Latest Relx Vape Wholesaler / Dealer Price List – April 2019

Many fans from Vape Hk are asking us about the Relx vape prices. The author phoned the Relx official site sales department, asked other wholesalers of the Relex, and finally acquired a dealer price list for you. Wish it would be of help to vape suppliers, dealers and shops in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Hongkong etc.

Here is the internal wholesaler or dealer price:  Starter Kits is 127 RMB – 134 RMB, equals 19 USD – 20 USD. And when you make bulk orders over 1000 sets. You’ll get a price for Starter Kits as 17 USD. ( Its official site sells it for $39)

Rlex Alpha has not been revealed at present. However, the author will publish it here when the secret leaks. Make sure subscribe to Vape hk for Relx exclusive news and truth which the sponsored Youtube reviewers and the official site will never tell.

Update: Date:4th April, 2019. Relx Alpha price official price is also $39. Wholesale price is a little higher than Starter Kits but near. PM Vape Hk your needs here in the comments so that Vape Hk and other wholesalers who’re doing clearance can provide you the product with exclusive price from the wholesalers, dealers, agents and official.

This price is not including the shipping fees because different shipping companies have different prices during a specific period of time. It’s recommended to choose a reliable shipping company yourself to save the cost and ensure the safe delivery when you’re making bulk orders.

However, the author needs to stress a fact here before you wholesale the Relx vape. Relx has a serious cartridge leak problem. Buy it when you don’t care.

cartridge leak problem

“I bought 3 Relx vapes and all of the devices have the typical cartridge leak problem. The leaked juice make my mouth completely bitter for a whole day. It’s fxxking annoying.” Said a Relx user. And similar problems have been occurring every now and then. Through brief research on the feedback in the Chinese domestic market, similar problems have happened to over 100 Relx users in just one month.

Some problems might be even worse. “The core is burnt only after 30 times of inhaling.” Said Tim, a Relx start kit user. Jackson, a wholesaler of Relx also complained, “Though Relx is easy to sell in China for this brand’s overwhelming advertisement, the after sales problems make me stressed every day. It’s a very new brand and its technology is not mature enough at all, which rains my reputation and eats my profits every day.”

PS: When you are out of China and wish to talk with the vape suppliers & factory directly and get the best vape price, shipping method/rates, product quality fast checking, vape samples ect., Vape hk will help you do all the things for you for free because the inside information is the best reward to Vape hk. And Vape hk will publish it here to help other people who have similar problems or needs.

Leave your message in the comment below for other things you want to know,  or contact us.

Update – 13th April, 2019:

Many Vape hk fans are still asking the author how to wholesale Relx in Malaysia & Australia. Here is the answer:



Ask dealers in other regions like China, Hong Kong, Vietnam etc. And get the products from them. The official is afraid of violating the exclusive agent rule and that’s why they’re not willing to sell them to you. However, their agents in other regions will play the role as the criminal white gloves.
Meanwhile, read this article first, and you’ll know why:

Lies & Moral Bottom Lines of Vape Upstart Companies- RELX, Moti, Yooz, Feelm & SXmini stories you didn’t know



And with the serious leakage problems, here are some alternatives to RELX:



Enjovp, Silmo, Feelm, Vapresso, Yooz. They all have a strong background in the ceramic heater researching and manufacturing ability. Especially, ALD, has a huge factory with a capacity of 3 million vapes per month, the largest capicity in China, the true invisible king. A huge quantity of Relx is produced by ALD or Feelm.

Enjovp spent 1 million on researching the 2nd generation pod vape with 5 core technology

Approaching the “Invisible King” of Electronic Cigarette Enterprises

FEELM or SILMO, which is better?




20 Replies to “Latest Relx Vape Wholesaler / Dealer Price List – April 2019”

  1. Hi, i just bought Relx Pod in less than 2 months. I have 1 complain is the y the pod is always leaking? Pls reply for the support. Tq

  2. The e juice leakage’s common in Relx. Over half of them leak, it’s said that Relx Alpha solved the problem, did you try it?

  3. The e juice leakage’s common in Relx. Over half of them leak, it’s said that Relx Alpha solved the problem, did you try it?

    1. Thanks for contacting us. We have wholesale suppliers for RELX and the price is negotiable.

      May I know your order quantity if the price is OK? And which models are you intererested? RELX classic, Alpha or i?

  4. Admin
    base on PH and looking for Relx infinity PODS 10,000-20,000 how much can you offer and how many pods are there in one set or box? Can give me a quotation?

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