Monday, July 22, 2024

RELX successfully applied for China’s first clinical study focusing on e-cigarette safety


Recently, the clinical research on the safety of e-cigarettes initiated by RELX (RLX.US) has been successfully registered in the China Clinical Trials Registry (ChiCTR), the first-level institution of the World Health Organization’s international clinical trial registration platform.

It is reported that this is China’s first clinical research focusing on “e-cigarette safety” and the second clinical research project initiated by RELX. In March 2021, RELX successfully applied for China’s first clinical study on electronic cigarettes, exploring the effects of the use of electronic cigarettes and cigarettes on human biomarkers in healthy smoking subjects. At present, the study has been successfully completed, and the results will be released within the year.
Different from previous studies focusing on “nicotine metabolism”, this study focuses on the safety of e-cigarettes, using the subjects’ respiratory function and cardiovascular function as the main indicators to try to find out whether e-cigarettes have acute effects. This research was undertaken by Sun Yat-Sen University-RELX Atomization Product Evaluation Laboratory, which is the first full-process research platform covering non-clinical to clinical research stages in the field of atomization science in China.
The project leader, Professor Zhong Guoping, deputy director of the Sun Yat-Sen University-RELX Atomization Product Evaluation Laboratory, introduced that the study plans to recruit 36 ​​healthy subjects with a smoking habit, and randomly group them to observe the effects of different products on the subjects’ respiratory function, heart rate and heart rate. Short-term effects on vascular function. Clinical research is usually used in the development of new drugs to evaluate the safety and efficacy of drugs by conducting trials on subjects. Previously, RELX has confirmed the safety of related products through a large number of physicochemical, cellular and animal studies. With the deepening of global e-cigarette research into clinical research, RELX took the lead in launching relevant clinical research projects in China to further verify the safety of e-cigarettes.
At present, the scientific research system of electronic cigarettes in China is not perfect. As the e-cigarette industry is brought into the track of legalization and standardization, ensuring quality and safety, strengthening basic research on atomization science, and safeguarding the interests of consumers have become a must for the healthy development of the industry. According to reports, since 2020, RELX has adopted the “1+4” scientific research path to conduct systematic and scientific evaluation of electronic cigarettes through “safe quality + physical and chemical research, toxicology research, clinical research, and long-term impact research”.
“Since its establishment, RELX has regarded product quality and science as the cornerstone of its development,” said Wen Yilong, co-founder of RELX and head of R&D and supply chain. “As China’s first systematic research using modern medicine, toxicology and other methods, RELX will continue to invest in scientific research to drive the standardized development of the industry.”
At present, RELX has a number of professional laboratories such as physical and chemical laboratories and life science laboratories; it has established cooperation in different dimensions with 8 universities, 2 hospitals, and 10 scientific research and commissioned research institutions. In 2021, RELX published the first SCI paper in China’s electronic cigarette industry, providing a basis for the inhalation safety of the cooling agent WS-23.

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