RELX releases herbal portable disposable vape

On March 5th, Wuxin Tech (RELX parent company) released the disposable herbal portable atomizer named “Grass Valley”.

“Valley of Grass and Trees” adopts RELX’s unique extraction technology, which users can carry with them and are convenient to use. Extraction TechnologyTM is one of the core technological innovations of the RELX atomization technology platform. It matches the extraction device and the extraction liquid through three dimensions to ensure user experience.

“Grass Valley” extracts polygonatum, tangerine peel, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, licorice and other medicinal and edible herbal raw materials. With the help of a new generation of atomization technology, ultrasonic extraction technology is used to purify traditional herbal raw materials and retain small molecular active ingredients. , And dissolved in the atomizing liquid; according to the chromatographic fingerprint similarity evaluation system, the research and development personnel will accurately compare the component indicators, so that the effective component atomization remains stable.

RELX releases herbal portable atomizer
RELX releases herbal portable vaporizer

This product not only continues the high requirements of the RELX comprehensive quality supervision system, but also refers to the control of the production process of medical supplies to ensure the integration of product experience, quality and safety.

Atomization is an important platform technology in the field of health. At present, medical nebulizers and nebulized inhalation preparations including traditional Chinese medicine have become conventional tools for the treatment of diseases such as the respiratory tract. However, due to the size of the equipment and the way of operation, the application of atomization technology is still rare in the field of health. The new atomization technology will use modern methods to help traditional Chinese medicine revitalize in a larger field.

In the past three years, RELX has established moats in the fields of scientific research, hardware R&D, atomization liquid R&D and inspection, and has the foundation for exploring the application of atomization technology in this field.

In terms of scientific research, RELX has established a physical and chemical laboratory and a life science laboratory to systematically study the degree of harm reduction of electronic atomized aerosols at the level of human cells and animals. In terms of hardware R&D, the RELX R&D module has covered the fields of temperature control technology, new materials, atomization calculation and simulation.

RELX releases herbal portable atomizer
In the “Healthy China 2030” Planning Outline released in 2016, it is proposed to “explore and promote the development of wearable devices, smart health electronic products, and health medical mobile application services.” In 2019, in the “Healthy China Action (2019-2030)”, the Healthy China Action Promotion Committee once again proposed to “play the role of market mechanisms and encourage the development and promotion of health management artificial intelligence and wearable devices.”

The emergence of the “Valley of Grass and Trees” is precisely the beginning of RELX’s response to the call with technology and innovation to explore new areas of health. If the existing atomization technology is applied to improve the industrial design and atomization method of medical atomizers, and different atomization liquids are matched for different purposes, so that they are “available at any time and everywhere”, it is very likely that this category will become “Platform” tools for health management benefit more people.

It is understood that RELX is currently working with a number of pharmaceutical companies to initiate technology and product evaluation cooperation to explore the development of new aerosol inhalation drugs.

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