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KMOSE settled in more than 700 offline stores in Zhongbai Supermarket


On June 1, KMOSE announced that it has formally reached strategic cooperation with Zhongbai Holding Group Co., Ltd.

KMOSE disposable vape entered more than 700 stores of Zhongbai Supermarket under Zhongbai Holding Group Co., Ltd., further deepening the national distribution of KMOSE in the retail field to meet the consumer demand of offline retail scenarios of electronic cigarette.

Zhongbai Supermarket was established in March 2001, with the vision of “build the supermarkets that customers like to visit” as its corporate vision. After nearly 20 years of development, it has become a leading community supermarket in Wuhan, covering all the streets and alleys of Wuhan, and is closely connected with the lives of community residents. Now it has become a well-known supermarket brand in Wuhan.

KMOSE settled in more than 700 offline stores in Zhongbai Supermarket

The presence of more than 700 stores in Zhongbai Supermarket this time, with its strong geographical advantages and brand strength will help KMOSE’s high-speed expansion in Hubei area, so that KMOSE’s electronic cigarettes will be in close contact with more consumers, bringing everyone a better buying and service experience.

As an emerging brand in the e-cigarette industry, KMOSE has successively reached cooperation with well-known large-scale chain convenience store brands such as Tianhong Weiya convenience store, Shifen convenience store, Keduo convenience store, Le Doujia convenience store, etc. It has reached more than 5000 stores, which is at the leading level in the industry.

In the next strategic layout, KMOSE will put a full range of pod system products into all cooperative KA retail systems one after another, adopting a two-line parallel strategy to bring in traffic with disposable products and starter kit products into electronics cigarette consumers’ daily use products to meet the differentiated needs of different consumer groups.

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