Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Relx International Expands into Saudi Arabia


Relx International, a leading multinational vape company and one of Asia’s top-selling electronic cigarette brands, has announced a significant partnership to expand its market presence in Saudi Arabia. This strategic move involves a collaboration with SAF Trading Agencies, utilizing their extensive distribution network to make Relx products widely accessible throughout the Kingdom.

Key Details of the Partnership

  • Strategic Collaboration: The agreement with SAF Trading Agencies is set to significantly boost Relx’s distribution capabilities across Saudi Arabia, aiming to reach a broader audience of adult smokers.
  • Management Insight: Fouad Baraka, General Manager for Relx’s operations in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Algeria, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. He emphasized the goal of driving awareness and sales while delivering corporate messaging focused on providing alternatives for adult smokers.
  • Regional Focus: The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, with Saudi Arabia as a central market, is seen as a key area for growth. The vaping industry is increasingly looking to emerging markets for expansion, and Saudi Arabia’s large and prosperous market presents a valuable opportunity.

Vaping in Saudi Arabia

  • Legal and Cultural Context: While vaping is not explicitly illegal in Saudi Arabia, accessing electronic cigarettes has been challenging. The country’s strong cultural ties to traditional smoking behaviors like hookah and cigarettes make the introduction of alternatives like vapes particularly significant.
  • Public Health Perspective: Recognized by health agencies such as Public Health England and the CDC, vaping is considered a less harmful alternative to smoking. This harm reduction approach is critical in regions with high rates of tobacco use, such as Saudi Arabia.

Potential Impact

The introduction of regulated electronic cigarettes in Saudi Arabia could be a transformative move for public health. Given the prevalent tobacco use in the country, which is deeply embedded in local culture, providing less harmful alternatives could significantly reduce smoking-related health issues.

Relx International’s entry into the Saudi market represents not only a business expansion but also a potential shift in public health dynamics within the region. This initiative could pave the way for broader acceptance and adoption of vaping products as viable smoking cessation tools.


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Rizalyn arcala
2 years ago

How much is your vape. Os it cod?

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