KMOSE launches limited new year gift starter kit

Starting from November 2020, KMOSE’s new actions have been more frequent. From the new generation of unicorn series pods to the PRO S that has stunning colors throughout the industry, KMOSE’s new products are always eye-catching.

It is understood that at the beginning of the new year, KMOSE has released 5 new products, including a “Bullish” New Year limited gift starter kit, two new colors of KMOSEPRO, and two specially formulated pods with new flavors. They’re in a full state to welcome the upcoming Chinese New Year.

KMOSE launches limited new year gift starter kit
KMOSE happy new year edition starter kit

Since its establishment in 19, KMOSE slogan “redefines the new breath”, has been loved and sought after by young people. The K1, PRO, Unicorn series pods and other products that have been launched have gained a lot of fans. KMOSE insists on updating 1-2 flavors every month, and promptly replace the general flavors. At the same time, KMOSE continues to enrich the colors of devices, which always bring unexpected surprises to users.

In September 2020, KMOSE launched a limited 2888 sets of “Starlight White” gift kit, this gift box was sold out in the pre-sale stage, and now it has become an unquestionable out-of-print collection in the KMOSE fan circle. . The KMOSE PRO S, launched at the end of December, brought two brand-new mirror gradients, “Twilight” and “Wizard of Oz”, which expanded the industry to a new frontier in the choice of device color and became a hot topic in the industry.

KMOSE launches limited new year gift starter kit

On January 12, KMOSE brought another five new products that were eye-catching.

In order to welcome the coming of the Year of the Bull, KMOSE has specially launched the “Bullish” New Year Limited Gift Kit. This gift kit is packed with classic red and gold color. Not only does the kit contain 8 selected flavors, but also contains a new design of a “bullish” limited device. The device is painted in Chinese red with a gold brush. The four words “bullish” are outlined in the background, which fits the festive atmosphere of the arrival of the Chinese new year.

KMOSE PRO Starter Kits

KMOSE launches KMOSE Unicorn pods and KMOSE MINI device

On November 2nd, KMOSE officially launched the KMOSE Unicorn series of atomizing cartridges and KMOSE MINI machine.

This is another stunning debut of KMOSE’s new products after the “Light up” new product launch in September last year.

It breaks the barriers to the use of e-cigarette products and conveys the concept of “the role of a device is just a lighter” to users, so that users can easily use e-cigarettes without having to pay an extra fee for a “lighter”.

Kmose Unicorn
Kmose Unicorn pod

The unicorn series pods released by KMOSE this time adopts the new “oil core separation” technology, which can achieve more efficient sealing and protection of the e-liquid, and effectively avoid possible leakage of the pod during transportation and storage.

KMOSE MINI, as a new atomization device product launched by KMOSE, is officially defined as a “lighter born for sales channels”. It is a free gift provided to channels and also a free gift to consumers. The birth of KMOSE MINI provides convenience for new users to get started with KMOSE, allowing more users to feel the unique charm of KMOSE atomization products at an affordable price.

In addition to moving people’s hearts with product quality, KMOSE also emphasizes “bonus sharing” in its marketing strategy, sharing the dividends brought about by rapid development with every KMOSE partner. In order to cope with this new product sale, KMOSE has shown considerable sincerity in agent support, store expansion, and user feedback, and has launched a series of welfare policies.

KMOSE to launch KMOSE Unicorn pods and KMOSE MINI device

This time, KMOSE used the new MINI device as a gift to subsidize channel sales and end consumers, and there is no upper limit on the number. According to the welfare policy, dealers can get free KMOSE MINI atomizing device according to the ratio of cartridges: device=2:1. Consumers also only need to buy 2 boxes of cartridges to enjoy a KMOSE mini for free. This will greatly reduce the user’s entry threshold and help promote sales and user conversion. At the same time, in order to give back to users, KMOSE specially launched the “Looking for Lucky Unicorns” activity at the beginning of the Unicorn series pods, and rewarded users with actual pod prizes. Buy Unicorn series pods, open the package and there is a chance to get a “Lucky Unicorn” card. With this card, you can redeem 1 box of pods for free, which’s a big deal.

