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Kmose electronic cigarette closed 30 million yuan Series A funding round led by Yanshi capital


Recently, Kmose (Shenzhen QuXin Technology) officially announced that it has officially completed Round A of financing of 30 million yuan. The leading investor of this round of financing is Yanshi capital, a well-known investment institution that has invested in Wanda film and television, Yanzhiwu, Guokai new energy and other projects.

Kmose electronic cigarette

This financing is a confidence boost for the whole e-cigarette industry! In the stage of national policy coming out and adverse public opinion guidance, the admission of well-known investment institutions is to represent capital’s continued optimistic attitude about the development of e-cigarette industry.

Kmose electronic cigarette

According to a person related to Yanshi capital, “we believe that e-cigarettes are essentially new products to reduce smoke and harm, which are in line with the development direction of consumption upgrading and large health industry, and will definitely occupy a place in the market in the future. For the management, we are very willing to participate in the promising e-cigarette enterprises.

It was previously reported that Kmose disposable electronic cigarette K1 achieved 3 million revenue in the first month of listing, and the first pod system electronic cigarette Kmose Pro was released in late September. After the completion of the new round of financing, Kmose will fully invest in the next new product development.

Kmose electronic cigarette

When asked about the next product planning, Liu Haonan said that the product matrix has been planned since the beginning of Kmose. Each Kmose product must conform to its own brand and product positioning, that is, to create a safe and cost-effective national tobacco alternative.

In terms of brand building and channel development, Kmose has maintained a steady and rapid development trend. It is reported that both products and terminal outlets have maintained a high growth rate of nearly 30%, the repurchase rate has reached about 45%, and the national retail terminal outlets have reached 8000 +. In the future, Kmose is about to launch a big action in terms of brand.

With regard to the high investment in expanding its own sales channels, Kmose CEO Liu Haonan said that the entry fees of each channel were high or low according to the number of stores, and the company decided on a reasonable channel investment based on the principle of cost recovery within half a year.

Based on the audience of urban young people, Kmose has also created a fan culture of the brand. By sponsoring activities such as electronic syllables, users are gathered offline, and then users are led online through community management. At present, the company has formed a standard community operation system to continuously gather target users through circle and topic. According to the company, sponsor an offline activity involving 3000 people. Through effective social fission means, the number of community users can increase by more than 6000.

Kmose sponsored offline activities

Kmose’s founding members are all post-90s, and they are able to see problems from the perspective of young people in product development. Team members have rich experience in Internet, FMCG and media.

In the future, Kmose will continue to develop new products and expand its domestic market, and at the same time, it will also consider exploring overseas markets such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc like SnowPlus.

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