What vaping products do SXmini YiHi sell in 2020?

SXmini YiHi is an electronic cigarette supplier in China providing box mod vapes. It has many new products rolled out in 2020. Let’s takes a look at their products on sale in 2020:

X Class
SX Auto
G Class
T Class
SL Class
SL Class Aluminum
SL Class Lucky Compass &Retro Machinery
MX Class
Mi Class
(Contain one Resin Dripper Cartridge)
Divine RDA
Faucon Atomizer
Hakutaku Atomizer
Hakutaku Atomizer Coil head
For Mi Class
SX Auto

And the following PDF contains details of their products in stock now:

SXmini Products catalogue.PDF

Currently, SXmini YiHi products are selling in more than 20 countries and regions, and they have after-sales repair centers accordingly to help solve customer complaints from the convenient offline end.

Contact SXmini

Sales: Doug

Email: [email protected]

Phone/WhatsApp: +86 18929297556

Skype: live:ceaa0fc9124ac02d

SX Auto to be released in September 2019 – World first auto refilling pod vape

Several images of SX Auto were released on the official website of Yihai Vape Company on July 30. At first glance, it looks like a box mod product.

It’s a pod vape actually. Its highlight is the automatic e juice refilling, which can only be experienced in the mod vapes in the past. We didn’t expect that the pod also achieves this function, is it very powerful? Can’t you wait to have a try this special pod vape?

SX Auto

SX Auto Smoke adopts a new ESS technology, combined with a new generation of temperature control technology and original atomizing head structure design, which realizes precise temperature control and pure taste. The so-called ESS EFI technology, through the new concept of ESS Driver (automatic e liquid refilling), can combine the four components of chip control technology organically. Special mechanical structure design, software intelligent control, and RDA (Rebuildable dripping atomizer) to achieve the best vaping experience.

SX Auto

The design structure separate the e juice tank and the heater. And the e juice is transported by means of electric injection, which can ensure that every drag is 100% fresh. Fully automatic e juice locking system ensures no e juice leakage at all.

SX Auto
SX Auto

SX Auto pod system comes with four colors, flue-cured black, plated nickel, bronze tangcao, red ancient tangcao, is expected to be on the market in the coming September.

Are you looking forward to it?

Bugatti Collaborates with SXmini to Produce Vape

Bugatti signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SXmini to jointly build high-end international electronic cigarettes.

On November 24, 2018, Bugatti, a luxury car brand owned by Volkswagen Group, Germany, and Yihi SXmini Electronics Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony in Changping Town, Dongguan City, announcing that the two sides will jointly build Bugatti’s high-end international electronic cigarettes through complementary advantages.

Lamborghini vape is having strategic cooperation with NOS Brand

Bugatti Group has produced high-end cigars and lighters, which has become a strong opportunity for Bugatti brand to enter the global high-end electronic cigarette market. The first batch of Bugatti electronic cigarettes are expected to be marketed in 2019

Yihi SXmini ESS driver automatic vape juice injecting tech applied SXmini X Class will be released at IECIE

Yihi will launch the industry first ESS driver tech applied vape SXmini X Class at IECIE 2019, and revolutionary vaping experience for vapors is going to be created.

ESS Driver electric e juice jetting technology combines chip control technology, special mechanical structure design, software intelligent control and RDA-Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer.

This high tech combines the following merits of those 4 above designs:

  1. RDA’s good vaping taste.
  2. Chip control technology’s smart controlling. which frees vape beginners from the headache of reading the manuals of the vaping device.
  3. Software makes your vaping experiences more accustomed to your vaping habits.
  4. Special mechanical structure design solves the problem of vape juice leakage completely.

x class 200w yihi sx659j Ess driver dual 18659 max200w

SXmini X Class Specifications:

Max 200w
Powered by Yihi sx659j
Yihi new technology ESS driver
Dual 18659 max200w battery


SXmini X Class can be one of the most advanced vapes in the market, which is worth trying.

2019 Shenzhen eCig EXPO Invitation letter from SXmini