Based on high-quality and cost-effective products, and with the marketing strategy of real subsidies and real benefits as the means, KMOSE on the one hand continues to reduce the threshold for users to use e-cigarettes, and on the other hand, it is also continuously improving users’ awareness of e-cigarette products. By bringing reliable quality e-cigarette products closer to more potential consumers, not only can the business needs of KMOSE’s agents and offline stores be met, but it also speeds up the brand promotion of KMOSE’s popularity, thereby further promoting the sound development of China’s e-cigarette industry, and finally achieved a win-win situation for all parties!

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KMOSE settled in more than 700 offline stores in Zhongbai Supermarket

On June 1, KMOSE announced that it has formally reached strategic cooperation with Zhongbai Holding Group Co., Ltd.

KMOSE disposable vape entered more than 700 stores of Zhongbai Supermarket under Zhongbai Holding Group Co., Ltd., further deepening the national distribution of KMOSE in the retail field to meet the consumer demand of offline retail scenarios of electronic cigarette.

Zhongbai Supermarket was established in March 2001, with the vision of “build the supermarkets that customers like to visit” as its corporate vision. After nearly 20 years of development, it has become a leading community supermarket in Wuhan, covering all the streets and alleys of Wuhan, and is closely connected with the lives of community residents. Now it has become a well-known supermarket brand in Wuhan.

KMOSE settled in more than 700 offline stores in Zhongbai Supermarket

The presence of more than 700 stores in Zhongbai Supermarket this time, with its strong geographical advantages and brand strength will help KMOSE’s high-speed expansion in Hubei area, so that KMOSE’s electronic cigarettes will be in close contact with more consumers, bringing everyone a better buying and service experience.

As an emerging brand in the e-cigarette industry, KMOSE has successively reached cooperation with well-known large-scale chain convenience store brands such as Tianhong Weiya convenience store, Shifen convenience store, Keduo convenience store, Le Doujia convenience store, etc. It has reached more than 5000 stores, which is at the leading level in the industry.

In the next strategic layout, KMOSE will put a full range of pod system products into all cooperative KA retail systems one after another, adopting a two-line parallel strategy to bring in traffic with disposable products and starter kit products into electronics cigarette consumers’ daily use products to meet the differentiated needs of different consumer groups.

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Kmose electronic cigarette closed 30 million yuan Series A funding round led by Yanshi capital

Recently, Kmose (Shenzhen QuXin Technology) officially announced that it has officially completed Round A of financing of 30 million yuan. The leading investor of this round of financing is Yanshi capital, a well-known investment institution that has invested in Wanda film and television, Yanzhiwu, Guokai new energy and other projects.

Kmose electronic cigarette

This financing is a confidence boost for the whole e-cigarette industry! In the stage of national policy coming out and adverse public opinion guidance, the admission of well-known investment institutions is to represent capital’s continued optimistic attitude about the development of e-cigarette industry.

Kmose electronic cigarette

According to a person related to Yanshi capital, “we believe that e-cigarettes are essentially new products to reduce smoke and harm, which are in line with the development direction of consumption upgrading and large health industry, and will definitely occupy a place in the market in the future. For the management, we are very willing to participate in the promising e-cigarette enterprises.

It was previously reported that Kmose disposable electronic cigarette K1 achieved 3 million revenue in the first month of listing, and the first pod system electronic cigarette Kmose Pro was released in late September. After the completion of the new round of financing, Kmose will fully invest in the next new product development.

Kmose electronic cigarette

When asked about the next product planning, Liu Haonan said that the product matrix has been planned since the beginning of Kmose. Each Kmose product must conform to its own brand and product positioning, that is, to create a safe and cost-effective national tobacco alternative.

In terms of brand building and channel development, Kmose has maintained a steady and rapid development trend. It is reported that both products and terminal outlets have maintained a high growth rate of nearly 30%, the repurchase rate has reached about 45%, and the national retail terminal outlets have reached 8000 +. In the future, Kmose is about to launch a big action in terms of brand.

