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British American Tobacco HNB sets glo’s seven global sales markets


Recently, British American tobacco company released the second quarter of 2020 financial report, the company’s revenue of 12.27 billion pounds, a year-on-year growth of 1.1%; profit growth to 5.37 billion pounds, a year-on-year growth of 3.3%.

Its growth rate was 41.67% in the “modern tobacco” category, with a growth rate of 14.67% in the “modern tobacco” category, with a growth rate of 14.67% in the “modern tobacco” category. Among them, HNB cigarette set glo is a complete set of heating and non burning tobacco products of British and American tobacco.

As of December 2018, glo, the heating device of British American tobacco, has been sold in 16 markets around the world. The new tobacco products maintain the momentum of continuous growth in the Japanese market, and have won 4.6% of the domestic market share in Japan.

1. Japan Japan

Glo launched its new tobacco products in Japan in December 2016. In the fourth month when British American Tobacco put glo on the Japanese market, the supply of equipment was in short supply. Since July 2017, bat expanded the sales of glo heating equipment in Tokyo and Osaka and began to sell them nationwide.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the early markets to launch the heating and non combustion device. British American Tobacco launched the heating and non combustion device glo in Switzerland in April 2017, and Switzerland has become the second global market of heating and non combustion device glo.

3. Canada Canada

In May 2017, British American Tobacco launched the heating equipment glo in Canada, which was launched in Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada became glo’s third market.

4. South Korea

In August 2017, glo was launched for the first time in South Korea, and the first flagship store was opened. On July 25, 2018, the second generation of tobacco heating equipment glo was launched in Korea.

5. Russia

Glo was launched in Russia in October 2017. Glo comes in five colors – silver, graphite, blue, champagne and pink. KentNeostiks Gamma Developed for glo, it comes in three flavors: Classic tobacco, citrus blend and refreshing blend.

Neostiks are manufactured by British American Tobacco’s St. Petersburg plant and exported to countries such as Japan, Switzerland and Canada. The plant is one of the most modern British American Tobacco Plants in the world and the first plant in the world to produce tobacco stick products.

6.Romania Romania

Romania was the first EU market for bat to launch its next-generation product glo in December 2017, as well as the first market launched by glo ifuse. Bat accounts for 55% of Romania’s tobacco market, with 2000 glo outlets.


In April 2018, British American Tobacco held a press conference in Turin, Italy, and launched the tobacco heating product series glo, making Italy the seventh global market after Japan, South Korea, Russia, Romania, Canada and Switzerland.

Following the launch of glo in Turin, the company also opened a glo studio in the city centre where consumers can learn more about low-risk alternatives. Make it the first global market to provide both steam and tobacco heating products.

In addition to the seven global markets of glo heating devices, British and American Tobacco also occupy a certain market share in the new tobacco market in other countries.

According to incomplete statistics, glo may also occupy a certain market share in Israel, New Zealand, Malaysia, Ireland, Latvian, Czech Republic, Turkey, Indonesia, Portugal, Ukraine, Germany and the Netherlands.

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