and distributors of e-cigarettes in accordance with the law. At the same time, the relevant departments can establish a recognition mechanism for the age of vape buyers, and treat adult consumers and minors differently.

RELX vape enters UK market with classic starter kit and Alpha

Following a recent launch event in London, Asia’s leading independent vape brand, RELX, is now available to adult smokers in the UK. Founded in January 2018, RELX Technology is an independently-funded e-cigarette startup currently serving millions of customers around the world.

Noted for its impressive growth, RELX Tech credits its success to its range of groundbreaking vape products that effectively tackle pain points experienced by adult smokers. Despite being a young startup, RELX Tech already enjoys the distinction of being a leader in R&D innovation as well as hardware and e-liquid breakthroughs, with over 170+ invention patents filed so far.

Commenting on RELX Tech’s launch in the UK, CEO and co-founder Kate Wang, said: “We (the founding team) quit our jobs and established RELX Tech to develop the most advanced vaping solutions that combine user-centred design with innovative technology, and doing so without forgetting our sense of empathy, ethics, and social responsibility. To this day, we are motivated by the achievements of our customers, and each customer’s success story brings us the motivation to keep doing our work. We are heartened by the overwhelmingly positive response to RELX products in the UK, and hope to continue developing cutting-edge products.”

RELX products

RELX Technology currently plans to sell two of its distinct product lines – the RELX Classic and the luxurious RELX Alpha, in a range of sophisticated colours.

RELX Technology’s product lines feature FEELM Inside ceramic atomisers, rendering rich and high-quality vapour, as well a higher standard of performance, user-friendliness, and value-for-money compared to competitor devices.

Engineered to raise the bar in e-cigarette hardware and user experience, the Alpha also features its patented AlphaStream airway within the pod, which renders richer vapour quality and traps mouthpiece condensate leaks, a commonly-observed issue in pod-style e-cigarettes. The Alpha also features a seamless unibody design, with each device’s chassis carved out from a single block of high-grade aluminum, and a colour-coded LED light that glows red when battery dips below 30%.

The company is also planning to launch in the UK its latest product, the RELX i, a smart e-cigarette that tracks user data and comes equipped with a smart child lock and age-verification activation. The device features improvements based on user feedback and pairs with the companion RELX Me app.

RELX devices, in particular, the Alpha and RELX i, have also been lauded for their SmartPace feature, a brief vibrate alert that goes off when usage exceeds 15 puffs within ten minutes – gently bringing to the notice of the user when they can put the device away, and encouraging more mindful use of the e-cigarettes.

RELX Tech’s products are now available in UK at the following price points:

  • RELX Classic starter kit in Classic Black and Space Grey £24.99
  • RELX Classic Pods (3 pods compatible) in 4 flavours Mint + Classic Tobacco + Mango +  Lemon £11.99
  • RELX Alpha in Jet Black  £44.99
  • RELX Alpha Pods (3 pods) Mint + Tobacco  £11.99

RELX vape goes offline in China

At 5:9 p.m. on November 1, RELX took the lead in saying “firmly support and implement the decision of banning e-cigarettes on the Internet, and RELX does not serve minors”. On November 3, it issued a notice again, “will use all resources to continuously promote the implementation of the Guardian plan!”

relx vape goes offline
RELX removed its online store entrance on Wechat and replaced it with offline locations

RELX announcement said that the growth and health of minors and the growing environment are topics of continuous concern from all walks of life. As a responsible enterprise, RELX is willing to use all resources to promote the implementation of the Guardian plan(protecting minors and adolescents programe), and work with all sectors of society to safeguard the healthy growth of young people!

“RELX’s official Wechat mall has stopped operation, and its identity verification system will be promoted in offline stores in late November,” it said, releasing an important message.

At present, on the menu bar of the official WeChat public blog, we only see the category of “nearby stores”, “Credit point migration” and “customer service”. We can not see the link of the self-operated WeChat official mall. Its action is fast.

The core of the announcement jointly issued by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the State Administration of market supervision and administration is to protect minors.

RELX emphasizes that RELX Guardian plan is to achieve 100% coverage on all kinds of product packages. RELX Guardian plan has realized 100% coverage in all information notification channels.

relx guardian plan

In order to prevent minors from buying e-cigarettes offline, RELX said in the announcement that it uses the self-developed identity verification system of AI intelligent technology to connect with the public security system, verifies the age of the buyer through “name + ID card number + face recognition” and gives an alarm.

In addition, RELX’s automatic trafficking system has realized the function of face recognition and age verification. By recognizing the age of users intelligently by Alipay face recognition technology, it can limit the behavior of users who are under 18 years old to buy electronic cigarettes. When choosing other payment methods, they need to swipe their identity cards for identity authentication.

RELX vender machine with identifying function
RELX vender machine with identifying function

On November 3, at the end of the announcement, RELX said again, “We firmly support and implement the decision to ban the sale of e-cigarettes online. RELX does not serve minors!”

Now farewell to RELX online.