With regard to the high investment in expanding its own sales channels, Kmose CEO Liu Haonan said that the entry fees of each channel were high or low according to the number of stores, and the company decided on a reasonable channel investment based on the principle of cost recovery within half a year.

Based on the audience of urban young people, Kmose has also created a fan culture of the brand. By sponsoring activities such as electronic syllables, users are gathered offline, and then users are led online through community management. At present, the company has formed a standard community operation system to continuously gather target users through circle and topic. According to the company, sponsor an offline activity involving 3000 people. Through effective social fission means, the number of community users can increase by more than 6000.

Kmose sponsored offline activities

Kmose’s founding members are all post-90s, and they are able to see problems from the perspective of young people in product development. Team members have rich experience in Internet, FMCG and media.

In the future, Kmose will continue to develop new products and expand its domestic market, and at the same time, it will also consider exploring overseas markets such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc like SnowPlus.

KMOSE new product launch is favored by more than 70 venture capitals

Shenzhen Interesting Core Technology successfully held the new product launch of “Interesting Future and Core Breathing” in Xinghe, Shenzhen on the morning of September 22, 2019. KMOSE’s first cartridge-changing electronic atomizing pod system, KMOSE RPO was released.

KMOSE new product launch is favored by more than 70 venture capitals

It is understood that more than 70 of the 300 guests present came from fund venture capital institutions, including well-known venture capital institutions such as Dinghui Capital, Blueprint Venture Capital, TCL Equity, Today’s International, CICC Investment, Fashion Capital, Tiandi Equity, Haitong International, Yunfeng Fund and Xingye Securities.

In addition, it is noteworthy that Liu Tuanfang, Vice-Chairman of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Yijiate, Ao Weinuo, Secretary-General of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, and Huang Jian, Chairman of Yanzhiwu and Li Youquan, CEO of Yanzhiwu Bioengineering also attended the conference.

KMOSE new product launch

How is the product released at this new product launch, and what is the charm of this new e-cigarette brand that has been so concerned by the capital market? Let’s approach the KMOSE New Product Launch in 2019 and explore the mystery of it together.


Creating National-level Electronic Cigarette Products

At the launch meeting, CEO Liu Hao-man made a comprehensive introduction on the establishment reasons, business model and operation status of KMOSE. At the same time, he solemnly expressed, “KMOSE should become a restrained electronic cigarette enterprise, shoulder the responsibility of an electronic cigarette enterprise, and promise not to sell, publicize and promote electronic products to minors.” It props to the spirit of craftsmen, and try to create a safer, healthier and more affordable national-level electronic cigarette products for 350 million smokers!

At present, KMOSE has 35 city partners, 10 KA convenience store systems (including exclusive), touched more than 6,500 terminal networks, KMOSE K1 sales in one month has exceeded 300,000.

KMOSE new product launch

189 days deep improment

The new product KMOSE PRO released at the KMOSE new product launch conference is the first pod system of KMOSE.

According to Huang Junhao, the founder of KMOSE PRO, it has gone through 189 days from project initiation to the birth of final products, 13 times of die structure adjustment, more than 300 internal tests and 46 times of taste optimization. In terms of appearance design, KMOSE K1 and KMOSE PRO inherit from each other and convey the beauty of simplicity of KMOSE K1.

KMOSE PRO chooses 6063 aviation aluminum alloy processed with apple-grade zirconium sand as the shell material and PCTG material of infant safe grade as cigarette mouthpiece material. The whole device is designed with a flexible arc as the core. There is no sharp edge and no sharp corner like JUUL or RELX on the whole product, which makes the grip more comfortable and makes every touch full of pleasure.

At the same time, the bottom of the KMOSE device pioneered the design of LED electroplated transparent ring lamp, so that each puff will be accompanied by a whole circle of light flashing, so that KMOSE PRO gains a unique style in a crowd of competitors, with a very high degree of recognition.

