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KMOSE launches limited new year gift starter kit


Starting from November 2020, KMOSE’s new actions have been more frequent. From the new generation of unicorn series pods to the PRO S that has stunning colors throughout the industry, KMOSE’s new products are always eye-catching.

It is understood that at the beginning of the new year, KMOSE has released 5 new products, including a “Bullish” New Year limited gift starter kit, two new colors of KMOSEPRO, and two specially formulated pods with new flavors. They’re in a full state to welcome the upcoming Chinese New Year.

KMOSE launches limited new year gift starter kit
KMOSE happy new year edition starter kit

Since its establishment in 19, KMOSE slogan “redefines the new breath”, has been loved and sought after by young people. The K1, PRO, Unicorn series pods and other products that have been launched have gained a lot of fans. KMOSE insists on updating 1-2 flavors every month, and promptly replace the general flavors. At the same time, KMOSE continues to enrich the colors of devices, which always bring unexpected surprises to users.

In September 2020, KMOSE launched a limited 2888 sets of “Starlight White” gift kit, this gift box was sold out in the pre-sale stage, and now it has become an unquestionable out-of-print collection in the KMOSE fan circle. . The KMOSE PRO S, launched at the end of December, brought two brand-new mirror gradients, “Twilight” and “Wizard of Oz”, which expanded the industry to a new frontier in the choice of device color and became a hot topic in the industry.

KMOSE launches limited new year gift starter kit

On January 12, KMOSE brought another five new products that were eye-catching.

In order to welcome the coming of the Year of the Bull, KMOSE has specially launched the “Bullish” New Year Limited Gift Kit. This gift kit is packed with classic red and gold color. Not only does the kit contain 8 selected flavors, but also contains a new design of a “bullish” limited device. The device is painted in Chinese red with a gold brush. The four words “bullish” are outlined in the background, which fits the festive atmosphere of the arrival of the Chinese new year.

KMOSE PRO Starter Kits

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