KMOSE new product

According to our understanding, in terms of internal structure, KMOSE PRO adopts eight-fold anti-leakage structure, which effectively prevents oil leakage and gives users a more dry experience. At the same time, 400 mAh large battery, 2 ml pod capacity, 10W high output power, coupled with Hyper Tech sixth generation alloy white ceramic atomizing core, makes the atomization more completely, the smoke more dense, and the taste more delicate. Each pod supports about 500 to 600 puffs. In order to reduce the influence of condensate on users, the design of condensation tank was added to the mouthpiece of CMPRO, which can effectively prevent condensate from entering the mouth and make the experience more comfortable.

In terms of flavor, KMOSE PRO comes with a new generation of neutral nicotine salt technology, which has been repeatedly tested and optimized by professional flavorers. It has rich taste and is close to traditional cigarettes. At this conference, KMOSE PRO released six nicotine flavors with 3% – 5% concentration to meet the taste needs of different consumer groups. They are Ice Tea, Chinese classic, Ice Mint, Blue Ocean, Passion Fruit and Mung Bean Ice Sand. At the same time, Kemi PRO also launched two low nicotine strength pods with nicotine concentration of 1.8% to meet the needs of new users exposed to electronic cigarettes.


Secretary-General Issues Certificate of Credit Standard Enterprise

At the launch meeting, Mr. Ao Weinuo, Secretary-General of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of China Chamber of Commerce, awarded the “Credit Standard Enterprise” certificate to Shenzhen KMOSE Technology Co., Ltd. and expressed his good wishes for the future development of KMOSE.

KMOSE new product

KMOSE Fujian City Partners also took the stage to share, with the good results of “sales exceeded 70,000 units per month, terminal sales rate reached 1.6” to prove that KMOSE agents can really “make money”.

KMOSE has taken active measures in channel development, brand promotion, propaganda materials, after-sales guarantee, regional protection and so on, so that agents can operate freely, achieve continuous breakthroughs in performance, and share the harvest of development with KMOSE.

KMOSE new product

As the first product of KMOSE brand new series, KMOSE PRO has excellent appearance design and excellent product quality. It is believed that it will stand out in the future electronic cigarette market and become a new generation of electronic cigarette products which are widely loved by users. KMOSE PRO was officially opened for pre-sale on September 22.

KMOSE raised 10 million yuan in Angel financing round to develop sales channels

KMOSE closed the RMB 10 million RMB angel financing round. The investors will not disclose it for the time being; this round of funds will be mainly used for KMOSE product development and production, sales channels and brand building.

Founded in March 2019, KMOSE is the e-cigarette brand of Shenzhen Fun Core Technology Co., Ltd. The core founding team has many years of experience in Internet, fast consumer goods and media operation experience. KMOSE disposable vape pen K1 has been sold both online and offline. And K1 has 12 different flavors in different colors.


KMOSE has been on the shelf of eight well-known domestic chain convenience stores (including exclusive cooperative KA channels), covering more than 4000 terminals. In addition, KMOSE has adopted a “single point penetration” strategy, which involves both zoning management, sales channel customer information collection and brand activities, so as to achieve the refined operation of the area. It aims to achieve the city’s full sales channel coverage.

Liu Haonan said, “When we visited Xiamen market last week, we have made KMOSE accessible everywhere. How high is the terminal density? For example, if the user can’t buy KMOSE at this convenience store. The storekeeper will tell him to buy it at the milk tea shop beside. If they still don’t have, he can buy it at the coffee shop next around the corner.


On the other hand, circle and topic are the two main directions of KMOSE in brand image and fan culture construction. Based on the above series of development strategies, K1 series of disposable vape pen of KMOSE achieved revenue of 3 million yuan in the first month of listing.

After the completion of angel round financing, KMOSE will continue to invest in new product research and development and sales channel layout, and apply the experience of mature areas such as Xiamen to more domestic markets. Liu Haonan revealed that KMOSE is currently in the stage of continuous financing.